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Lady Haizea Malespero

So many fools wallow in their past. Fools who think they are clever try to outrun it. I cannot decide which fool I am.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: A lovely thorn
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 12/20
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: light brown

Titles: Mirrormask

Description: Unassuming in height and understated in beauty. An unblemished complexion and a well-maintained form seemingly predisposed to a straight-backed posture hint at a privileged past. But deep lines of contemplation have already begun to furrow the skin in between her brows and give her the perception, upon first impression, of a reserved nature. Her facial structures are delicately sculpted, with softly curved cheekbones and a delicate jawline framing studious brown eyes, a well-proportioned nose, and a pleasantly curved mouth that is as easy to smile as it is to thin into a terse line. Her hands are soft and long-fingered with the occasional callus from where one might hold tools or pencils. Rich chestnut hair is pulled back into a braid and wrapped tightly over the head in a manner that could be considered severe for a Lycean. A long decorative ribbon has been woven into the braid in an attempt to soften the look, but its effects are mild at best.

Personality: Emotionally labile as the wind blows. Haizea was always one to feel intensely across the spectrum, whether in delight or misery. Age has tempered this to an extent, and she the rest she insulates in the plush confines of decency and generously given smiles. But a charmer Haizea is not. Much of her freewheeling Bravuran attitudes were beaten comatose following the decimation of her former house, leaving in their wake a moody, plain-spoken and often confrontational disposition that lurks beneath her composure.

Background: The third of four children to an already distant scion in the family tree, Haizea was of little import in the greater workings of House Malgentilega. She was afforded an education befitting anyone of her rank, and with a special emphasis in the arts and civil technologies as befitting any citizen of Bravura. Tutors agreed she was an astute-enough pupil: by no means stellar and often nightmarishly argumentative, but gifted with an engineer's sensibilities and an artist's eye, and hard-working where innate talent fell short.

There was relatively little in the way of true politicking that was deemed necessary for her to learn given how low a rung she held in the ladder of consequence. She had long been betrothed to a minor Argento noble to fortify the houses' bonds, and natural aptitude for draftsmanship and mathematics made it likely that she would lead a tame and privileged life free to pursue her crafts. But the increasing troubles of House Argento were, in turn, the troubles of House Malgentilega, and in turn that of her fiercely liege-loyal father. Even Haizea could not fully escape the sense of turmoil that befell the family. Malgentilega sent its fleet to Argento's aid when Pravus initiated the blockade--and the outcome of the ensuing battle is, of course, no secret.

Haizea hastened to Nilanza in the aftermath to arrange for the dead, counting the battered corpses of her father, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins among the casualties. Her emotions were spent, or perhaps she was merely unsurprised, by the time she learned that her betrothed had been executed with the much of the surviving Argento lot.

Barely a week had passed upon removing her mourning gloves when Haizea declared that she will seek to learn under the Mirrormasks of Nilanza. Some observed this action with suspicion, deeming it a maneuver to distance herself from Bravura and demonstrate that this particular Malgentilega noblewoman poses no threat to Houses Pravus and Amadeo. But no one can argue that she stayed true to the course, taking great pains to remain inconspicuous and buried in her various studies. When the Marquessa Lianne found Haizea and extended the invitation to join House Malespero, she latched onto the opportunity to shed her disgraced family name and start anew.

Name Summary
Ainsley Dangerous. She seems utterly composed and poised, but there's something dangerous about her. I'll be over here, out of stabbing range.
Barik A divergent noble woman between timid and stoic, offering gregarious connection and relatableness. I wish she wore a different mask.
Barric Seems to be a fine conoisseur of teas, and friendly enough. Might like to get a chance to speak with her when there is not tea around.
Clara Lady Haizea was fun company that I rather randomly stumbled upon while tryin' ta bring Lord Fredrik some rum fer his assistance. She is absolutely the type of person I'd like ta see again in the near future.
Cullen Clearly an intelligent young woman with an air of seriousness that actually is a cunning disguise for a marvelous sense of dry humor and wit. Very entertaining to converse with, and curious to hear stories of the Greenmarch and others besides. I think I'd like to become fast friends with her, and certainly engage her in more conversations and take her around town, provided she doesn't steal my likeness to sell to some blackguards.
Duarte A determined young lady. Determined to make good after her house's indiscretions, or at least determined to appear so.
Ectorion She seems the quiet type, though our first meeting was somewhat brief. The sort who pays attention to those around her and their needs.
Iseulet Another Malesporo, the second of which I have met, and while she describes her liege and Voice as both generous and determined but I think that the same could be said for her. A golden exterior masks a
Jeffeth What a nice little Lady! She was quite lovely, I'll have to get to asking if certain foods can make you larger than some foods and let her know as soon as possible.
Kenna What a perfectly lovely woman. She was warm and oh-so-sensible about being in the lowers.
Luca Anyone related to Pasquale Malespero is fine in my book, but I get the sense this woman can stand on her own two feet without needing to lean on such a thing at all. She is polite, well-spoken, certainly not hard to be around, and that is what I know after just the most brief of meetings. A good impression left, to be certain. She covers her smile, however, and that is curious.
Mailys Lady Haizea I met at the Hundred Cities Inn, she was charming, and friendly, and I had quite a wonderful conversation with her and Prince Theo. I hope to have many more encounters with her!
Pasquale One of Pasquale's new kin-by-oaths. Mirrormask with an interest in building and creation. We shall see what she can make of her new House.
Prisila Soft spoken, well mannered, tempered, inquisitive, and most of all intelligent and a Mirrormask. I like this one.
Reese She seems perceptive and polite.
Theo An amusing Lady of house Malespero. I am sure there is cold steel somewhere in there underneath all of the charm.
Valarian A Lycene noble without pretensions - amusing and fun to talk to, and didn't run away from my...overtalkativeness, as I can sometimes get a little excited running into someone new. Also, she likes to have conversations with people where they turn out well! Not sure what that means, but I must find out. I'll have to talk to her more in general, I figure. Not everyone can tolerate me past a few sentences!