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Prince Raimon Thrax

Don't start fights. -Do- finish them.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Stoic Warrior Prince
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 08/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Fighting noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tanned

Description: He is a well muscled man, his form striking a balance between form and function. The sort of musculature that can only be acheived by someone with the time and dedication spent towards honing his body. He has a strong brow and perceptive dark eyes that takes in his surroundings for any potential threats. He keeps his hair cut short to his head, the better not to get in the way in the middle of a fight. He has a bearing befitting his noble birth, while at the same time a deadly aura around the man.

Personality: At first glance he appears to be a stoic man of little humor and rigid discipline who takes towards combat of all forms with a stoic severity that might cause disquiet in more civilized folk. But people close to him say that if you can get the man to laugh it is the most cheerful sound and that his smile can light up a room... if you can manage to elicit one.

Background: Raimon Fidante had a fairly typical childhood. He was often in the shadow of his brother and Cousins growing up, which suited him just fine. He was a quiet child, serious even at a young age. Despite often overlooked he was always close to his brother. It was said the only think he loved more was fighting. As soon as he was old enough he trained in the Fidante yards, preparing himself should the need be called on to defend against invading Oathlanders. An opportunity that he dearly hoped for.

He served his family with distinction, a ferocious warrior on the field of battle. He took to the field in both the Silent War and the Gyre War. When his brother died he was despondent for a few days before reporting back to the training grounds once his mourning was done. It seemed he was set to train and to fight until the end of his days. Politics seemed to have other ideas. If he had any complaint about his betrothal to Princess Vega Thrax, he gave no inclinations of it. He faced down his new wife and the wedding with as much stoic determination as he faced anything else. Now he serves House Thrax and awaits the chance to be unleashed on their enemies.

Relationship Summary

  • Jasher - Brother-in-law
  • Nico - brother

  • Spouse:
  • Vega - My Wife

  • Friend:
  • Mikani - I Thank Mangata for our friendship, Blessed-Be the Breath of Her Name
  • Clover - Pretty Awesome Naturalist
  • Ian -

