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Lady Narcissa Fidante

When her mind was discomposed, a book was the opiate that lulled it to repose.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Doleful Damsel
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 11/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Poet
Height: average height
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: gold
Skintone: freckled ivory

Titles: Voice of House Fidante, Fifth Reflection of the Thirteenth, The Darkest Rose

Description: With aristocratic features and a willowy frame, Narcissa has all the makings of a regal bearing. Large, golden almond-shaped eyes are framed with thick lashes and set beneath meticulously manicured brows. Raven hair contrasts starkly against her marmoreal skin and is allowed to tumble freely in its loose, natural curls down her back. A smattering of pale freckles crosses her nose, gracing the lines of her sharp cheekbones. The cupid's bow of her full lips is mercurial, twisting into smirks as often as it may a winsome smile.

Personality: Equipped with a dark sense of humor and penchant for sepulchral poetry, Narcissa gets a bad rap as a pessimist. If one were to ask her, she'd remark that she's a realist tarrying on the tendency of the dismal. She is not without her joys nor does she shun happiness, but her tastes do leave her regarded as perculiar and quirky outside of her closeknit circle of acquaintances. Narcissa is more at home with her books than she would ever be in a crowd, an introvert to the core.

Background: Growing up in Tor was an upbringing any gal could hope for. For all of its colors and richness of flora, Narcissa was still drawn to the gloomy side of things. Where there was a graveyard, dark and dusty library, or memorial hall of statues long forgotten, Narcissa was certain to be found. The younger sibling of Dante and Juliet, she was content to avoid all the limelight her siblings seemed to gather with such relative ease. Where others may loathe to be forgotten, she seemed to relish it. Time left alone was time alone with her thoughts, her books, no one else's voice butting in. There was a sanctity in solitude, and to this day she still is on edge when forced to gala's or into large crowds.

Juliet's death came as a shock, but even after an appropriate season of mourning, Narcissa could not be swayed to leave Tor to come to Arx for answers. The city was so very far away, as distant and real as the tales in her parchments.

It wasn't until very recently, when Dante and Inigo journeyed back to Tor, that she was convinced to come back with them. Her reasons remain unknown, but still she finds herself now in Arx and all of the culture shock that comes with it.

Relationship Summary

  • Dante - The shield and sword to my pen and parchment.
  • Juliet - I choose to remember the girl, not the woman.

  • Lyceum:
  • Calista - What they all pretend to be, she breathes into being effortlessly.
  • Lora - The only pastels and tea I permit.

  • Crownlands:
  • Emrys - The former tutor.

  • Protege:
  • Orick - A prolific genius in his own right.
  • Aconite - A transplanted rose blooming upwards and outwards.

  • Patron:
  • Baldessare - An endless source of riddles.

