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Lady Aisha Inverno

Being true to yourself allows you to believe in your course of action.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Dutiful and Whimsy Noblewoman
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Inverno
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Mirrormask
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Porcelain

Description: Delicacy describes Aisha quiet perfectly. From the subtle waves of her strawberry blonde hair to the way she carries herself. Though her posture and movements have a regal bearing to it, there is something about her that makes her seem as if the wind can blow her away. The graceful movements of her porcelain hued body adds to the feeling of her being fragile and noble. When getting a chance to look into her silver hued eyes there is a kind fierceness to them. Though a whimsical woman Aisha clearly gives off the aura and impression of being on track for her life.

Personality: Dutiful, whimsical, and temperamental; those are the three terms that, more often than not, describe Aisha. She almost perpetually lives in a state of distraction and her head seems to always be in the clouds. This causes her to act upon her whims quite often because she believes it will guild her to where she needs to be. She also takes her duties VERY seriously. She does not treat people above or below her station as equals, though, this divide is handled with a kindness that makes it hard to be too upset at how she behaves towards them. Commoners and nobles alike are treated according to their station. That is how it should be, in Aisha's opinion.This often seems at odds with her constantly having her head in the clouds. The contrasting sense of duty and her being lost in thought makes it hard to know what it is she is thinking.

Background: Aisha was one of several siblings and a member of the Inverno family. She was expected to uphold the traditions of her family as well as be a proper woman of the Velenosa fealty. Duty was hammered into Aisha since birth. This sense of duty never escaped her even as it became clear as she grew that she was a person who got lost in her own thoughts far too much. However, she never failed to take up her duties. One is not noble, according to Aisha, and forgets their duties towards their family, their fealty, and their Gods. That is the way of things. At one point in her life Aisha realized she, like many of her family seemed to be inclined, wished to become a Mirrormask. She realized her more notable personality traits were at odds with each other, just as a reflection typical is.

Name Summary
Aethan My brother's previous betrothed. Luckily it seems she bears no hard feelings.
Alessandro Fellow Mirrormask, and an Inverno, which are both points in her favor already. Always engaging, despite sometimes appearing to be somewhere else.
Berenice A newcomer to the city, it would seem, but I'm sure she'll be delighting in all Arx has to offer soon enough!
Brigida She could use a small pilgrim's path around the shrines.
Donato For all the poking and harassing we like to do, I have a great deal of trust in my cousin. She's done a splendid job of Voice and truly has Caina and House Inverno's good in mind. I'm lucky to have her.
Duarte A curiously sober lycene, but still one with a mind for mischief. I get the sense she gets away with it, too.
Ian Totally forgot about her. Can't believe they told her I was dead.
Iliana Sharp, forthright, and she makes no bones about her intentions. I appreciate that in a Voice and a leader.
Isidora Quiet like me. It's nice.
Josephine A lovely woman, and a mirrormask. A delight to have made things for her.
Kenna Bwhwha, she's going to try and get her family member married off. She has to be slightly devious.
Lys She's like a still pond, or perhaps an opaque mirror.
Miranda Quiet little thing. I wonder, is there more to her than she seems? It's always the quiet ones you must watch out for.
Mirella Elegant, cordial, driven. Someone I can work for without complaint. She has an attitude fitting of nobility, with a desire to treat her servants fairly.
Nijah Different from most people I have met, she is certainly carrying a great deal of mystery around with her.
Nikias My lovely bride... Her and her... Ways will be the death of me but it'll be a lovely death.
Niklas Inverno lady. Not one for fighting, but that's not a slight against anyone.
Rinel An Igniseri and a Mirrormask--which means she is as probing as any Inquisitor. Discretion is the better part of valour, here.
Sabella A wonderful Lady that is very generous with her exquisite taste in wines! She seems very nice and friendly. I shall definitely have to get to know her a lot better!
Saoirse Saoirse asked for a Mirrormask to accompany her on a journey to Saik lands. She was given Aisha, who turned up looking delicate and ...not very healthy. Saoirse is skeptical.
Sebastian I find her much changed, but in an intriguing way. It reminds me what drew me to her the first time.
Vanora Sweet Mirrormask who serves as a leader among the Inverno...when for a time I wasn't sure there were any left to make leaders of. I hope that Belladonna is treating her well and that she knows that family is here for her when she needs.