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Action Id: 3688 Crisis: Participants: Mabelle, Delia, Ailith, Dante, Felix, Cristoph, Jael, Edward, Alexis, Naka, Ryhalt, Athaur, Iseulet, Vicente, Sanya, Bhandn, Llewella(RIP) and Colette(RIP)
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 8, 2020, 12:34 a.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 1700000
Economic Resources: 16000
Military Resources: 8000
Social Resources: 11100
Action Points: 100

Action by Mabelle

After many months of planning, the Laurents, spearheaded by Mabelle decide to construct a waystation: road-station / Inn near Artshall. a structure that offers hospitality for all travellers for a set period of time That should, in theory, encourage merchants and other visitors to experience their lands and will probably help with strengthening bonds with neighbours and foreigners alike. A way station right outside Artshall that will offer any and all guests simple room and board for a period of three days. The waystation with facilities for merchants and travellers, will have shops and stabling to help fund it. After three days visitors can stay but will have to pay inn rates. Relies very heavily on a cultural importance of guest-right/hospitality as demonstrated in the Oathlands, the waystation will also include services of physicians, animal groomers, hagglers, religious representative and the like.

The waystation is planned to be not only a place for traders to lay down, have a warm meal and gather the energies to carry on in their hazardous journey, but also crucial hubs where travelers didn't waste the opportunity to do business with local markets and traders, and cultural crossroads where merchants didn't just exchange textiles and spices but also ideas, traditions, languages, and even news, both importing their own and taking back home what they had learned along the way.

The project will be engaging different individuals from the Compact to assist, be it people to handle logistics, economical aspects, guarding duties, blessing of the Faith and building a of shrine for gild, artists to embellish the place with fabrics, mosaics, paintings and wood works. Do not forget the beehive chandelier.

This should encourage merchants and other travellers to visit Laurent lands and hopefully increase pilgrimage, merchant business and immigration as a result.

Inspiration sketch:
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Action by Cristoph

Having reviewed Mabelle's plans for this project, Cristoph gives it the stamp of approval. He also does *a lot* of talking it up while he's at court.

Action by Jael

Jael recruits and trains a number of soldiers to keep order and peace at the new waystation.

Action by Edward

With a clear understanding of the goals Mabelle has in mind and the ways that everyone else is helping, Edward still step in and fulfill the economics logistic and oversight role. While others help with location, procuring materials, and ensuring they get to the site for construction in a timely manner, he will do his best to ensure that cost overruns and quality of materials are used to their utmost. This will also allow him to ensure that there is no siphoning of materials, limit theft, and ensure that high quality materials are not replaced with cheaper or lesser quality materials.

Action by Iseulet

Iseulet helps Mabelle (and the Laurents!) by using the many many contacts she has made over the years to not only spread the word about the waystation to the people that need to know about it (merchants, traders, hagglers), but also ensure that she gets the goods and supplies to build the waystation at the cheapest possible rates.

Action by Ryhalt

With the success of the Bold Espressions in Arx, Ryhalt jumped on the opportunity for possible expansion of another shop at this outpost. He reasoned that travelers weary from the road or messengers needing a boost to keep them going down the road would be sure to find a coffee shop a welcome amenity among the other features of the outpost. Therefore, an investment in the Laurent's latest project to ensure a prime location for the shop was a carefully calculated business decision.

To honor the Laurents, the menu selection would weigh towards flavors of coffee that went well with their honey, along with more standard fare for those that did not want such sweetness and would otherwise suit regional tastes. The shop would not be as big as the establishment in Arx, but would still have a cozy area for chatting and drinking inside for cold or inclement weather. Outside would be a small patio for street-side tables to help advertise and to give a place for those who have only a couple minutes to pause a place to sit and enjoy. For staff, mostly locals would be hired, but Ryhalt would send a more experienced member of the Arx branch to manage the shop to ensure the quality did not waver.

Besides the coffee shop, he arranges for the export of other specialty goods from Westrock such as pomegranates, sugar, pineapples to boost variety of products offered by the outpost and to pique the interest of passing traders to goods not yet available in their region, intending to spread not just coffee through the Compact and ensure wider success of the outpost.

And, as promised, he provided Mabelle with tips on the general plan, drawing on his business and life experience to maximize the placement of the outpost and potential for growth and profit for the entire outpost.

Action by Delia

Delia uses her family connections to merchants and tradesfolk to spread word about the new Laurent waystation. She focuses specifically on merchants who might have found it somewhat inconvenient to make their way through Laurent lands, talking up the waystation as a solution for that inconvenience. She also intends to travel out there once the building is complete, to bring back personal descriptions of the place.

