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Lord Morgan Seliki

Disturbing the peace? What's that?

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Freewheeling Knight
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Seliki
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 10/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark hazel
Skintone: light olive

Description: Taller than average, his body is naturally muscular in the way that comes from years of running and swimming outdoors, combined with vigorous martial training. Dark green and muted amber, his hazel eyes sit above a slightly prominent nose. The young knight's light olive skin is complimented by his dark brown hair verging on sable, left to hang below the ears. More often than not, there's a smile on his face.

Personality: Carefree. That would likely be the one word most likely to describe Morgan by those who know him, with good-natured close behind. Unfortunately, he's also an exasperating prankster with the sort of brash humor to match. Never malignant but often a little cocky, he's known to enjoy a dare or risk just for the adrenaline rush. Since Morgan is from a minor line of the family, he has no concerns about inheritance, therefore allowing him this freedom. Still, he's a knight, and does take his vows more or less seriously, unwilling to do or witness something dishonourable.

Background: Like his cousin Kaldur whom he admired, Morgan turned out to be a daredevil and drawn to martial pursuits. Cliff diving and swimming in dangerous waters became a regular test of daring and endurance. He was a natural student in personal combat and took his knight's vows with pride - if perhaps a bit of wariness from being constrained by some rules. Unfortunately, his energetic prankster spirit and disregard for such troublesome things like laws is what landed him in Arx after one too many tavern brawls, cows tipped, and drunken serenades in the middle of the night. Not that he minds, there's just so much more to do in the big city!

Name Summary
Ajax A Seliki, those are always interesting.
Alessandro The ability to make a grand entrance is an oft-overlooked but very important talent. Possibly better if one sticks the landing, but all in all, 8/10.
Amari There seems to be very little artifice about him, which is refreshing. He's an honest troublemaker and I imagine he'd be just as happy as an otter diving from the cliffs at Pearlspire, or allegedly tipping cows, if he was into that sort of thing, which I'm sure he's not.
Arcadia Calls himself the Lord of the Dance. He's trouble with a capital T.
Braden A crownlander, seems to have a hard time with the Oathlands accent. If he thinks I am bad here, he should hear me at home in Artshall.
Braith Another drunk encounter. Loud. Face planting. Cady's Friend. Most important is that last one. CADY'S FRIEND.
Brigida He talks far, far too much without any thought.
Domonico Friendly and seemingly keen to make aquaintences. I wonder what else he is good for?
Ishmael He is very loud.
Kaldur His dancing has improved remarkably! The damaages to Ebb and Flow will hardly cut into his allowance at all!
Lore Charming, funny, and handsome in that way that only the nobility can manage. I genuinely enjoyed the chat with him and I look forward to seeing him again. I'll have to remember to ask if he really can dance as well as he claims.
Mabelle Very eager young Lord, energetic. Seems to be a troublemaker of the good kind. I hope the city indulges him, as it likely will.
Martino Like many Seliki, has the family greeting. But this one is a bit more reserved and quiet it seems. Or perhaps that is because I met them on a day of great challenge rather than being a free spirit
Michael A boisterous, bellowy Seliki. Which means nothing because those are all family traits. He carries Kaldur's long gone sense of hope and optimism. Peri's strange ability to mesh and stand apart in social situations. We will make use of him.
Mikani Another adventurer and a Seliki. We will get along famously.
Petal A charming, friendly and likable Lord
Pharamond A right proper young noble. A pleasure to have met him, even if he is just using us for our greenery!
Raimon Apparently he likes pranks. But he has an eye for weaponry
Reese Pearlspire's Lord of Dance has a sense of human and is very entertaining. Seems like a good sort to know and worth writing about.
Rook Too loud and brash for my tastes. Others might find that a good quality in a person.
Rukhnis Lady Peri's cousin, new to Arx. He seems quite... hearty.