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Agostino Alonso

Knowledge is the eye of desire, and can become the captain of the soul.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Word on the Street
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Alonso
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 37
Birthday: 9/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tan

Description: Somewhat on the tall side, Agostino has a lean build that lends itself to quick, even graceful movement, and his tanned skin suggests a fair amount of time spent outdoors. High but subtle cheekbones and a slightly pointed nose make for a handsome face, with dark brown eyes that are often intense, whether it is with mirth or focus on some task or another. His jaw and chin are often covered in a beard, though he typically keeps this trimmed and groomed to match the dark, shoulder-length hair on his head that never seems quite as well-tamed as he might hope for. His manner of dress tends toward functional over stylish most of the time, as one might expect from one of his humble roots, though he is not averse to dressing up should work or other escapades take him somewhere that it seems suitable to do so.

Personality: An affable and self-effacing man, Agostino is a good listener if not perhaps the best confidante in general, given his reputation and chosen career. Though incredibly inquisitive, he is not easily distracted once he becomes focused on something, though he adapts easily to finding ways around obstacles that stand between him and what he seeks. In spite of the way many in the city might view him, he has a strong loyal streak, though few have ever gotten to know him well enough for that to show.

Background: Agostino was born to one of the barmaids at the Black Fox tavern, a lively woman named Marina Alonso, some time ago. Her family had lived in the Ward of the Lyceum for two generations, tracing their blood back to servants who accompanied members of house Argento to Arx as servants from Nilanza. An only child, he fell in easily with some of the troublemakers in the Ward as he grew older, running the streets with them and getting into all manner of mischief. Though he never missed any of the lessons with the Scholars that his mother insisted on, otherwise he could be found all over the city by the time he had reached his teen years. His knowledge of the streets of the city became increasingly valuable as he approached adulthood, beginning with working in the same tavern as his mother, carrying messages for the customers. This quickly translated into more silver for him when he realized that the value of the content of some of those messages, to the right sort of people, was quite high. Along with what he learned from the Scholars, he developed a strong appreciation for knowledge of all sorts, particularly the sort that was risky or difficult to obtain.

Over time, he developed a reputation for having access, or gaining it, to all sorts of interesting tidbits, and for years, he did so freelance, selling what he found to the highest bidders. Most of his customers were Lycene, though, given where he grew up, and many considered it merely a matter of time before he was hired by one of them. This happened only recently, however, with the formation of house Malespero, in a way bringing him full circle, since they now have control of the city his own family originated in. It took him some time to get used to the idea of having an employer, but now he has settled into his role within the household comfortably.

Relationship Summary

  • Lianne - Many thanks for the opportunity. I will not let you down, Marquessa.
  • Pasquale - This lord has a sharp mind and a respectful demeanor that makes him a pleasure to work for.
  • Beatrice - Bold and charming, she seems as if she will be great fun to work alongside.

  • Patron:
  • Roxana - Among my longest-standing friends, I am thankful for everything she has done for me.