  • Ally:
  • Kiera - Truth=Seeker
  • Romulius - Fellow Knight and Good Friend
  • Name Summary
    Acacia At first glance, he seems a cheerful sort. A little different from other princes I've met from his house. It's a refreshing change, honestly. And, if the Prince of Pravus likes him, he must be a bit of alright. We'll have to see.
    Aelgar A good man, humble and inquisitive. He might do well as a Disciple in the Scholars, allowing the Lord of Knowledge to guide his search...?
    Aella The prince fights a straw man well and doesn't back down from an interesting challenge. May not have won, but he put in fair effort. I respect that.
    Aethan His highness has honorable work ethics, putting energies into menial work for good causes. We may be of similar temperments, I could imagine hours of wordless conversation with him, over a pint.
    Amari I think I may have mistook him once for another dour and serious prince of Thrax, but I see now he has the soul of a poet, possibly even a gregarious one tucked under his armor.
    Andromeda Prince Thrax, former Fidante. Once Roses, now Ships. Compassionate. Caring. Quick to give credit elsewhere. Big on camaraderie and devout to the gods. As far as mainlanders go, he seems decent enough.
    Anisha Prince Raimon Thrax, née Fidante. A man of culture and devotion, showing well the roses of his former home on his metaphorical sleeves, while upholding lofty ideals. A knight's knight, I should imagine, and with a quick with suited for rhyme and prose as well. If he fights with a sword half as well as he concocts his poetry, I dare say he has a bright future ahead of him.
    Artur Ran into the fellow -- almost literally -- at the Assembly of Peers, then had a chance to meet him more properly at the Spirits later that night. Good people! He appreciates a drink and a proper chinwag, and seems almost as interested in old legends as I am! I believe I shall keep him around... even if he prefers rum to whiskey!
    Audgrim A protective prince, clearly. The kind that steps in to diffuse a situation and save faces of others, that's a good quality.
    Bhandn He trains well by what I saw of him at the center, but what surprised me the most was his referencing an Archscholar's works to the lad. I was not expecting that. I wonder what else is lurking inside waiting to surprise the Compact?
    Bran The prince is more open minded than expected, but it cannot be denied that his command over the naval domain of expertise is reflective of the Thraxian position.
    Brianna A curious, thoughtful man. Certainly not what or whom I expected to encounter today, but certainly a man worth knowing.
    Brigida An earnest young man with his heart in the right place but he really does need to pick his moments better.
    Calypso He'll fit right in over in Thrax.
    Cambria Some say he is reserved, others, severe. But the man I remember, and the man I see today is one who takes life by the horns, exuberant and sincere.
    Caprice If I move to sculpting warriors I might tap this one for a model. There's more to him, of course. I wonder how much of it might come out in the shrines?
    Cassima Dedicated to helping anywhere and everywhere he can. A true Prince, we are lucky to have him.
    Cassiopeia A kind man, this much is evident. One who has a great understanding for things, and expresses his thoughts well. His poem was enough to send Cassiopeia into tears, but she was truly touched by what he was able to capture in a few lines.
    Catalana Quiet and stalwart. A proper thraxian man.
    Cesare There's good reason for the truism that quiet people often have hidden depths, and I suspect the same is true of this Prince. In any case, he's also unfailingly polite and passionate about wine, and that in itself makes for good company. I hope he'll visit Whisper House again.
    Cirroch While quiet, will speak his mind upon the important items. Another that favors the axe, and has a similar passion to kick a wall in or hit something with the axe to blow off steam.
    Claude An entirely genial Prince. A scholar and a spledid poet.
    Cristoph A friendly Prince of Thrax with a thirst for knowledge!
    Desiree Came in with quite the scowl but, as soon as he saw me, it quickly changed. He knows then when to smile and enjoy himself. Just need to put that a bit more to the test.
    Domonico My friend Jasher's brother through marriage. Seems devout to Mangata which is commendable in my opinion.
    Drusila I do regret our conversation was so very short. Under his crunchy outer shell he does seem to hold some tender nugget of interesting. You should ask him about Stormwall.
    Esme My cousin!!!! I have not seen him since... his marriage? Was it that long? I'm excited to start not only our family-ship, but a friendship.
    Evaristo Prince Raimon Thrax - we've talked via letters before, but meeting him albeit not having a proper talk, was delightful. He is an amazing poet!
    Ezra A good-natured Prince who is quick to action. Seems like a good man to adventure with, and one who understands being alone is preferable to a crowd sometimes.
    Gael An unrestrained and worthy fighter of Thrax- one whose intentions are clear, to improve himself against all existing odds for the safety of his noble seat and the honor that bore it. He'll become this man, in due time.
    Gawain He seemed an easygoing fellow, especially considering that he let himself be tied to a stool as a matter of demonstration. Keen to talk about all sorts, I felt, and to learn. I dare say he has ample capacity to be serious though, when he gets out and about, and engages in those matters about which he speaks with such enthusiasm.
    Giada I'm always glad to see new faces in the Shrine.
    Giorgio A kind Thrax Prince who seems willing to offer help to those in need. I will be interested to see what he makes of himself in the city.
    Gwenna Prince Raimon Thrax is far more than what one might expect at first glance. A royal of House Thrax, his lineage is that of House Fidante. His knowledge of wine is exceptional, which was a bit unexpected from a man whose build leads one to consider him a honed warrior. Not that warriors can't be knowledgeable about vintages, but it was a lovely bit of surprise.
    Gwenys Came up on him showing a dummy's who's boss in the Training Center. Will be fun to see how he matches up in a spar.
    Haakon A warrior, a sailor, and a drinker. I expect I'll see much of him in the battles to come.
    Ian There's something he's looking for in combat that he isn't going to find in how he uses a weapon.
    Ilira You're telling me he's a Lycene lord made Thrax prince? How wondrously and dangerously delighting for me!
    Isabeau He seems shy, but has some poetry in his nature.
    Jamie A good man who speaks of his people, and not his titles. A firm grip and grasp on honor are matched by the seeking of knowledge. It's difficult for me to trust outside the Greenwood, but this may be a man I have much in common with.
    Karina A warrior poet I met at Jayus Gallery. He is interested in myths, especially Paladins. Their stories can be quite inspiring to us and provide insights on how to deal with different aspects of life.
    Katarzyna He seems to know a thing or two about roses in a medicinal sense. If our paths cross again in the near future, I will definitely ask him about that tea from Tor!
