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"Silence is a fragile thing. One loud noise, and it's gone -- but the people are so cowed and disorganised. A few might take the opportunity to protest, but it'll just be a voice crying in the wilderness. Noise is relative to the silence preceding it. The more absolute the hush, the more shocking the thunderclap. Our masters have not heard the people's voice for generations, and it is much, much louder than they care to remember."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Toxic Apothecary
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 10/13
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Alabaster

Description: Intense; there's something that lurks beyond the surface of stark, pale green eyes that watch the world with such avid interest that it enters into the world of questionable intent. Large and bright, angled and almond in shape, outlined with dramatic kohl and topped with thick, dark lashes that shade them just so, standing out against the pristine palour of perfectly youthful skin. A splash of pale pink on small but full lips, a kiss of colour across high and wide cheeks. She's quick to smile, coyly and all, with an unmissable yet unplacable charm. Thick hair in haphazard bob, inky in hue, shining like satin, held in place by one of a myriad of hats at her disposal. Her jaw is angular, but her chin is round; a softness well placed, bringing a sort of gentleness to her fine-featured face. Her form is short, her limbs long; a healthy build, if not a particularly imposing one, stretching just barely past 5'1" in all her glory.

Personality: Odd, some might say disturbing, but always upbeat -- so jovial, so terribly polite. A consumate professional and respected 'pharmacist' with impeccable work ethic. The quality of her other ethics, however, are left to the imagination. There are those that have suggested she suffers some sort of mental malady, possessing of an unusual manner of speech and nearly obsessive quality when it comes to her impliments, but these diagnoses seem more the decree of the murmured court of a judgmental public than anything rooted in truth.

Background: Her father was some high-up in the city guard here or there, the details are a bit muddy and typically left well out of the conversation. Her mother was a herbalist, some unwashed nobody that captured the heart of that crusty old city boy. None of the family got along. Her father wished for her to join the guard, or the army, find some sort of direction in life. Her mother wanted her to be a free spirit. Apparently they couldn't decide on the best course of action, so they sent her away, made her somebody else's problem. That somebody turned out to be an apothecary, one which made her his apprentice. Shucks, you know, she doesn't really know where he is now, but rumour has it he wasn't exactly the best guardian in the world. What's it matter, ey? She's here now, shop of her own, destined to be the very brightest of shining merchant stars! ... Don't believe it? Just watch.

Relationship Summary

  • Orvyn - Pain in my ass, him. Still aren't so sure he knows just what he's got, think he still might see ol' Jac as sommit more common than she is. Still, he do provide, don't he? 'Course he does.

  • Family:
  • Vandred - Reliable, him is. Not hard t'look at, just hard t'remember, 'n that works all splendid for me. Dear to me, though I'd deny that truth with every bloody breath left in me, I would.
  • Canaan - Favour owed, time will tell just how much he'll pay off. Knows things, he does at that, but whatever's in there aren't comin' out too easy. Gotta respect that.
  • Starra - He's new, got some promise; keen of vision, let's see how sharp the action what follows might be.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan 'Intense' is an understatement.
    Ahmar A lady with a funny hat and a funny way of talking. But she seems nice enough to give me medicines.
    Ajax A woman whose elegance outshines her danger. She may be beautiful, but I can see her demons, I wonder if it'll dance with my own monster? Perhaps they'll get along. Wouldn't that just be swell.
    Alayne An odd little woman, with whom I'm certain share more than just the profession. Remains to be seen.
    Alessandro A very talented brewer and perfumer, and certainly interesting to talk to.
    Arianna She's as good as advertised! Her brews are like nothing else. My favorite has yet to be determined but Sweet Nothings takes the cake thus far.
    Artur Diddums. Well, one of her diddums. I contacted her on a scent to go with an outfit and now it's a full blown project. Maybe if this goes well, I can see about getting her to assist with others as well!
    Astrid I am grateful that Jac was able to connect me with Lorelai Lovelace. Jac provided an experdient service and an endearing tone to the whole engagement.
    Aswin Shopkeeper that said she'd help me get some exotic pelts. She has a curious nature, and I'm not stupid enough to think there ain't more to her than meets the eye. She'll be a good one to know.
    Austen A master brewer, her combinations are second to none. That said, there is something... deeper there. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
    Bhandn Such lovely turns of phrase. I wonder if the problems she tends to solve have difficulties making more in the future. Still, one shouldn't assume.
    Carmen Tiny, eccentric, hard-as-nails, and knows her trade. Has a rat friend named Chub Chub. Hard to meet her and not develop a fondness.
    Coraline Willing to get busy and get things done in the best they could, an admirable trait.
    Jeffeth I wasn't quite sure what she was saying the whole time, and I imagine if I tried to focus I would get awfully confused. But she seemed like she might be fun to talk to if I hadn't been so mad at Orathy.
    Jophiel A perfumer. Apothecary. There seems to be much to this woman - but most of it seems to be guarded.
    Jovarn The first intelligent person I've met in Arx. Bafflingly obfuscated, to be sure, but well worth the effort to understand.
    Lottie She is just... she's entrancing! Like a harlequin in the way she moves! Not the godly type kind, but the performance kind. Just so lovely and that pale skin too. AND she's a perfumer!
    Melody It's hard not to buy something from Jacali even if I might be uncertain of her work. She's /strange/. Still, if she's as good as she says, I'll be more than happy to do her work proud.
    Meriah For a minute I thought she was some sort of fever dream I was having in the moment. Brainy and charming. Just the kind of nonsense I'd dream up. Goodness.
    Mirari I like the way her wares look, and I've heard amazing things about her. Let us see if the lowers beat her down or lift her up. So far, seems to be lifting.
    Orvyn An interesting woman in all the trappings of the Lowers. Their is a cycle about her, from charming and aloof to biting and worrying, to vision seeking bordering on the edge of lunacy. Which means she carries nearly all the traits for genius and crazy all in one... now to see which way the scales tip in the end, when one upsets the balance.
    Oswyn A gifted apothecary. Mixed up a sedative right quick.
    Raymesin All teeth and fury, this little alchemist. She'd be funny if there wasn't the sneaking suggestion that she can back it up.
    Reese Creative, talented and friendly.
    Sabella A woman with an amazing knowledge of teas and herbs to help all of your woes! Or maybe just ones that include vomiting. She also has a GREAT hat!
    Sophie She seems witty, I think, and an adequate apothecary. She soothed my throat. I'm grateful for that.
    Torian Cute little thing, though who knew so many words could fit in such a petite person? Still, she's in the guild so it's all good in my book.
    Valarian A strange apothecary in the Lowers, not sure if she's from there, though. Has the right mix of paranoid and business sense, you have to admire that. Despite her odd speech and mannerisms, there's a certain charm to it.
    Vandred I don't recall getting a job offer for being an assistant, but I guess getting taken to nice places where there's free food and drink that doesn't have a sort of odd film on the top of it is worth it.
    Venturo A brewer who understands the art of our work like myself, and the survival of life. I'll check back often for something special -- the scents of the ocean and beach she uses are unlike anything I've witnessed before.