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Lady Tescelina Wyrmguard

Oh I know very well, how the secrets beckon so sweetly.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Woeful Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Palladium
Eye Color: Cyan
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Knight of Sunflowers, Disciple of Gloria

Obituary: Died in the Battle of Sungreet in combat with an Anointed Master.

Description: Tescelina once held an immaculately sweet face. But it has since become something haunted although, in certain circles, there is beauty in this as well. Sweetness touched with a melancholic bitterness. High and noble cheekbones terminate into a pointed chin with oft expressionless pink lips, brilliant but hollow cyan eyes usually downcast, and hair in the bloodline's favored near white which is worn often in a bushy tail with hanging strands to the sides or, in more private moments, allowed to spill down the back. She has maintained a high level of fitness, however, and her limbs and sleek figure are suited to her style of swordsmanship.

(Her hair resides in a lovely braided updo using a violet silk ribbon as adornment and a dragon themed hair clip.)

Personality: There are some that have called her demure but she is not shy, simply -- hushed. She often avoids direct eye-contact and can seem distant or entirely vacant (at the worst of times). Her smiles are poetically sad things and her penchant for solitude makes it seem that she is standing alone, even in a crowded space. She has not, however, lost her sense of duty and when she is prone to act it feels mechanical but honed; her face often falling to something of an expressionless countenance.

Background: "Such a clever girl." That was often heard in regard to Tescelina from a very early age. The sole daughter of Baptiste and Antoinette Wyrmguard. She possessed -- besides a love of star-gazing and reading for long hours in the library -- a fierce sense of right and wrong. Throwing herself into harms way on numerous occasions for relatives and close friends. Her father put her on the path to becoming a knight, which she accomplished by the age of 18.

Alas, she had gone questing from her home only two years later and taken up residence in House Bellerive's county during the height of the turmoil regarding the Great Road. Reports of these events are scarce. However, while visiting a small villa, it was beset by attackers late in the evening. By dawn's light, only Tescelina remained alive. Wearing her night clothes, drenched in blood, and clutching her sword while standing in the villa's expansive sunflower field. She could not and would later be unable to recall what transpired. But all were found brutally mutilated. This is believed to have been Abandoned before they were driven to the border.

Some speculated that she was the slayer but this could not be proven. For despite her appearance, her sword had not a drop of blood on it. They began, in whispers, to simply refer to her as the Knight of Sunflowers.

She has come to Arx after a few months of recovery and /encouraged/ to take the trip by her parents who believe that the city will do her good -- and keep her out of the minds of those back home in the Oathlands.