  • Friend:
  • Joscelin - The loveliest Guildmaster in the history of the Crafter's Guild.
  • Berenice - Charming and beautiful, every moment spent with this Velenosan princess has been a delight.
  • Esme - Waiting. Always waiting.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Knows good work when he sees it. Compliments won't get him any discounts though. I don't like him.
    Aleksei Humored my kid, which is all I can ask of a person.
    Apollo Manages both an air of humility and capability at once. Splendid.
    Arcadia Brave and trusting. Let me shoot an apple off his head mere seconds after meeting me. And nice hair, to boot!
    Arianna I enjoyed the pleasure of his company. Always do when it comes to charming men who understand the power of compliments and a silver tongue.
    Ariella A talkative fellow. Nice enough. Never did figure out what he does. Which, if what he does is shady, means he must be fairly good at it!
    Arman He seems eager, ambitious and competent. All traits I find to hold value.
    Arthen You gotta admire a man that fits in like this one does. He's got an easy way about him. That's not nothin'. It'll take you real far, sometimes.
    Azova Pleasant enough to make me enjoy drinking wine. This is high praise.
    Belladonna Extremely polite, and pleasant to be around. The exact sort of companion I would wish upon Lianne.
    Berenice A darling drinking partner. Excellent for exploring new experiences with.
    Brigida Clever and perceptive, but never obvious about either. A true child of Arx.
    Caprice I like this one, and not just because he was willing to clue me in on what was going on as the only other commoner in a huge and serious meeting.
    Celeste Our encounter was brief, but certainly worth a second look. You're taking me shopping, right, and trying to shock my sister?
    Charlotte A curious sort of man. I imagine part lycene as he did not care about women draping themselves over him nor stealing his wine. I hope he doesn't expect me to act like that.
    Cristoph A well spoken individual, he has a way with words. Noticed him at Master Venturo's events for the racing competitions.
    Delilah A fascination of silver leaf tips crushed, a deep mystery, splashed by a vivacity of citrus fruits that hint to aplomb and wit, and the base note of uncompromising smoky tobacco.
    Desma I can see how he has risen to become a minister for Malespero. Polite and well spoken, I will have to see if he's amenable to showing me around the city, preferably when the weather warms a little.
    Domonico A lucky man indeed if he ends up with instruction in music from Baroness Lucita.
    Elgana Master Agostino claims to be terrible at dancing but one cannot make such claims without backing them up with firm proof beyond simply saying one isn't good at something. Still, perhaps I'll give the man a chance to prove himself right or wrong. An interesting man to say the least and I do so enjoy meeting interesting people.
    Ember He seems like agreeable company, though I fear for his chances at a proper Thraxian celebration.
    Esme Oh, the delightful hunter who should maybe know more about the roles he plays. He remembered though! The next day he remembered. I am excited to see how many days the memory lingers.
    Evelynn Certainly pleasant company. And very well dressed. I see how he caught the princess' attention.
    Ezekiel The man seems rather pleasant and erudite. He likes my music as well, which is always a benefit.
    Fairen A scholar who has revealed the positive traits of my reputatiopn to me. He seems entirely and brilliant. A pleasant conversationalist.
    Gianna Rather affable, in a clever sort of way.
    Gilroy Probably the first person to know anything interesting.
    Giulio A well-spoken individual that knows his limits. My cousin show well and he will be an asset to the Mirrorguard.
    Harlex Sharp, this one. Good head on his shoulders for details.
    Hazel A man that's easy to talk to. A smart one, too!
    Helena Very kind, thoughtful, and supportive in a quiet and respectful manner.
    Iliana Friendly and well-spoken, and the owner of a fine dagger he's willing to test against me despite both of us lacking skill in that art. A good sort.
    Ingrid A Lycene who finds things for people. His conversation was enchanting and he made me laugh quite a bit. I'm not ever at ease around commoners, but I think I could relax a bit more around this one.
    Iseulet You can take the man out of the Lyceum but not the Lyceum out of the man. So charming, Lycenely so, even though he's a native to Arx. Smiles come easy around him.
    Jeffeth He seems like a very nice man. Well spoken and kind, I like him.
    Josephine A good boy, all around. I quite enjoy his company.
    Juniper He teases and takes teasing with a delightful sort of grace, with clever wit, with endearing humour. Every time I think to pride myself for my rise from dirt and ashes, I am reminded there are others who are ever so much better at it than I am.
    Karadoc Steady sort that seems to have an outstanding sense of humor and good taste in royal company. I should drink with him.
    Kritr I feel like there is room between commoner and noble for people like him. A gentleman, but not gentry. Better company than myself, but too kind to say so.
    Lena Talks... a LOT. Charming enough. Good to study for a well-to-do merchant or maybe a fixer.
    Lianne Unafraid to ask clear and direct questions, particularly in matters of business. Already fairly well-informed. A fine fit for Malespero.
    Liara A seemingly mild-mannered fellow. Says he works for a Lycene, but didn't go into more than that. He was certainly curious.
    Lore A man to know, who knows things. I should buy him a drink sometime!
    Lucita An Arx native, seems well familiar with the city and lately appointed to handle agriculture matters for a Pravus vassal. My stewardship lessons indicate he may well be a good contact to remember for later.