  • Ally:
  • Tyrus - A new sky to dot our own constellations, nary a care for any consecrations.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A calming presence, patient and willing to assist concerning matters of religion. She's not one who seems easily offended when her views on faith are questioned, and I'm grateful for it.
    Agostino A deep thinker, it would seem, and perhaps somewhat sad, though she speaks with a poet's tongue.
    Alexis Takes a lot of guts to ride into a forest like this with loaned armour and not much else. But of course, I've met her brother, so I hardly expect anything less from her.
    Amund There is a sense of finality to her, someone whose life is spent diving deep into the questions some of us are uncomfortable to answer truthfully. And in truth, we always find wisdom.
    Ariella Artistic, ethereal and mysterious as expected of an acolyte of Tehom. Though she shows a certain care in her words that denotes kindness.
    Aslaug There's more layers to this onion.
    Athaur Carries around a venomous snake. Interesting
    Baldessare She said Julietta was her favorite statue in the hall. I should not be surprised, then, to find this one a mirrormask and occasional contrarian. She's smart though. Smarter than me. Dangerous in her own way because of it.
    Braden A lady in dark clothes with a dark bird. She seems sharper than Alaricite.
    Brigida Suitable respectful of her elders... and me.
    Cabrera Titled the 'Wallflower of Tor' but even a wallflower is a beautiful blooming rose, especially from Tor itself. To have met her was a blessing. I understand what others might feel when they visit my Shrine.
    Cadenza Lady Narcissa chooses her words wisely and has little patience for those who grumble and complain. She seems to have so many thoughts and ideas bubbling beneath the surface that I could find her company fascinating for hours.
    Calista Our darkest rose, Narcissa is a beauty onto her own. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and rather than just blend in with the others of Tor, she very proudly stands out. I could not be more pleased to have her as one of my Voices.
    Calla She asked me to join her in the Black Fox without even knowing my name. I hope all the Ladies I meet in Arx are this kind.
    Camilla Lady Narcissa Fidante may not like the more public aspects of our work as mirrormasks, but she has the mind and tongue that have equipped her to perform them well. I wonder what else she is capable of.
    Cecilia Helped me along the path of reflection. She will always have my mind questioning and wondering. I owe her.
    Dante My dear sister, still as dry-witted as ever. Still, quite enjoyable to talk to - especially when it comes to family matters. I do need to speak to her more about Juliet. Another time. I still think I'm the better poet, though.
    Delilah How does one encapsulate the night breeze, the reflection of moonlight bending on the wine-dark sea? Is there a way to express the poet's spirit in the fire of starlight, but to know that whatever words I would conjure are a poor limitation compared to what serves as this most melodic, mysterious of Lycene women?
    Dio A cold, uncharming woman with an interest in bizarre, evil and esoteric things. Indeed, she is quite fascinating, unlike the vast majority of ladies in Arx.
    Domonico It is a little more complex than "sharper end goes in soft bits" but perhaps there is hope for this Fidante.
    Drusila A regal damsel of Fidente with seemingly good taste and a love of books. Perhaps one day she'll share their secrets.
    Eddard Something about women who cultivate compianionship with birds makes me squirmy.
    Elgana A curious mind that appreciates puns as much as she seems to enjoy other discourse. All wrapped up in something dark, a touch mysterious, and at once refreshing to be around.
    Elysio I fear I may have offended this one by putting my foot in my mouth. Salvageable? Perhaps. Only time will tell.
    Emrys Lady Narcissa Fidante has a perspective that I enjoy. Some would call her morbid, or depressing. But is the truth without veneer less valuable?
    Enri While she might not enjoy parties, she seems to have a bright mind for poetry and theology. I might learn something from her, though her position as a mirrormask does make me wary.
    Eshken Given my position I've been subject to many an attractive noble, yet there was something unordinarily captivating about Lady Narcissa. It's as difficult to explain as it is to look away.
    Esme She is like a black cloud to my silver lining, but I love her anyways. Or maybe I love her because of it. Everyone should have a Narcissa in their lives.
    Evaristo She had everyone fooled - the first parts of the game she wasn't impressing, but she sure beat that riddle in just a few seconds. That's someone I'd love to talk more with!
    Evelynn Introspective, well spoken and an interesting conversationalist.
    Evonleigh She speaks so beautifully, poetically, but there are barbs that hint at a wicked sense of humor beneath the poetry -- I quite like her.
    Galatea A striking woman, with a seemingly dark aesthetic. But kind to me, at least, and indulgent of my prattling on. Perhaps I shall see more of her.
    Gerald A lovely young woman. Dignified. And a bit, oh, too much in love with winter. Of course, I doubt she's had to hunker down under a wagon in the middle of a snowstorm or deal with cracking knees. The joys of youth!
    Giada Silks have a pretty way of complicating the simple, but her faith seems sincere.
