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Lady Leena Igniseri

Do you want to build something together?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Beautifully charming outrageously intelligent noble.
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 12/10
Religion: Vellichor
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Freckled Fair

Description: Beautifully blonde, Leena has a full set of flowing blonde hair falling to her mid-back that no matter how it's styled seems to always have some curls to it. Blue eyes help bring attention to her face with a modest nose and a wide set of pink lips with a moderate peppering of freckles. Fair skin with the same soft freckling continues across her skin. She has the curves of womanhood without being overstated on her lithe trim figure. Manicured fingers, painted lips, styled hair, things that Leena is not without often lending to her beauty and charm. She gives off an air of being well kept and of a noble stature.

Personality: Leena is precariously curious like most in the Igniseris line, however her curiosity relates to a burning obsession with creativity and creation. With design and redesign. Like many of the Igniseris she is beautiful, charming, and unlike most she doesn't know what to do with this beauty nor charm. She is interested in how things work, and how she can make them better. Brilliant beyond measure her mind has gears always working. She is most excited when building, crafting, designing. When encountering something new or learning something new she can be downright enigmatic. In other people she looks for things that are different, preferring artistic style versus the static. Someone different than she expects excites her, and she can seem disinterested when working on something, but when focused on someone that holds her interest she can be quite attentive.

Background: Leena was born to Marquessa Emisilia Igniseri. Born the third and youngest daughter, her sisters were Quenia (oldest) and Iovita (Middle). Leena's father was Oberion Igniseri, whom was also Iovita's father. Emisilia's second husband, Oberion passed when Leena was rather young.

Leena was the pride and joy of Oberion, and seemed to be surprisingly bright for a child showing extreme promise. But before she could barely get to know her father it seemed he had passed away. Mother had remarried, and before she knew it her new stepfather had passed away. At the age of 4 she was whisked away along with Quenia and Iovita to foster with Duke Zaffira's household. Always the tinkerer, she took things apart to see how they worked. She seemed to get smarter and smarter, and the tutors could hardly keep up with Leena's lessons as she absorbed knowledge so quickly. The Zaffira's encouraged her love of all things technical and artistic. Leena wasn't quite sure why she was seperated from her mother, but she grew from little one to preteen being encouraged, and when she was returned to her mother it was like she hardly knew her.

Life with mother was not an unloving one. Leena was a eccentric yet loving girl and while her mother didn't quite understand her intelligence she did support it. She was quite a bit different than her or her other children, but Leena always felt loved. Growing up in the household her curiosity only grew, and as the years passed by it was apparent that she needed more to learn - and she would not find a proper spouse staying where she was. She moved on to Arx to continue following her dreams of learning in hopes of bringing newfound skills back to her home's people. Of course her mother hopes that she might find a spouse along the way

Name Summary
Aerandir A cordial lady that I first saw discussing current affairs with the Marquessa, who is her sister, it seems. She seems to possess a sense of humour in spite of the sombre topic at hand.
Anisha Lady Leena has a delightful air of innocence to her. A little shy, but with Igniseri blood, I am certain it is only a matter of time before she flutters into parties and soirees with supreme confidence and skill.
Desma She described herself to me as a selfish woman whom follows her pursuits of fancy. I don't see that. I see someone who knows what she wants and works towards that achievement. Arx is in need of people like her.
Domonico She has professed skill in shipbuilding? I will definitely need to talk to her later regarding this.
Ember Within moments of meeting Lady Leena, I felt I had been given a lecture in naval engineering at the Academy of War itself. I hope that I can retain even fragments of it, come the next day... that she holds it all within her mind, all of the time, is intimidating. And I am not someone who intimidated easily.
Grazia A very bright young woman, Leena Igniseri is good at pointing out the inherent flaws in plans. Still, sometimes I wonder if she doesn't overthink.
Graziella She wants to be like a sister to me because of my association with Lord Romulius... I'm inclined to allow it, my cousin does seem rather taken with her and she's a genius with wood. I'm told.
Mabelle A very wise and already accomplished engineer. One must appriciate the grand minds that will help us in the coming woes.
Martino Very scholarly looking, and surprisingly intense. Perhaps need to meet her with more wine before her, and avoid some of the more tense topics. Critcal eye mind. Not everyone can say yes.
Medeia Keenly analytical and fearsomely observant, this Igniseri is as gifted as any other I've met.
Orick A sharp mind and an insightful eye, her passion is drawing boat hulls? Huh. Lucky for the boats, it seems as though anything she puts her mind to will see some great advancement in its design. Mark my word, I saw her sketches. Yes, they were sketches of a table but I'm sure she can draw boats too.
Piccola Quenia's younger sister. Intelligent, forthright, and to the point. Everyone has a place in the designs necessary for war, and she will no doubt play a key role should we come out secure.
Quenia I've always enjoyed spending time with my sister, but over these last few days I've discovered just how much I felt the pang of loneliness and homesickness all at once. I am so very glad to have her here in Arx, however long she manages to stay.
Reese She seems quite nice and empathic. Her words were subtly touching.
Romulius As brilliant a mind as she was promised to be, she is a credit to her family and to House Igniseri at large. Her collaboration and insight regarding the technical aspects of naval design will be a boon to Blackshore and the Compact at large.
Rowynna An intelligent woman is always a delight, even if her own particular skills are a little over my head. She's collaborating with my cousins, however, so I expect to see a great deal of her in the coming months.
Sabella She does not seem to care for trivial conversation but I'm sure as soon as she realizes there's an entire college full of Bard's here she'll understand that storytelling is in the very blood of Arx itself! Not that cities have actual blood. It's a metaphor! Or a simile? Let's just say it's a good story!
Valerius embarrases easily