Action by Llewella(RIP)

Llewella eagerly jumps into the project with Mabelle as it allows her to express an artistic and diplomatic idea she's wanted to put into use. Her help takes the form of labor as well as an art installation.

First, Llewella will buy the freedom of more thralls in the isles, seeking to select them from houses sincere in their efforts of reform. These freed thralls will be asked to find employment with Astarrea or House Laurent and used as paid labor to help with Mabelle's project and Llewella's art.

Second, Llewella will talk to the Knights of Solace, House Laurent, and related trading concerns to learn more about the area that is being worked and the people (Arvani or Shav'arvani) that may be involved. She'll seek out their stories, the things important to their cultures, and so on. Using this information leads to...

And third, Llewella and her labor crews will quarry/buy tall blocks of local stone and arrange them at notable, interesting locations around the waystation. On each of these stones will be carved images of trade and cooperation, or civilization and knowledge being exchange. She'll have carved into each several written versions of the stories in all the related languages for those that stand the most chance of passing this way.

Action by Dante

Dante has come to protect those who are working upon the waystation. With Tor bordering the Laurent lands (who are also their allies by marriage), the Sword of Tor sees this as an excellent opportunity to aid allies and traffic to and from Tor alike.

Action by Athaur

Athaur is more then happy to help out his friends in House Laurent. Especially when he believes in the usefulness of their goal. In his own time spent expanding his own house he has developed quite a bit of knowledge in developing and expanding lands and making improvements. He will bring this knowledge to help the Laurents decide where they should build their waystation, how to expand and supply it.

Action by Sanya

Sanya aids Mabelle in her efforts by spreading word of the project, drawing attention to it in hopes of gaining assistance. She'll discuss the advantages of the Waystation for merchants and travellers in particular.

Action by Colette(RIP)

Colette doesn't really know much about this stuff, but she is more than happy to scout the are and find places to set up new watchposts along the road to help ensure the safety of travelers on their way to Artshall.

Action by Naka

There are definitely better people for the purpose of spreading the word about an ambitious project of construction, artistry and, ultimately, diplomacy. But those people probably wouldn't talk to the exact same people as Naka Laurent, so he figures his lesser efforts might still have some efficacy. So Naka goes about talking up the waystation concept and its needs among the Scholars and other primarily Faith folk he comes across in his day to day. Other persons are not immune to a good talking to about this effort, but the above are the sorts of people he most often interacts with.

Action by Alexis

Dame Alexis leaps at the chance to aid in Lady Mabelle's project. While the Gold Order is respectful of the faith and careful not to overstep boundaries with the Knights of Solace, Alexis sees little issue in ensuring that there are members of the Order at the Waystaton to help relieve the pressure - the Knights, after all, must frequently aid travellers along the way. Besides, the Golden Order are Questing Knights at heart, and what better place to pick up news of those in need of aid than a Waystation? There's even an inn here! So it is that the Gold Order's insignia is seen on soldiers, squires, and knights who rotate in and out, but always maintain a permanent, reassuring presence.

Action by Vicente

Vicente's roll in this is largely advisory. He will be seeing to any elements that might make the location vulnerable to attacks or raids. Any troops that need trained or advised on defensive or offensive positions based on the surrounding terrain and advising on ideal ambush locations.

Action by Felix

Felix will assist not only in helping to establish the shrine for Gild; the building of statue, metal artworks and the like, but in his role as Godsworn - asking for Gild's blessing in this venture for those travelers and merchants who come from near and far to this place. He will also help to establish a shop here for whichever apprentice is soon to earn their journeyman mark and wishes to preside here for a time to represent this branch of Seaborn Weaponry, giving the majority of business to them, while maintaining shipments of quality blades from his own forges for those who do not wish to travel all the way to Arx itself.

Action by Bhandn

Sir Bhandn is here to both represent the Knights of Solace as well as see to the Knights' efforts in maintaining safety for those travelers who would call the waystation a haven from travel and danger. He brings with him a notable contribution (in the form of 6000 military resources) from the Grandmaster for the purpose of improving the fortification and security of the waystation and the area it's in.

Action by Ailith

Hospitality. Generosity. Home and Hearth.

The Domestique Bell, as Legate Ailith proposed, also known as the Haven of the Honey Bee embodies the vision set by Lady Mabelle - a haven to forge bonds between travelers and traders across the Compact with the community, and to honor Gild and Limerance.

Between the two (more prominently Mabelle), unique and personalized additions were discussed and carefully selected to create a haven that reflects the love of the Gods by way of the hospitality through Gild and the community bonds through Limerance (see OOC section for silver/resources). Boutiques feature such local works by Laurent and its vassals such as honeycomb and wax crafts or the specialty chocolate coated honey coins embossed with the Gild and Limerance symbols. The rooms at the inn offer a "slice of home" with adornments imported from all across the Compact. Ailith reached out to the scholars to create an embossed guest book to be prominently displayed in the foyer of the inn; any visitor may write their name to be recorded in the archives at the new shrine.