Name Summary
Adalyn An enjoyable companion and an incredibly fierce, formidable fighter. I'd always be up for a spar with her. Her grace and skill are lessons to be learned!
Ahmar A Knight and the vision of one. Precise and Honorable. Can be quite dangerous with that sword.
Alarissa There's rarely a Wyrmguard that I don't care for and Tescelina is no exception. She plays so lovely and her manners impeccable.
Alecstazi I would have thought a self-proclaimed Knight of the Oathlands might have better manners. She's gifted with her blade, and she has the right of most situations, though phrasing things more politely would win her more favor.
Aleksei Quiet and thoughtful. She cares a great deal about doing the right thing, and that counts for a whole lot in this world.
Alessia A woman of remarkably good etiquette. Polite and eager to learn about my skill. I hope to encounter her in the future.
Alexis Keenly intelligent and observant, she reminds me of Alexander. She exudes an aura of competence that I find quite comforting. And yes, I've heard the stories, and I am quite ready to draw my blade if anyone would like to repeat them to my face.
Amund Kindly knight. Loyal to Wyrmguard and the Telmarch. Very much an Oathlands woman.
Apollo She has a taste for adornment that I'd more readily associate with a princess, and a pleasant surety about what she wants.
Artur A lovely nymph of the stone pools. I felt coaxed and wanted to learn more about her, but perhaps, I was just too earthly for her beauty and while such a quest to know her better would be wonderful - I am not sure she would be accepting of such.
Astraea I've been in love only once before so I can't say that I'm an expert but this thing, with how fast my heart beats when I see Tescelina. Surely it's just admiration of her gallant chivalry...
Behtuk She'd eat charred lizard on a diamondplate stick. Nonsense, but crafting is crafting.
Berenice She is quite passionate and effusive about her areas of interest.
Bhandn I did not expect a lady with only her weapons in attendance to be the one to first take up my offer. She would have won, had I not been armored. I respect someone willing to fight despite that.
Bianca My dear cousin, I feel some aspects of my own persona when I see her. I believe she has a fire that must be stroked in order for her to achieve her full potential,
Bliss A quiet one, but quite clearly very fond of her cousin, Sister Sophie. It is hard to get a read on her at this point beyond the Wyrmguard propriety that they seem so fond of - so stiff, sometimes I wonder if their backs do not hurt from being so rigid all the time.
Bonnie I don't normally expect to keep pace with scholars - knights, maybe.. - but there's a lot of practicality in studying the stars, and lots of determination in understanding them.
Braith A sweet and beautiful knight who is affected by song and tale with such obvious delight. Though I noticed something else in a blunder forward and hope that she is not plagued by old scars upon her soul. For the rainbow ribbon fit far too well amongst her pale locks.
Brigida Very proper. She could just to bow as it will be far less effort on the knees than a curtsy.
Cabrera Soft featured, kind spirited. Captivating even. Such expressions, such moods she stirs in that haunting aura. Knight, Noble and Voice. Truly an impressive woman.
Cahal Courteous, exceptionally so, but willing to indulge in games of athletics just for the sake of it. I'll beat her next time.
Caspian A beautiful yet sorrowful looking lady. She seems to be a knight as well, I hope to face her in a friendly match some day soon.
Cristoph I see Lady Tescelina here and there at different social events, for a few snippets of time. In those moments she seems quiet, but alert. Out in the field however she is engaged and very, very, competent.
Delfina A charming woman with a great deal of propriety. I enjoy speaking with her, and I hope she sticks to her heartfelt opinions regarding tea.
Delilah I wondered if the gods ever set someone in the same mold as yourself out into the world. Are there twin stars that travel in different paths, determined to follow an unknown course for their delight and wonder? If so, I think I have found the starry partner that floats in a midnight sky. We are unalike and alike, and that assures I'll be ever curious about her.
Denica One of the white haired Wyrmguard's. Graceful and friends with the fluttering insects it seems. Interesting.
Denica I'm so glad I met her again since my return. She's exactly as I remember, cool and cute! So, so cute! I need to get her in one of my paintings!
Dion Reminds me of a pirate queen I once ran afoul of in the Southern seas, only I doubt she cuts off ears and shout-sings crude sea shanties. Far, far too polite for that sort of thing.
Domonico She moves with grace and skill and is impressivw in the ring. I wonder how good she'll be in open battle.
Emilia A kind and warm-hearted person. I can tell. She dresses like a Knight and behaves like a Lady. It is quite respectable.
Esme We might be new best friends. She offered me her swing and allowed me to partake in her adventure. She's funny and great