    Mabelle He is passionate about something. I do not know what it is, but having passion is what makes life worth while.
    Maja He's an /executor/, not an /executioner/. That was a funny mix-up! Anyway, charming fellow! Like me, he is from -here- which is a rare thing to find -- although he's not from the Lowers. I would have seen him around if he was. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Maris He's pretty good with his words, this one. Quick thinker an' a decent pretend ring leader.
    Marzio A man skilled with the merchants in town, or so he says. He seems to be polite enough. Perhaps one day I will have cause to make use of his services.
    Miranda Polite. Engaging. Friendly. His new job is very important - Executor of Nilanza. I admire him for holding so critical a role. Well done! I wish him the best here.
    Mirari A good looking man who is a bit mysterious. I hope he turns out to be everything he seems, because if he does, he will be a lot of fun.
    Mirella Clever, amiable, efficient. There's much I could learn from him, I'm certain.
    Mirk A commoner that lifted himself out of a bad spot into a cozy position with House Malespero. Interesting, and helpful, but I have to wonder at his vagueness about his job description.
    Monique Mistook me for a Marquessa. I'm fairly certain there will be no living with my ego now, if there ever was. I think this means we are destined to be best of friends.
    Narcissa Smiles are never to be taken at face value in the Lyceum, daggers and ulterior intent lurk betwixt pearly whites. Our conversation turned musing for a spell, deeper than that of what weather happened that day, but while kind his smile of his vocation is a credit to the Lyceum.
    Neilda I don't mind the bow-and-scrape as much from him. He has a sense of humor.
    Nicholaus Didn't win any good liquor, but he still seems good company. Maybe I'll let him have some of the good brandy.
    Noah He let me throw daggers at him. I guess that makes him all right for a commoner.
    Olivian A self-made gentleman of means who seems as though would be a friend. Another time, another place - and we'll see.
    Ophelia We have a bit of history together in Nilanza and I will never forget that day for as long as I live. I'm glad that I bumped into him again, but I am sad that so much time passed between then and now. He's kind and attentive, someone that I could be friends with if given the chance.
    Pasquale I remember him as having a sharp mind and keen eyes. As far as I can tell nothing has changed.
    Perronne He seems interesting! People who are interested in hunting down odd things are always good to know, and he makes a good companion for a drink and light conversation as well! Does not seem as slippery as most Lycene!
    Petal He seems like a decent guy, who is good at finding things and getting things. Good skills to have! there is probably much more about him that I don't know.
    Prisila He's a curious cat and you know what the say about that. Even still...I like him. Bold. Very bold.
    Quenia When I asked for volunteers for an important mission, Agostino was the first to step forward, newly minted into the Mirrorguard. I like that kind of get up and go, and I look forward to see what accomplishments he makes in the organization.
    Ras Unseen Agostino let me help him on an important mission a long time ago, back before I even knew what was real and what wasn't. Won't forget that.
    Rawen A local who seems to know who all the good crafters are and a fellow scholar as well. I wonder if there are any projects we may end up working on together.
    Reese Seems polite and well spoken. He has useful skills. I think I just saw the surface of him. I am curious to know more about him.
    Reigna We met so very briefly, but he struck me as an earnest sort, though his relationship to the Grayson Princess is clearly less than fully clerical.
    Roxana I've known Tino since we were teenagers...he's never far from the Velenosa or their interests. Good to have a friend from home in the city, I hope we'll keep in touch.
    Sabella We need to meet in a place that is less busy so we might have a full conversation without distraction, but he seems utterly delightful!
    Selene The Executor, a heavy and formidable title wielded by a man with a surpassingly deep knowledge of the interesting corners of the city. Whether he wields the blade with the facility of his easy charm is yet unknown. Someone I absolutely must avail myself of when the Ward of the Lyceum calls me home.
    Seren I'm always delighted when strangers agree to meet with me after nothing more than a letter. This one though took its turn. I never expected my initial request to lead to real information on a lifelong quest. And that hat! He wears it well.
    Thea Capable. Knows the city very well. He could be useful if needing--things.
    Thena A perfectly pleasant seatmate whose deeper character I can't begin to guess at, but a good banterer.
    Vanora If my cousin has trusted him with tasks as important as she seems to have, then he must be an impressive man indeed.
    Vayne Thoughtful. We had only a limited interaction, but I look forward to our next encounter. I hope I can be of more help to him than I fear I was this time.
    Venturo Any member of the House Malespero is worthy... and one that has ideas and is assisting the Marquessa actively? Even better.
    Vincenzo A man that has the patronage of princess Roxana. The princess has been constantly trying to be patron to Vincenzo, but so far has been unsuccessful. However, Agostino spoke well of the princess, citing the relationship as "bountiful".
    Vitalis A determined student! What did I say? Third time's the charm. And by the looks garnered, he's no stranger to charm.
    Zacharie A cordial young man who seems to hold many shared interests, I look forward to further discussions