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Ravana Stellaris

Pirate? What a nasty word, darling! I'm a humble entrepreneur! Now, where is the silver?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: The Corsetina Wildfire
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Stellaris
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 02/09
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tan

Description: Ravana is impossibly beautiful in every sense, her only blemish a scar that runs across the left cheek. Born in the southern Lycene Sea, Ravana embodies her home: eyes are like the crystalline oceans of Ischia, hair is golden like the sun that graces those waters and her skin is tan and slightly damaged from spending too much time under that unforgiving warmth. When she moves she glides, and when fighting Ravana is like a spark of flame, stepping with blistering speed and biting with scorching strikes and stinging quips. Everything she does is charged with the manic energy of an inferno.

Personality: Ravana is sly and charming, always up to no good. Although there is sincerity in Ravana it is reserved to those she cherishes. She takes pride in her antics and even more so in riding the line between doing it as blatantly as possible without ever actually getting into trouble. To add to her aura of mystique, Ravana fills her conversations with seemingly made up words that she is intimately familiar with. She loves to flirt with danger, and casual conversation bores her quickly. Addicted to gambling, either with silver, favors or her own life, the "entrepreneur" is always saying that a fire that doesn't burn isn't sleeping: it is dead.

Background: It is exceedingly unlikely that any two of Ravana's companions would ever have the same story as to the wild woman's past, as Ravana is famously fond of making up ever more absurd anecdotes for her past adventures on the spot. Her many friends and even more numerous enemies have always been interested in just where the charming and treacherous pirate came from, even if few are unwise enough to call her a pirate to her face. Most generally agree that the story about being an illegitimate daughter of King Alaric Grayson III is assuredly false, as is the one about being the niece of the Gyre, or the one about being second-cousin thrice removed of the Grand Vizier of Suj'abbat. None of those quite line up with the more well known past of being a street-rat surviving alone in the slums of Setarco during her very early youth. Her stories about being from an Abandoned clan able to work high sorcery and living in a magical, sealed off fortress only to be kidnapped by pirates as a toddler is laughed off, and the most common and likely explanation was she was one of the orphans from the bloody Tor-Southport war, but none can say for sure.

It is more generally accepted that after a hardscrabble youth on the streets of Setarco, she somehow managed to be admitted to the famed courtier house of the Suspires in the Silken City, developing an intensely competitive friendship with Mirari Corsetina, with Ravana still taking intense pride in her past triumphs and glossing over previous mishaps. While Mirari accepted a contract with House Pravus, Ravana Stellaris found her talents in demand with the port city of Luciva, a then infamous pirate stronghold at the south of Setara. While she found great success advising the many wealthy pirates there, the cunning blonde had no intention of doing so forever. It took no more than a few short years for Ravana to have gone from courtier to pirate, commandeering her own ship and having climbed the hierarchy of the city through deception, salacious intrigues, and more than a little talented swordplay. It's unclear how much of the gossip around her rise are true, and quite a few may have even been seeded by Ravana herself (though she does claim that the rumor about her literally stabbing her patron and romantic partner in the back is just malicious slander and/or if it was true that they really had it coming).

It's unclear exactly how she survived the fall of the Port of Luciva to House Pravus, and most assume she was away from the city, and her claims about defeating in battle the fearsome Captain Nuncio the Ravager of Luciva in single combat before throwing open the gates of Luciva to House Pravus are... dubious. It is known that not long after the Battle of Pieros, the dangerous woman has been seen with the Corsetina family, now representing their interests. Her claims to being a simple reformed sailor are widely seen as a little unlikely.

Name Summary
Brady Seasoned sailor with an edge, she's one you don't mess around with. However, you definitely pay extra to have her on your ship.
Lydia Impeccable sense of fashion with a nose for opportunity. Seems a luckchild, as we call them in the North. Born under just the right stars, I would presume.
Mirari Firelight can make shadows grow deeper and stretch longer.