Evaristo Calm and quiet, but utterly pleasant company. A scholar with swords is a very nice combination.
Faye A charming and curious woman, seemingly filled with interesting passions. I can tell she appreciates research and tracking down secrets. I'd love to talk with her again and get to know her better.
Fiora She's nice if that's what you're into. She started crying in front of me though. Hasn't anyone told her you need to go do that in the forest where no one can see or hear your screams of impotent rage? I guess not.
Flavien A lady, a scholar, and if the weapon is any indication with her form, a capable warrior. One to watch.
Gabriella She seems much like a drop of moonlight: beautiful, in a cool and distant way. It is a refreshing thing for someone used to the heated climes of Setara's populace; combined with that deadly grace with her weapon, how could I not be intrigued? With hope, we might find opportunity of our own to dance.
Galatea She seems a woman of great discipline, but also great sorrow. I do wonder why. But she is not unappealing to look upon, and I sense she is quite taken with me, so perhaps I may yet learn.
Gaspar There is something melancholic about what is other a lovely woman. I will either see her smile or face her wrath. Both are a better alternative to sadness.
Giada One of those quiet and proper types, but she has fire and steel in her soul.
Giuliano Rare is it an Oathlander knight who seems to be an exemplar of their ideals, yet has the pull of a sliver of darkness buried somewhere in the cloak of mourning. Is it a devotion to the life of violence? I wonder.
Gretchen An interesting fighter that seems to value economy of movement. I've never seen one fight in a skirt and coat before. And win!
Helena She seems as fragile as me, but Lady Tescelina is clearly strong, empathetic, intelligent, and dutiful to her people and the Compact.
Ian I think she's still untested, but she'll do well.
Icelyn Neither uselessly cheerful nor uselessly maudlin. She has lost something, and still chases it, without losing sight of the beauty of the world. It's a rare spirit can do both as she does.
Imi She's quiet. After days of travel, that is what I can say of her. There's something churning behind those eyes though, and I don't think she ever stills her mind even when she does her body.
Jeffeth She is to be protected, even more than the rest. She is special in the way she sees things and how she thinks about the world, she is in her own place. Distinct from the rest while still being very present. I may not know her extremely well, but I do care for her deeply, already.
Josephine She knows what she wants, and wears it well. A delightful client.
Jules There are all sorts of people in the world. Some are demanding of attention and yet come off not really that appealing. Tescelina is the opposite of this sort. She's quiet and attentive. She has a quiet charm that draws your attention in rather than demanding. These traits are something that every person should look for in at least a few very particular friends. You're delighted to know her and hope to know her better.
Juniper As inscrutable as moonlight and closer in kin to the unicorns than anyone else I've met. Her manner of looking on the world, capturing it in impression, is a thing for poets to envy.
Kaldur A delightful knight of Wyrmguard, engaged and engaging. I hope she has better luck looking into things Clocktower-related than I have.
Lilia Enigma writ under a shadow of sadness. It is clear she has seen much, bears more, maybe, than she might desire. It forges admirable strength though, of mind and spirit. Would that there were more like her; would that the cost were not so great to attain them.
Lora A curious, quiet creature, but I recognize that species of flower, and know they grow only in the deepest corners of the most secret gardens. They are always worth the effort of discovery.
Lottie So I maaaaaaaay have thought she was a goddess or a Seraph of legend when I first saw her. She's just so kind too and seems to appreciate the artistry and purpose that goes into creating not only something beautiful, or even flavorful, but something with meaning for the person it is intended to be served to. Not everyone does, so beyond her already stunning qualities she's got that boon going for her in my book too!
Lucita Inquisitive, interested in a variety of topics and has a clever wit. I enjoyed her company and interplay in our conversatons.
Mabelle They call her the Knight of stars. I bet its because she can climb so well, she can easily reach the stars. I shall ask her to bring down for me.
Macda Is that what Seraphs look like, or was I just knocked ten ways to the wind?
Marisol The stars can not be devoured...but one would think they could with how she reacted to such a thought. Maybe they can. Maybe she knows more than the rest of us.
Martino A very proper, very poised Knight-Lady which is a surprise - and a pleasure truly - to see. Another time, perhaps, we shall talk for longer.
Marzio A Lady of Wyrmguard with an interest in curious things. She seems to be an interesting sort. Perhaps I will learn more of her one day.
