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Action Id: 3280 Crisis: Participants: Evonleigh, Yasmine, Sabella, Mailys, Tabitha, Mikani, Gwenna, Lorenzo, Dariel, Eddard, Sapphira, Aerwyna, Saro, Azolla(RIP), Gesa and Haptenna
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 18, 2019, 9:42 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 109000
Economic Resources: 1535
Social Resources: 1050

Action by Evonleigh

Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk has penned a tragic drama of star-crossed love entitled "A Wager of Hearts," to be staged in the Bard's College. To bring the tale of woe to life, she has pulled together an amazing cast and crew, showcasing the talents of Arx's finest actors, as well as painters, costumers, and musicians. Evonleigh herself will be acting as well as directing.

The synopsis: Perris is the youngest son of Marquessa Rowanworth -- no one expects much of the playboy lord. Delphine is the daughter of an ennobled former knight, Count Lafoy. The two meet at a ball, with Perris instantly falling for the sweet and beautiful Delphine. She is skeptical of his admiration, but the two begin a friendship. Delphine uncovers hidden depths of the young man -- who is in fact a skilled poet and philosopher with deep emotions hidden behind the facade of the nonchalant playboy.

Perris requests to speak with the Count, to formally court her, and Delphine at first declines, disbelieving his sincerity, but Perris makes a bet with Delphine that he will be seen with no other woman on his arm for a month, while challenging her to be escorted by several different suitors in the same time -- because he doubts he truly is worthy of her affections and wants her to be as sure of him as he is of her. This causes both some awkward, comedic moments as it also reveals the true feelings of Delphine and Perris.

When the month is up, Perris is granted permission to speak to Count and Countess Lafoy, who happily approve of the match -- but Marquessa Rowanworth does not. She rejects the betrothal and instead tells Perris to marry Princess Sylpha, a woman of great beauty but one who is spoiled and prone to temper tantrums. Delphine, though brokenhearted, swears she can never hate Perris and that he should do right by his family, and Perris reluctantly agrees to the match.

The courtship period passes with Delphine disappearing from the social scene and from Perris' life. As the wedding day draws nearer, Perris becomes more and more distraught, until on the stormy day of the wedding he can take it no longer. While his household prepares for the marriage ceremony, he sneaks out after a discussion with his sisters Maitea and Amaryllis, who tell him love is more important than rank and propriety, and to follow his heart. The runaway groom rushes through the terrible storm to the Lafoys. Disaster strikes, in the form of lightning, causing the lord's horse to buck in terror, throwing him from the saddle. It is Delphine who finds him in the woods nearby, but his wounds are too grievous and the two whisper their last goodbyes and vow to find one another in another life.

Action by Tabitha

Tabitha has extensive experience with designing and painting set backgrounds, props and other dressings for Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella's plays. Now it's time to put those well-refined skills to work to bring exactly the right mood to Evonleigh's first drama. She's going to work tirelessly to get everything just right, from the elegant ballroom where the lovers meet, to the mournful wood where their love comes to die. Tabitha will also be talking up the play and promoting it whenever she can, because of course she will! It's her cousin's play, after all! She'll be painting beautifully tasteful and evocative posters to advertise A Wager of Hearts, and placing them in the venues where they'll be seen by the sort of people who will best enjoy the theatrical production at hand. (OOC: 500 econ and 20,000 silver added to the action, to be distributed in any way that'll increase chances of success.)

Action by Sabella

Sabella is more than happy to play the role of one Countess Lafoy, lending her sparkling spirit and infectious joy to the role -- a mother that only wishes the best for her daughter? She's certain she can manage to capture the essence of such a character. She is also very keen on talking up the show to any and all that will hear her, and puts forth her social might in ensuring that the evening should be a smashing success!

Action by Lorenzo

Prince Lorenzo Redrain is positively delighted that his protege Lady Evonleigh has taken on such a creative and dramatic project, and he will spare no effort in promoting it. He will use his social connections to chat up friends and acquaintance, nobles and commoners, to ensure that this upcoming play is the talk of the city. He also buys up a block of tickets for opening night and get them into the hands of the movers and shakers of Arx's society, proving that this event is seen by everyone as the place to be. (adding 200 social and 100 economic)

Action by Gwenna

Inspired to assist her husband's protege after reading the play, Gwenna offers to act in the production. Taking the role of Lady Amaryllis, one of Perris' sisters, she will hopefully bring life to the part. Lady Amaryllis is kind, sweet, and believes in love above all, which Gwenna hopes to convey convincingly in the production!

Action by Aerwyna

Aerwyna, with her experience in sewing and tailoring has been invited as costumer and will be making the appropriate clothing for the actors in the play. She will be taking measurements of the cast and sewing together the outfits then having fittings and doing adjustments til everything is perfect and to Lady Evonleigh's standards. She will also assist in any other areas that her eye for design is needed and cloth is involved such as any curtains and drapery for the stage. She also donates some silver to help with materials.

Action by Eddard

Lord Eddard Clement will be taking on his first role in Evonleigh's play. As Count Lafoy, the father of Lady Delphine whom he wishes to find a good match and happiness in marriage. This shouldn't be too hard. To pretend to be Baron Norwood Clement but nicer. And less gruff. And less strong. Acting seems to come easy to him, he foresees no problems in being amazing.