    Kia One of the Princes of Thrax that I quite literally bumped into at the Kismet Carnival. He seems friendly enough, and is interested greatly in liquor and whiskey, something which I sadly have not much knowledge of. It is to his credit that he did not exclude me from the conversation because of that.
    Klaus Any who would every call a Prince of the true salt weak would be very quickly disabused by my cousin by marriage Riamon.
    Lark I have little knowledge of the man except for in passing. If the whites are any indication, I'd say he's a prince of some lyrical accomplishment.
    Lianne A prolific poet. His compassion is clear, but his boundaries are less so.
    Lisebet This prince is one who is willing to think for himself, and not necessarily with a blade. I approve.
    Lorenzo A prince of House Thrax and military man with a fondness for wines, it seems. I should make a point of catching up with him soon to talk ships and trade... and perhaps trade a few favorite bottles.
    Lustry My cousin-in-law who seems to know most everyone, including some of my favorite people. I am curious just how well he uses that pike and that gorgeous diamondplate.
    Mabelle Prince Thrax's time at sea does leave its marks. I pray he will find his path anew in the city.
    Maris Thrax, originally Fidante, which is fitting given the warmth of his character. A true connoisseur of red wine as well - and possibly some type of warrior.
    Martino Serious but this comes with both age, title and wisdom. One of his reputation, quite rightly I say, is respected.
    Marzio A Thrax Prince. He certainly seems brave. I will be sure to keep an eye on him so that I might learn more.
    Mattheu A man that carries tea with him that blooms, and speaks in riddles. A curious one for the compact, though appears to be of Thrax. Perhaps the sea air is just lodged too deeply in his ears?
    Medeia Rare is the Lycene in the Isles, so I am pleased to find someone of similar origin. However, this one seems more prone to quiet contemplation and observation, it may take time to get to know him.
    Mikani A Thraxian Pronce that actually listens to me like I'm an actual person. And talks to me about adventures and the Marin'alfar. I think I found a new friend.
    Mirk A prince of Thrax, serious and dedicated to his house, but a poet's heart lies beneath the surface.
    Narcissa A distant cousin that seeks to unravel many, many things. I do hope his intentions are well directed. He has all of the right intentions.
    Nina A sailor and a warrior! He seems a bit of a stoic type. One more to sail than chit-chat I imagine, but he's got to have some good stories to tell too if I can learn them!
    Noah He seems to be fun. He might have been drinking. Maybe I'll invite him to the haze party I'm not having.
    Orchid He seems rather timid. I don't know how to handle more.. reserved?.. types. Those I real with are pretty.. um.. outgoing? Not sure how to describe them.
    Orland I respect that he's getting educated and actually listening to those which the Compact deems as lesser people. He has his spoken opinions and confidence to speak them, far less introverted than he initially comes off as.
    Pasquale A rather urbane Thraxian with an apparant love of the brewers art. A member of the order of east light. I'm sure we will have ample opportunities to work together.
    Porter Haven't seen him in an age! Lost at sea? Seems in good shape for that kind of adventure. Hopefully we run into one another some more!
    Quenia Prince Raimon was ever a curious man, always asking questions. It's good to want to know more, to learn more.
    Quinley I am glad to make the acquaintance of another semi-outsider in Thrax. He knows much about my heritage and culture which is welcome considering there are so many who demean it.
    Raja Nothing shows the character of someone than a person willing to get down and dirty for a good cause.
    Reese He was thoughtul, attentive and charming at the Godswearing. I am sure there is much more too him and look forward to getting a chance to speak more quietly. I enjoy his journals and songs.
    Romulius Prince Raimon Thrax is as steady a friend as I've kept during my various ventures back to Arx. I was fortunate enough to be present for his knighting, though I wouldn't dare share with Princess Vega where it might rank in the hierarchy of his Highness's 'greatest days'. He possesses all the conviction that I remember him to have - more, maybe. We're fortunate to have him returned home.
    Rook To be a prince of Thrax and devote yourself to the scribe speaks volumes of the man. I am very curious to learn more about him.
    Roran A knightly prince who follows Mangata. He asks serious questions as deep as Mangata's oceans!
    Ryhalt A very devout man.
    Samira A reminder that one shouldn't judge by appearance or name alone. Prince Raimon is a man of depth with the understanding that what exists at a person's core matters far more than the fancy titles they carry.
    Sasha A delightful scholar. I feel we have many wonderful research opportunities and conversations in our future. I am curious to look at his tea collection and what else I can learn from him and what other stories he may have to tell.
    Savio This one has a bold, inquisitive mind and a pure heart. I hope life doesn't take that from him; I see in the Prince some merits that I've lost.
    Sedna A fanciful singing knight. Possibly deep in his cups, but he's a Mangatan so that's par the course.
    Sigurd A soldier, just like me. He seems to know the cost of duty and is respectful to those who share his vocation. I appreciate someone like that.
    Simone What a delight to meet and speak with Prince Raimon at the recent Faith and Friends event. A nobleman from the Lyceum city state of Tor, he has certainly adapted well to life in the Mourning Isles. I very much look forward to making his acquaintance again.
    Thea A very determined individual. I feel it may do him SOME good to listen to the advice and opinions and others. Not hear, but listen. It would definitely prove beneficial. All in all, I think he'll serve his home well.
    Varan We crossed paths at the Queensrest Inn where I got to know this maritime prince. I enjoy reading his poetry in the Whites and I find myself looking forward to his next entry. Perhaps he'll one day publish? I'll certainly keep an eye out during my next trip to the Gilded Page.
    Victus You wouldn't be wrong to think he's the quiet one. But when it /really/ starts going, he'll be leading the prayer, the song and everything else with gusto.
    Vitalis There is a brightness about him that grief doesn't dim.
    Viviana Prince Thrax is stoic, sure, but not without a sense of humor. Also! Have you noticed he writes poetry?!
    Vulpiano I remember when you were born. And yet, here you are, a man full grown, every inch a soldier. You've faced the trials young men face - war, death, and change. And they've left their marks upon you. And yet, still, you persevere. I am proud of the man you have become.
    Wagner Swaggers into the training center, but his armor at least looked to have a few dents. Not an entire waste.
    Zakhar Steps in to help, as well as side steps to help. Could be an excellent dancer, or a great fighter.
    Zyxthylum A man of fine tastes. With their love of wine and foxes it is a wonder I don't move down South myself.