Mercedes For all the beauty of her attire, she's an odd fit amongst the nobility. I suspect her talents lie rather profoundly elsewhere. I can certainly appreciate that. I look forward to our... dance.
Miranda Thank the Gods for this woman who educated me that the Sleepless Knights Inn does, in fact, serve alcohol! Could you imagine me drinking JUICE?! It's a tavern! Juice! We are not children! Bless her for making sure I was able to quench my thirst properly! ... I had no idea I could be thrown for a loop so easily. She saved me. Clearly!
Mirella I don't quite know what to make of this one. She seems like she stepped out from the pages of some Oathlands book of legends; almost unreal. I'm not usually one to find knightly ideals impressive or compelling, but I'm forced to make an exception here. She fought with great courage to protect those weaker in battle than herself. It's not something I would have done, but I can't help but admire her resolve.
Monique A Lady Wyrmguard with an inquisitive mind and an easy nature. I am sure that we will meet again and be both enriched for it.
Nadir The Lady Tescelina is rather, intoxicating. Or it may be that she was intoxicated. Either way, she was a joy to be around; coy, playful but not overly forthcoming. She shared that she likes to search for secrets too, perhaps we'll cross paths on our own hunts.
Narcissa For her love of words and tomes, it makes me wonder why she ever picked up the sword. She's haunted, in her own way - but by ghosts of her own making or others, it is too soon to tell.
Neilda A beautiful tall knight that seems both powerful and tender at once.
Niklas A doughty Oathlander knight, with all the genteel bearing that goes along with it. She also studies the stars. As opposed to studying flavor profiles.
Norwood She seems the dutiful friend, a trait which any knight should be proud to have.
Nurie Starry-eyed Wyrmguard lady. I wonder if she would tell me some of her stories of the heavens, while I made them bloom across my brocade with crystal and pearl and amber? So kindly spoken. I hope that she finds the city to her liking!
Orathy Reckon I do be seein women fightin in dresses befer but it ain't ever a wise thing ta do with all that fabric gettin between legs 'n such. Aye, better she be gettin some pants but it always be a frightful reminder that ya gotta watch 'em skirts, they got knives 'n can stick ya with the pointy end.
Orelia I'll never tire of seeing Oathlanders blush. It was worth having her knock me on my ass to see her do it.
Petal She is a night! who likes tea and seems very friendly.
Pharamond She has a quiet confidence and is a Wyrmguard as are many of my cousins - she is one I will have to get to know more.
Philippe Much is said about the lady's martial abilities. I cannot speak to them as yet, but I can speak to both her discretion and discernment. When faced with a difficult decision, she chooses a temperate, well-reasoned path. A strong heart and clear will speaks to discipline and drill in all things that matter in her life.
Porter I don't know that /subdued/ is the word that I would use to describe Lady Tescelina. But she's comprised of a much softer, refined elegance than other people I've met. I feel a bit bad for laughing so loudly at one point, she seems almost alarmed for a second. I've never been good at controlling my indoor voice, many, many, many apologies.
Qadira There's definitely something about these Wyrmguards. I'm... in love with the way this one moves. And her attitude. How can you be so skillful, so adept even on the sands, under the sun's blaze, and remain so absolutely calm? She might not be human, which only raises her higher in my estimation. Wonder what her story is?
Quintin A rather bookish Wyrmguard knight who spins a fine tale. Interesting!
Raimon Some kind of scholar? I did not know most of the words she spoke.
Raven An Oathlander knight, as beautiful as she is graceful. I've heard the oathlanders are more reserved, and she certainly seems to be, and seems a touch nervous around me. An astronomer though, she's clearly way smarter than me.
Reese Impressive on the sparring field, but also very interested in books and academics. She seem to have an interesting blend. There is an excited glint in her eyes too which bodes well for making things happen.
Reigna She has grown still, this cousin of mine. It seems we are ever on the opposite ends of the spectrum; her light to my dark in the days gone by, and now switched, with my brightness and her gloom. I know what has happened to me... but now I wonder what has befallen her?
Rendyl A strange and distant lady. But beautiful, and a formidable fighter. She speaks well of being lost - I do hope that she bumps into me again in her wandering.
River A very competent swordswoman, and elegant on top of it. quite a good show.
Ronja Well, I sure lost that fight. Sorry, 'dance.' Her technique is fascinating, though, and there seems to be more to her than she cares to let show...
Rook Facinating Lady with such doll-like features. Smart, studious and interested in the unusual.
