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Auda Florin

Things come and go. The trick is to have them when you need them.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Lowerboroughs Apothecary
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Florin
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Alchemist
Height: average height
Hair Color: sandy brown
Eye Color: emerald
Skintone: fair/freckled

Titles: The Black Dahlia

Description: Sandy hair falls around her shoulders in streaks of brown and sun-bleached blonde, wild and roughly curly. Her eyes are vivid emerald, jewel-toned and crystal clear. Honestly, they're probably the most beautiful part of the entire girl, set as they are in a sun-kissed, freckled face. Dark circles often rim her eyes in a beautiful shade of bruise, whether from violence or sleep deprivation, and the bright red of her painted lips so rarely succeeds in distracting.

Auda's athletic by necessity, thin by circumstance. Meals are often skipped, and unlike knights or soldiers, she doesn't actually -work- at her physique.

Personality: Auda has survived on pure grit and determination, and it's easily seen in her bright eyes and casual confidence. She's quick to make acquaintances, generally friendly and open to socializing-- but true friends seem fewer and farther between. She's rarely far from a grin or a laugh, and seems to have a pretty sunny outlook on life for one who grew up an orphan in the Lowers.

Background: There are always people that slip through the cracks. An unwanted child, or perhaps one who's parents died to some illness or political machination. Maybe even a child squirreled away, tucked into hiding where no one would ever look.

Auda doesn't know where she falls in that, she just knows that she's always been alone. Memories of a warm place and caring adults are vague at best, though she doesn't suffer some sort of amnesia. The memories are just hazy, lost to strong emotions, hunger, a need to survive more than a need to remember.

Her fiesty temperament is probably what kept her alive. Being full of fight means she wasn't afraid to dabble in some rougher jobs, though most of her youth has been spent in kitchens or cleaning, odd jobs at the docks or running messages. Whatever would get her the silver to get her through another day.

It wasn't until she was a young adult herself that she ran into an old friend who'd struck riches. She didn't have to live day-to-day any more, and Auda finally had time to figure herself out. What she wanted, who she wanted to be. She learned how to keep a small House's finances as a way to earn her keep, and started to dabble in alchemy. It wasn't long before she went from taking classes to opening a shop of her own. finding a home of her own. Still in the Lowers, of course, but now it's on her own terms.