For the shrine, Ailith coordinates with Legate Bianca and the Seraph of Artshall to promote a Godsworn as Seraph to this haven - a person who shares the vision for hospitality and community. In addition, Ailith sought to ensure the godsworn and disciples carry forth charitable deeds - offering sanctuary to the weary, healing to the hurt, and compassion to the downtrodden. It is her hope by the hard work and sermons by the Faith as well as the long-standing Faithful leadership by House Laurent that this haven would be remembered as a place where people felt the love of the gods, not just metaphorically.

And as such, Ailith travels to the haven to lead an elaborate consecration ceremony and ritual for the new Shrine of Gild and out to the center of the crossroads that leads into the waystation. Honeycomb shaped bricks pave the walkway with the outer edges in gold, shimmering like honey. A map of the compact is painted on the walkway with the Laurent lands at center. Names create the roads from the waystation on the map - names of local travelers, prominent and respected traders, inn keepers, and so forth to represent the bonds in the community and those who shared in the creation of this place.

Dead center of the map, Ailith pours a special brand of Laurent honey, wildflower with hints of chocolate blended with holy water. As she pours the honey to create the symbol of the pantheon, she recites the Canticles of Gild and Limerance, sharing stories of how havens as these linked even the smallest of towns to the largest of cities (even remarking on her childhood being from a backwater region of the Oathlands that trade links to civilizations) - news, stories, and songs come way by the road - and the hearts of the locals offering hospitality by generously offering a place to stay can make a difficult journey in life a little lighter. The doors open to the shrine and a feast for all (free for all) is offered. She works with the locals including the surrounding Seraphs to ensure that the stories she shares echo that of people from the community, thereby further personalizing and including them in this haven.


It's a massive construction project, as the Domestique Bell begins to take shape. Called also the Haven of the Honey Bee, or simply the Waystation of Artshall, the waystation is part fortress, part inn and part holy place, and it's a remarkable feat of construction that it serves those three roles relatively seamlessly. Lady Mabelle Laurent's project is heavily hyped from the beginning throughout the Compact. Delia and the Whispers drum up excitement at Court, and Duke Cristoph lending his stamp of approval has many taking notice, due to his continued, triumph success in making Artshall a beacon of security and stability in difficult times. With Iseulet and Naka also helping spread the word, more help is offered though there is a noticably large groundswell of support from suspiciously enthusiastic members of the public after Sanya speaks movingly about its virtues. It really resonated, and goes better than it probably should.

Construction and security of the Domestique Bell is overseen by Edward, Jael, Athaur, Colette, Vicente, Dante, Llewella, Bhandn, and Alexis with her Gold Order. While it's not an inherently military structure, it still is strategically important as its a large fort outside of the city proper for Artshall, that lets travelers rest in safety without having to go to the trouble of entering the city itself. As such it should be a key target for Abandoned, but due to the heavy security there's no meaningful attempts to attack the waystation, and only a few petty acts of sabotage from Abandoned likely pretending to be volunteer workers that don't prove to be more than an annoyance. As its finished, it stands as a huge trading post, fortress, shrine and inn that can easily house hundreds of travelers and in a pinch could likely protect thousands within its walls if packed tight. Ryhalt's trade goods from Westrock gain immediate interest, and Felix's Seaborn Weaponry branch is quite popular.

The care in construction is not lost on the throngs that come to hear Ailith's consecration of the large Shrine in the waystation. Much of the beautiful designs are from Ailith's directions, speaking to a celebration of Gild, Limerance and all of the gods. The huge crowd cheers and applauds Ailith's words at consecretion, and some remark afterwards that eating the providing honey coins created by Ailith gives them nostalgic feelings of hearth and home.

People feel safe at the Domestique Bell- to worship, to rest, and to trade. There's a larger response than there probably should be to the completed waystation, even one as large and significant as the Haven of the Honey Bee. Trade floods in immediately towards Artshall, coming from Tor, Westrock Reach and other places. Many marvel at the comfortable rooms, the sense of welcome from the Shrine, and some say they feel particularly at ease when they inspect the masonry that came from the Isles, with much of the stonework of the waystation having symbols of Gild, and some have writing in a language no one can recognize that makes readers feel at ease.

Aside from the general triumph of the Domestique Bell, a new fabric coming from Artshall catches on and immediately draws notice from the Compact. Artshall velvet, a new luxury fabric, will be spreading throughout the Compact in large part due to the waystation, and the timing of its roll out and completion of the Haven of the Honey Bee is near perfect.