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Princess Daniella Velenosa

The greatest sin is to be boring.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Queen of Drama
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 19
Birthday: 2/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark chocolate
Eye Color: dark hazel
Skintone: golden olive

Titles: Mirrormask

Description: Darkly captivating eyes are the first thing to seize the attention of those looking at this Southern Princess. Her lips are full and quirk as easily into a dimpled grin as a disdainful sneer. Dark chocolate hair tumbles raucously down her back and her frame would seem ideally acrobatic if not for the generous curves of her hips.

Personality: Daniella sees it as her sacred mission to prevent any and all other people from being or getting boring. A boundless source of energy and with a debilitating addiction to witty turns of phrase she is constantly making up tales, embellishing stories, or engaging in impromptu improv to liven up any conversation or social event.

Background: The youngest daughter of her family for some time, Daniella was naturally rather doted on, and grew to like it perhaps a touch too much. When she started to grow a little less adorable, she compensated by putting on little shows for her family, speeches, plays, sometimes songs or dances although she wasn't a terribly gifted singer or musician.

Over the years she convinced her parents to obtain her a string of different tutors, each time declaring that shed found her one true vocation. All of them were entertaining in nature, mummers, acrobatics, storytellers, models and even duelists, but she had significant trouble staying motivated in any one discipline. She eventually decided to just dabble in everything and continued in that vein until witnessing the trial of a traitor while attending court at Lenosia. Quite taken with the skillful elocution of the traitor's lawyer she decided that this might be a valuable use for her talents and to everyones surprise actually stuck with it long enough to become a reasonably capable attorney, although her penchant for arguing cases from the most exciting and dramatic angle possible seemed sure to keep her from ever becoming truly great.

Name Summary
Domonico A newly arrived Velenosian Princess and already in alliance with my cousins Miranda and Isidora. Luckily enough I am proof against their attacks... however witty.
Fatima Oh, I like this one! To our mutual club of countless, cant-throw-a-rock-without-hitting-one 'useless' princesses, she seems a wonderfully entertaining new addition. Its easy to declare all for duty and honor, but a little harder to assert that we deserve their own lives, as well. Also I liked her dress.
Fiora I really don't want to like her. Unfortunately, I think I do.
Jasher Sharp, inquisitive, willing to debate, and would nearly throw herself from a bell tower for a bottle of wine. One of these features I did not expect from a princess of Velenosa.
Macda Sharp and entertaining. A wonderful acquaintance in such a place.
Miranda A woman who can heckle Domonico as well as I! I like her already!
Vanora The princess is clearly devoted to the Mirrormasks and eager to make an impression. Mine was surely positive.
Wyatt She's amazing! She was excited about hearing about the percentage our exports increased by barley, and was willing to try Graypeak Beer until the possibility of hairloss was discussed, and she wasn't offended at all by the skull and crossbones symbol on the Lycene wine bottle we had. She's very diplomatic!