    Giulio Knowledge does not bring comfort. But, it may offer hope. Perhaps those eyes shall see it.
    Ivy A woman of clear intelligence and composure. Someone I should very much like to learn more about, I feel as though we could get along quite nicely.
    Jan She reminds me of that girl that told everyone she was a tree. Kind of morbid but good company. I'll have to stumble into the graveyard more often. It's a regular party.
    Joaquin She sees and hears. That's more than the many I've already met.
    Jules She's a lady who seems to enjoy reading and solitude in a crowd. He does seem a funny (humorous) type.
    Korka Sister to my patron, keen of thought and well spoken. I like her.
    Lianne The capacity for self-directed curiosity of any worthwhile depth is seldom tempered by an understanding that not every answer provides worthwhile insight. We've only barely brushed the surface, but how interesting the ripples already.
    Lora Dearer than a sister, closer than a friend; mystery and mordancy by meter's portend.
    Mabelle She finds a way to twist everything I saw into something wicked sounding. I like it.
    Marisol Another participant in the thorn qualifiers that did rather well if I do say so. A talent if there ever was one.
    Martino Truly an interesting wisp of a Fidante woman. With poise and an air of something... much darker within her. Utterly curious.
    Medeia A delightful youngest, like me, who seems good-humored enough to share in my company. Current favorite person (subject to change).
    Michael Has a friend in a lovely raven, and her hair is as dark as the raven as well. Thievery abound though. She earned her thorns that day.
    Miranda She mentioned having a thing for older things... I suppose I'm gonna hafta like her. I, too, have an affinity for older things.. men count, don't they?
    Mirk A proper Lycene lady, and her sulking raven companion. She has an openness to her that does the Mirrormasks credit, as someone willing to learn about things beyond her own experiences and attempt to understand them, rather than imposing her own beliefs and understanding upon them.
    Monique A talented poet, and one who speaks to the poem of my heart. Folly and never learning, indeed!
    Pasquale The Lady burst into the Black Fox as if she had an army on her tail. Which was true, in a sense, except the armed men in question were her own bodyguard. I expect she's trouble, amusing trouble, but trouble.
    Petal She strikes me as clever, self controlled and poised and talented with words.
    Pharamond Polite, a very pleasant house guest! And she did not drink all of our wine!
    Piccola Upon the second meeting, I have the impression that Lady Fidante underestimates her value immensely to others: one cannot control who lives or dies, but may choose who tells their story.
    Porter I'm afraid that I've convinced her that I've never seen a map before in my life. Maybe someday I'll be able to correct that! Nevertheless, excellent conversation even if I felt occasional moments of being out of my depths. My own failing, really. I'm forever fascinated by more intellectual types.
    Raimon The public Voice of House Fidante. But with Secrets to be spoken in Silence. Twinned visages, opposites . . . -which- the Reflection?
    Raja A silk that doesn't mind getting dirty and falling into frigid water. I just might like her.
    Raphael A striking woman with a mind like a stiletto and a lyrical flourish to match, she'll be successful on that path she follows. Of that I'm certain.
    Ras Really calm and uh...forthright. Even if there's some crap she doesn't know, reckon she's smart enough to think her way past anythin.
    Reese The wallflower of Tor is very interesting. A mystery and I hope to see more of her.
    Rodica I would be remiss if I did not note that she has lovely knees.
    Rook Now this is someone who I would imagine you do not want to cross. Firm, brisk and a consummate professional. Wears a lot of black.
    Roran One who embraces the ideals of a mirrormask, and though can be a little sharp, is none the less a wonderful conversationalist.
    Sanya Conversations flow very easily with her. I doubt many could doubt her ability for deep thought.
    Selene Where shadows and night in their best aspects meet, they fashion a lilting woman of impeccable poetry and choice in companions.
    Sophie Ahh, Lady Narcissa! I enjoyed her company at the duel. The duo of her and Dante are amusing indeed.
    Tescelina Specter of words and hidden things, I think I do hope her presence haunts me for a time.
    Thea Polite. I think she's a cousin? She's wordy but I do believe there is--wisdom hidden underneath it all.
    Tyrus A poetess of wit and tongue sharp, she excels in her many domains with ability few can match. I won't try to set my impressions of her to proper meter, suffice to say I count her as an honest friend.
    Valdemar A thoughtful and intelligent woman, suited well to be a Mirrormask. Meeting her was a delight.
    Vanora The Fidante lady is still an enigma to me, but one worth solving as she takes her place among Tehom's disciples.
    Vicente Your niece, of course anyone in your family is worth your high opinion of and worth offering any service she may desire.
    Zakhar A love of life and all of the means to find how to reintroduce a sorrowness as something that should be played with. Truely young at heart, even if she refuses to try running across the roomtops of the city.
    Zoey She measures her words with the precision of an apothecary.