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Alright, but that'll cost extra.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: High End Decorator
Fealty: Crown
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 33
Birthday: 5/15
Religion: Gild, maybe
Vocation: Tailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: warm brown
Eye Color: blue-gold
Skintone: carmel

Description: Perhaps the only remarkable thing about this woman is her eyes. From several feet away, they look green. On a closer inspection it is because the inner portion of either iris is a light golden brown and the outer portion is a near indigo blue. She stands at no remarkable height and her build is just as average. Her hair is middling length and medium brown with warm undertones. Her mouth has a tendency to curl down at the corners when left unchecked.

Personality: Sira isn't an asshole per se. She just isn't interested if it isn't sewing or making money. This means she can come across as terse or asocial a fair bit of the time. It isn't fueled by hostility but rather by indifference. This is because she tends to narrowly focus in on what she is interested in, and block out everything else. You know the virtual populace that remains skeptical in the face of flying ships, well, that's her.

Background: Seems like a near annual occurence that Sira loses someone she loves. War, fever, crusades, marching orders from nobility, conflict on the job while soldiering. She's seen it all. And it all works to contribute to her disinterest in getting close to others. What is the point when it just means watching them die. As a result, she buries herself in her work sewing.

Name Summary
Amund Talented with her craft and helpful, in addition to being gentle to all, which is good to see in times such as these.
Anisha A merchant and seamstress of some note. She might be easily overlooked, if not for her sense of style - and those very intriguing eyes. I suspect one would be a fool to actually overlook her. After spending some time in her company I am certainly intrigued by both what she can offer as an artist and as a fellow.
Audgrim Her work is exquisite, and I made someone very happy by gifting one of her gowns. I heard of her long before I even met her or went to her shop. Glad to have finally met her.
Camilla A tailor who understands that the clothes are for the wearer, not the observer. Excellent.
Cassiopeia A smart business woman, she has a good read on people and a natural gift for beauty.
Dante How do you know a truly talented and professional artisan? When you hand them a request and go from shock to genius in the span of a heartbeat! I believe I have found someone for future sartorial needs.
Fairen A talented seamstress, apparently. One who seems rather modest about it, I wouldn't had known if someone hadn't of mentioned it. I'll have to talk to her about getting something made.
Giorgio A merchant claiming herself to be one of the best in the city! Ahhh, were these still the days that I could give her a run for her money. The challenge would be enjoyable. Still, she is also a tailor of no small talent and possesses a shop with a name that catches my eye. I'll have to give her a commission and see how she does.
Haakon Think she's allergic to water, somehow.
Ilira Damn, she's lovely! She comes off a tad cool and terse at first, but there's a warmth there buried under what seems a past habit to withdraw. And I find her genuinely beautiful, in one of those earthy, understated ways. I /will/ be back.
Jamie Both knowledgable and helpful in matters completely foreign to me. Quick and to the point with no wasted fluff, it was a welcome change. Should I ever need similar advice I'm certain hers is the place I'd go.
Lore She truly seems to get my fashion sense, which is a delight. I can't wait to see what she can do with other designs. I could see this becoming a wonderful friendship.
Macario A lovely appreciation of fall fashions and expert in their craft.
Martino Sampler of chocolates and wine, planning something of a perfect evening for their official store opening. Which they did mention, making them also quite the eager salesperson.
Mattheu A talented designer and tailor, their views of color and how each works against another is a delicate taste that is something which I wish to see more of.
Monique A tailor with an eye for the scandalous. Touched by Jayus? I wouldn't doubt it.
Rook The best combination for a craftsperson - straight to the point as a merchant, truly inspired as an artist. I certainly will be a repeat customer, if she finds me tolerable enough.
Scipio Guarded. Granted we met at an odd time for me, but this clearly wasn't her reaction to my being slightly off balance. She just seems to be a very guarded individual as a practice. One of the harder people to get a read on. Few words. Unafraid of confrontation - perhaps a tad aggressive even. But what I picked up from her store spoke of other sides to her. Of the desire for space and clarity. Of a tendency towards focus -- she brooks few distractions. And her colors tend towards brighter ones rather than darker ones. But I noticed she didn't wear anything of any particular note despite her profession as a seamstress. I wonder what that means. What her craft means to her. She's odd, if only for the reason that I don't quite have a hold on who she is yet.
Vayne Despite being at a loss, she asks the right questions, which I believe can only lead her down a good path both spiritually and mentally.
Zakhar Quiet, calculating, and more aware of her surroundings than many might ever give her credit to. Hopefully, someone else sees this. Otherwise, I have a new bird to keep track of.