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Lady Rebecca Malespero

"You are entitled to your wrong opinion."

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Pro-Thralldom Historian
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 7/18
Religion: Pantheon (Vellichor)
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: reddish-brown
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: fair

Description: In a fairy tale Rebecca would be the mournful siren haunting a rock above a graveyard of ships. Thick, tawny red hair is tamed to drift loose and free away from a delicate face prone to flush when speaking on one of her passions, of which there are many. Her dark and intelligent eyes smile easily, appreciative for the world's many wonders. She moves with a noblewoman's poise and puts to marked effect the graceful lines of her neck, arms, and legs.

Personality: Rebecca has opinions. Unlike many of her peers, however, those opinions are grounded in a mature appreciation for the world's complexity. To pull one thread is to unravel the sweater. She is more than just her mind, however: she is a good person. Patient, especially with her brother Volya, she understands the value of giving a person her full attention. She has many passions and enjoys sharing them with the world. Her childhood has taught her much about life's impermanence; this has only reinforced the importance of tradition to her and the desire to create something that the tides will not wash away.

Background: Rebecca has always been patient. Youngest of four, she was not doted upon, but instead got the scraps of her family's attention. She has worked for everything she has earned. She had done well to prove herself useful. Until thralldom reform began to sweep through the Mourning Isles. Her family's barony was small, and her eldest brother--the only to make it out of the Pirate War alive--was convinced that they would thrive under these changes. She argued otherwise, that they'd lose their workforce and reduce production if the system were to change.

Her parents took an entirely different approach to the problem, opting to empty the barony's coffers, abandon their lands and break their oaths. They disappeared. Briefly. The couple was tracked down in short order, tried and executed. Their remaining children were stripped of their noble titles, of their land, of even their family name and ousted from their home. Their liege made it plain that no amends could be made. Their kind would not be trusted again.

While Rebecca would prefer a safer, more traditional path back into proper nobility like marriage, she can't do that without a title, and the one she was born into is now forfeit. Tracing distant relations back to the Argentos of Nilanza, she has sworn herself to Malespero, hoping to eventually marry up and out and make a proper noble of herself once more.

Name Summary
Anisha Lady Rebecca Malespero is exactly the kind of fresh gust of wind - the bright dash of Nilanzan Blue, if I may - that Arx needs. A noblewoman's noblewoman, with an earnest demeanour and a wit to her words.
Aswin She is an interesting sort, though I hate to think that what she's said is her only goal for her life. There's so much freedom out there if you open your eyes and take it.
Haakon New arrived from the Isles. Starting to learn that Arx is a miserable pit. ...Though she enjoys talking of clothes and art and such things, so mayhaps she'll like it.
Mabelle A young woman who appreciate fashions and natural beauty, an artist.
Margerie A confident woman who knws what she likes and wants. I will be interested to see how she makes an impression in the city.
Pasquale She has a love for history which is commendable and a hunger to move up in the world that I think I recognise. It just remains to be seen how she uses them.
Svana A noblewoman from Setarco. She wants me to try my hand recreating the dye Nilanzan blue for her and I am eager to do so; she may be snooty, but she is interesting. Seems to have things up her sleeve.
Valerian She comes off a little proud but there's nothing really wrong with that, is there? Pride in oneself can be admirable, especially for someone so obviously attentive to those she is responsible for. I hope her parrot does alright this winter!