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Lord Rufio Proscipi

To laugh fully is to live fully.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Resolute Defender
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Proscipi
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 10/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: tanned

Description: A man hailing from the far southern isles of the Saffron Chain, his skin complexion is one that many might expect from an island born man. He is of a powerful build, standing at six and a half feet tall. His body is that of a warrior, both heavily muscled as well as showing numerous scars inflected by blade. While he may try to tame his appearance into one suitable for court, it is near impossible for him to hide what is clearly a wild temperament. He has long black hair that is often styled to stand high off of his head and hazel eyes.

Personality: Loud and boisterous, Rufio's personality is akin to a roaring bonfire. A lifelong soldier, Rufio learned long ago that life could be extinguished with an unlucky parry or by simple misfortune on the field, and as such, it is far too short and precious to spend wallowing in unhappiness. Not your typical lord, Rufio's filter is sometimes a bit nonexistent and he is known to speak his mind, right or wrong.

Background: Born the second son of a cadet branch of Proscipi, Rufio’s younger years were spent in the shadow of his older brother Markos. With only two years separating the two brothers, their younger years saw both the tight bonds of friendship and imagined adventures that one would expect of such close siblings, as well as the strife and competition between the two as both sought to outshine the other, particularly so in the case of Rufio. As they grew into their teenage years and Markos chose to walk his own path in the jungles outside Tremorus, Rufio would instead stay the path and work to prove himself as a proud son of their father.

As Rufio entered into his later teen years, he would find himself conscripted into the Tremorus armies, just like every other able bodied citizen of the Saffron city-state. It was here that he would feel that he’d found his true place beyond any other calling in his life. He would spend the next many years of his life remaining in the Tremorus army far after the years required of every citizen, fighting to keep the city-state safe both against barbarian invader that threw themselves senselessly at the impenetrable walls of his home, and abroad in skirmishes with other clans before they bent the knee to the Compact.

He proved himself as a distinguished commander in both the War of the Two Queens as well as in the Siege of Tremorus, where the united barbarians and Eurusi Taskmasters of Skal’daja would break the city walls and take the fight into the streets. Willing to die fighting for his home, Rufio fought alongside his countrymen and somehow managed to survive. Promoted to command within the Tremorus army, Rufio has been dispatched to Arx to help his cousins in the Compact’s capital.

Relationship Summary

  • Markos - My older brother. We've not always gotten along without butting heads
  • Cassiopeia - Now the Marquessa. I am not certain that I understand all that I need to know about the shift in leadership
  • Andromeda - The Titan of Tremorus. I saw her fight in the siege alongside the rest. It was only a glimpse
  • Savio - The more rambunctious of the famous former Pontelaeus brothers
  • Giorgio - An enigma. While he has always been driven to success and possessing an honor and reverence for our home
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