Roxana A stunning Wyrmguard lady with all of the poise and strength one expects from the Oathlands.
Rysen A woman of beauty and bright intelligence, yet distant - very much like a star gleaming in the heavens.
Sabella The sort of knight that inspires poetry and song! She may be quiet, but that just makes what she does say all that sweeter and well thought out. She says she's an astronomer as well as a knight and that sounds like the sort of thing a hero in a very dramatic story might be! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and look forward to making more introductions when she is around!
Sabine She hungers for the ephemeral, reflections of things that can be seen but not grasped-- the sort who makes it feel a corruption, tempting them with the tangible. How entertaining.
Salvador A noblewoman from the oathlands that I met at the Hundred Cities Inn. Cool and perhaps a bit dour on the outset, but curious and interesting to talk to, perhaps even friendly almost.
Samithel There is the knowledge of loss in her eyes, and I think she is more aware of her surroundings than she lets on. Maybe my lady Marquessa Reigna tended to someone she cares for?
Sanya Polite, refined and well-spoken. Likely a formidable warrior beneath it all.
Scipio Lady Tescelina is fine company to keep, I have discovered. Undoubtedly skilled with her blades, it is a delightful surprise to find that she is also a dedicated scholar.
Selene The mettle of Wyrmguard is rightly and well-known to be tempered in the purest fires. The sylph that dances with blade and noble ideas sings a ballad of ancient times in her bearing, striking a refreshing balance so rarely encountered outside the stage or story.
Shazza Guarded, but I think there is much of worth inside. Not unlike the oyster and its pearl.
Shiara Like the stories I read as a girl, the first Knight I get to meet and she is charming, chivalrous, brave and very very kind. It's like meeting someone from a fairy tale except she is very real. Her companion treated me with equally shocking grace and mutual respect but most of all warmth.
Sorrel One of my dear Wyrmguard cousins. She needs better armor, so I have helped a little to outfit her, and I'm certain she'll be quite the knight someday.
Sparte A deeply passionate woman who has a lot of heart. I saw her cry but it seemed happy, so I tried to pretend she wasn't. I hope that was the right way to handle that.
Stygia Beware them lashes of mass seduction! Pretty little thing. Wish she could find a ray o' sunshine somewhere t'make her happy. It'll take time but Im sure she'll show us all how its done.
Sunaia Dear cousin, whom I'm so glad to meet. And, apparently, skilled enough to take on a Knight of the Solace. I'm glad to know I have another sparring partner who might teach me a thing or five that I've neglected yet to learn.
Sydney One makes no simpler first impression than cleanly severing a training dummy and half as though it were built of sheafs of hollow wheat. I do not wish to meet that blade.
Talwyn A quiet Lady, hushed presence in the room
Tatienne A good customer, intelligent noblewoman and skilled warrior. What else does a person need to be to earn anyone's respect?
Thea Polite. Rather quiet but seemed curious as well.
Vanora A woman interested in some of the same new subjects I am. All from the glitterily blue.
Vayne The Knight of Sunflowers, who worries people think she does not care for others. Thoughtful and introspective. I hope she discovers that her journey toward being a gallant knight is a move toward balance for her, and takes care to not tilt the scales toward blind adherence to a code that could lead her to metaphorical chains.
Vega A martial noblewoman who is charming in her quietness. She reminds me in some fashion of my husband.
Venturo A Lady Wyrmguard, the first of her family I have met. The study of the moon and stars, fascinated with clocks, and a carefully hidden slyness make her an intriguing study.
Verity Such a precise woman. And thoughtful. The two seem to go together, don't they? The melancholy is a related but non-mandatory spice. A part of me wants to see what her exacting hands can do with that rapier.
Victus Maybe the most somber knight I ever did see. Though having heard her story, she has few reasons left to smile.
Vitalis Her bout was a delight to watch and though she lost, fought and conceded the same way, with precision and grace - the picture of an Oathlands knight.
Viviana Quite the talented swordswoman, and such an Oathlander. We'd barely begun conversing before she started blushing! I look forward to crossing blades with her in the near future.
Volcica I wonder what she sees, on the other side? She walks in two worlds, I think.
Willow A tragic, exquisite enigma.
Zara She possesses an abundance of grace: social, and otherwise. Anyone who would say elsewise is not looking. She and her companion were charming, but it was the glimpse of the passion that drives her that lingers in my memory.
Zoey I was afraid at first when I stumbled upon you, and now I want nothing more than to help. Your vulnerability shows your strength.