Relationship Summary

  • Audric - Childhood friend turned Patron. I never would have predicted this!
  • Name Summary
    Adora Who? I don't like her.
    Ajax Huh, a lady who hasn't tried to suggest I join a mercenary battalion, offer me introductions towards one of the leaders, and doesn't seem to be overbearing in the hey let's try to prod everything out of the new guy. I might actually not bullshit this one, I like her.
    Alarissa A studious woman and a fine assistant. Itxs nice when she is around.
    Alrec I do not believe in ghosts until I met Ms. Auda. Spooky.
    Amund I didn't see her at all after the plan was made. She's sneaky. And very good at discretion. Good skillsets.
    Apollo She'll be a good mum for those kittens, I'm sure of it.
    Ardee Devious, smart, stunning. We're going to make a delightful team.
    Aswin A fellow business owner in the Lowers. Like me, she dabbles in alchemy. Perhaps we will become friends in short order.
    Brigida A sensible small business owner. Good for her.
    Calandra New friend. New friends are the best friends. Especially new friends with quick, clever minds and a love of art.
    Carmen Feisty, sassy, and protective - and also measured and surprisingly perky. Always good to connect with cousins of a sort from the Lowers.
    Caspian A random stranger who I made a bet with and lost! It was fun though.
    Coraline Energetic and willing to help, I can't wait to work together with her we will do great things I just know it!
    Corrigan As they say about both knifefighting and friendship, the path to someone's heart is through their stomach. Auda provided me with free beer. Enough said.
    Denica She's a shy woman I met in the medical center. She may be shy but also seems sweet
    Domonico Friendly. Efficient at dealing with a crisis. Commendable. She deserves merit.
    Draven Nova likes her! Sir Flop likes her! It's easy for me to like her! She's nice! Smart! She's an Alchemist! With the College!
    Drusila Gemstone Alchemist? I hope she discovers something interesting without harming the precious things, I do love my gems.
    Ember It pains me to see someone so talented, waiting for her chance to realize those talents at their fullest. Hopefully, it will not be long before she decides to stop waiting.
    Evaristo A life saver, almost literally. How can a hangover be so bad? Am I getting old? Why am I making this about me? She's adorable and fun, with a sharp intriguing edge.
    Fairen A friend of Coraline's, it seems. Friendly, and polite. I admire her.
    Faruq A Thraxian sworn if I heard correctly. Has excellent friends and divine taste in rum. For that alone I would like her. The freckles just seal the deal.
    Fiora She's quiet, but seems to know what she wants. She'll be useful.
    Gianna A spirited and possibly mischievous woman from the Lowers; she seems amiable and even generous.
    Gilroy The gods love a new friend who treats to hot rum!
    Harlex Herbalist from the Lowers. Takes a certain type to endure it and she seems to do just fine.
    Harper We sure didn't get off to a rip-roaring start. But I reckon it'll smooth over in time. If Jyri likes her, then she's gotta be someone worth knowing!
    Helia Saw her performing at a talent show. Fabulous knife-juggling skills and top-notch showmanship. She's got to be GOOD with those blades, I bet. In any case, I'm impressed!
    Jeffeth Probably wonderful or a great person, but we'll never know now because we'll never speak because I was MORTIFIED in our initial introduction and how can anyone ever recover from what happened? It's logistically impossible.
    Jyri She'll go places, but I will miss her there in the Lowers.
    Kenna Jyri seems to really like her and trust her, which means a LOT in my book - especially if she looked after Raavas.
    Klaus I am looking forward to learning more about one of Coraline's compatriots.
    Lena Talks... enough. Good to study for easy-going shop owner.
    Lore She looks like she knows where to find the best trouble. I need to talk to her!
    Lou Auda seemed quite determined to learn the language of Eurusi. I admire her dedication and determination to learn the first few bits of the language, come what may, and staying through a whole event where people were speaking only Eurusi.
    Lys One of Audric's patrons. She's an interesting woman, deep as the sea I think and just as opaque.
    Mabelle A lovely young woman with a wide, generous heart. Her work for the lowers has been redefining the word generous.
    Madrien A young female who now owns an apothecary in Arx. I first saw her at the grand opening of her shop, where, by definition, she was the center of attention. She did well with it, whether faking it or truly enjoying it. I suspect that means she will be fine.
    Magpie Sharp mind. Resourceful. Ambitious. Magpie doesn't know much about her, but she's proving to tick off a lot of boxes on his list of 'Likeable People Traits'.
    Marcas A tiny little scamp with a big mouth. Needs to learn to hit harder, though.
    Melody All sorts of good ideas from this one; she should be dipping her fingers deeper into these matters because she's clearly really good at it.
    Miranda Alchemists. Gotta love 'em. While in the Wastelands, she gave me some medicinal aide to soothe my ailing stomach. I'm very grateful and it takes a special sort of person to do this sort of work. Gratitude!
    Noah Commoner. We might have shared interests though. I suppose I could see if we do. Maybe. She seems to laugh at me a bit. I'm not sure this is good.
    Nurie The proprietoress of the loveliest gem of a Apothecary! She seems kind, and amiable to all. I hope to meet her again, and I am thrilled to see so much interest in her wares!
    Orathy She needs work, a lot of work. Vast disappointment. Aye. Bungler of jobs.
    Orelia I appreciate the fact that she can look past a title. A lot of people can't, but she gets it.
    Orland She's a no nonsense type of person, straight to the heart of a matter. But I'll always remember her buying me wine and pouring a glass, when I was drinking rum.
    Oswyn A fellow shopkeeper with a quick mind.
    Pasquale A talented woman.
    Petal Seems to be a fighter who with one pair of boots and seems friendly.
    Raja A small woman, but with big plans. She may not be big and burly and able to punch a fool, but she still has her way to get things done.
    Ras Hungry. Not just for food. She's got a sort of wildness that makes her somebody to watch out for.
    Raymesin She listens to the people around her, and wants to improve her skills. We'll see if she still wants to come to me for teaching later.
    Reese She seems friend, cheerful and good at juggling knives.
    Richard While I met her in a very public event, she definitely stole the show with her dexterous juggling.
    River I love meeting wonderful new people who are creative. She seems to be creative for sure!
    Rook No, I don't know any Auda.
    Rosalie She seems a wonderful woman and I look forward to getting to know her better!
    Rowenova We do not hang out nearly enough these days and should change that one day! Fellow alchemist as well as steadfast ally in street brawls.
    Sabella I can't believe she juggled those knives and didn't get hurt at all! What an amazing talent!
    Saverio A true talent, despite her lineage.
    Savio What a strange and sorrowful way to meet someone for the first time -- and yet perhaps none better? I hope we find time to speak in a quiet place, and if she needed help again, I would be there.
    Seymour I will never be able to see her without being reminded of that terrible seasick ride. Not her fault, but really, I should've walked.
    Sparte Sharp, perceptive, keen, Auda. They all mean roughly the same thing. I like her.
    Stygia Astute and had good ideas. I'll be watching.
    Tanith Supportive in a time when it matters the most, I'm grateful she seems to think so well of me. And my baking.
    Theodoric High ambitions on this one, I better keep an eye out.
    Venturo Quick witted on her feet, regardless of the situation!
    Verity Those eyes are hers are amazing. And then I noticed her armor. It's good thing she had a sense of humor or I might have been inclined to be intimidated. Gods bless the Lowers; they need all the good natured sorts they can find.
    Victus See you can tell this one is a scrapper. Can only tell she's probably picked a few pockets in her time. But I've not been missing any silver from our brief run-ins, so who cares?
    Wagner The kind of beauty earned only in t'Lowers. I'd let her be my stylist anyday.
    Zakhar unintentional do gooder
    Zoey Cautious, but reasonable.
    Zoya That is an impressive number of titles for one so very young.