Action by Dariel

Lord Dariel Bisland has vast experience of acting back home in Pridehall but in Arx he's not had so much work. Even so, he feels it's only natural he'd be getting the role of Lord Perris. Perhaps a playboy Lord isn't too far from Dariel himself, though he having to have to make sure the he is a little more sympathetic.

Dariel is committed to the production. Talking to friends, family and those who stand still long enough. Investing some of his own money as well. Much of this could be down to the fact that he really is get his name out there and become as famous in Arx as he feels he should, though what's an actor without a successful play?

Action by Sapphira

Place Holder: Sapphira would be honored to assist in anyway, be it as a actor/performer or however she can support Evonleigh.

Action by Gesa

Gesa joins the cast as Princess Sylpha. She attempts to add some comedy to the tragic play by making the Princess's temper tantrums as comedic as possible.

Action by Mikani

Mikani is playing the Villian ... Marquessa of Rowanworth. While this entertains her that the part is different from herself. She enjoys that she gets to throw herself into the roll. And throw herself in with two feet she does. Mika uses her experience as a child growing up with more traditional families to know the type of woman she is playing. Eager for the adventure to play the villian she readies herself to hit the stage.

Action by Yasmine

Yasmine has been cast to play the leading role of the Lady Delphine, one which she assumes with enthusiasm and grace. She brings to life every emotion invoked within the story of ill-timed lovers, channeling from experiences in her meteoric rise to fame and the many tribulations along the way. Of course, as an actress of the Blackrose Theater, she does more than her fair share of spreading the word among various spheres she frequents, building up anticipation for its premiere.

Action by Mailys

If there's one thing Mailys is good at, it's playing a seductress! She'll take the part of Lady Laguna, one of the many women trying to steal Perris' attention from Delphine.

Action by Saro

Saro is putting her practical skills in woodworking to use by helping to produce platforms, furniture, and any other wooden props that might be needed to help set the stage for the play. It may not be the most glamorous role in the production (yeah, all right, it's probably about the /least/ glamorous role), but she's not one to shy away from practical work. Some of those pieces of prop furniture might end up with some entirely unnecessary highly decorative flourishes, though.

Action by Azolla(RIP)

Lady Azolla was offered the role as Lady Murrietta who is one of the ladies that is trying to get the attention of Perris who has currently sworn off other women. This is her first role in a play and she hopes to do well., so she dedicates herself to learning the lines and rehearsing in order to prepare for the show.

Action by Haptenna

Haptenna has been invited aboard as part of the musical accompaniment. Being multitalented and capable of playing a few different instruments, she will be on both the lute and the harp at alternating intervals where necessary for various scenes, or simply confine herself to one if the musical section is filled out enough. She's fine with that. Either way, the young troubador will be in attendance, putting her talntes god good work. Ideally.


The play titled "A Wager of Hearts" has become widely praised in Arx and beyond, an immensely popular performance that has left an impression due to its deft social commentary and sympathy towards neo-nobles in the Compact. Produced by Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk, the play tells the tale of Lord Perris Rowanworth, with Lord Dariel Bisland in the role. Lord Perris' tragic love with the Lady Delphine LaFoy, portrayed brilliantly by Yasmine Champagne, calls upon the common themes of love warring with noble duty, and particularly of the lack of regard given to neo-nobles as old houses consider marriage alliances, as Perris attempts to win Delphine while being pursued by rivals such as Lady Laguna (charmingly played by Mailys Corsetina), and ultimately wins a betrothal from the count and countess LaFoy (as played by Eddard and Sabella respectively). Much of the audiences enjoy the light satire of the fragility of certain marriage pacts and associated negotiations as portrayed by Gesa Whisper playing the comically spoiled Princess Sylpha, who wins a marriage pact with Lord Perris with the approval of Mikani as Marquessa of Rowanworth, negating all the efforts of Perris and showing the crushing burdens of duty placed upon nobles to do well by their family. Lady Evonleigh herself plays Perris' sister Maitea Rowanworth, who along with his other sister Amaryllis (played by Princess Gwenna), give a stirring speech on in the play detailing the struggles of nobles in sacrificing love for duty, and how they should be forgiven for pursuing their hearts, and that neo-nobles are worthy of matches. The tragic death of Perris at the end of the play, thwarting his family and trying to win Delphine at last, is a hotly debated message by much of the Compact, with traditionalists particularly in the Oathlands and Mourning Isles seeing it as a morality play showing that Perris failed to uphold his obligations to his family and was punished for it, while less conservative elements in the Lyceum see it as a criticism of the institutions that doomed the star crossed lovers. Fortunately, the play is good enough where individuals mostly argue with each other and firmly believe that the play supports their own biases. There's widespread recognition for all the cast, and even for the crew, with Aerwyna as costumer, Tabitha's props, Haptenna's music, Saro's set construction, and Lorenzo's advertising.

As a result of "A Wager of Hearts", traditionalist antipathy towards neo-nobles softens ever so slightly. This is a fragile thing, likely to not last if there's more ennoblements, but it makes life easier for current neos.