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Legate Bianca Wyrmguard

Knowledge is not something to be feared. Only ignorance can truly manipulate and corrupt.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Perpetual Student
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 4/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: silver
Skintone: Albino

Titles: Ward of the Faith, Legate of Creation

Description: Ethereal would be an apt adjective to describe the young Wyrmguard scholar. Often mistaken as a potential twin to her cousin Damon, Bianca maintains a certain sort of irrefutable beauty not often found beyond ancient fairytales of Arx. Shock white hair, sylph-like stature and crystalline gaze all command attention when the woman enters a room.

(Bianca's stark white hair is currently worn short, reaching about the nape of her neck.)

Personality: There was something about her; an ageless wisdom lingering just beneath the surface of every gentle word she spoke coupled with stoic determination that seemed well beyond her years, but from time to time it would all crumble away and a girlish giggle or brilliant smile would rupture the calm waters of Bianca's demeanor. In familiar company she was good-humored and even a little silly, but for the most part the scholar of Wyrmguard maintained a placid warmth to her personality. Not easily shaken nor insulted, Bianca seemed to take the world in stride.

Background: Daughter of Daniel Wyrmguard, the almost unknown youngest brother of Marquis Denis Wyrmguard, Bianca maintained much of the same peripheral status to the Wyrmguard family that her father once had. Unlike his brothers, Daniel was a man of knowledge and chose to spend his life in pursuit of it. Unfortunately, that quest was cut very short as Daniel did not live past the age of twenty-four, survived only by his toddler daughter as Bianca's mother had passed presumably during the child's birth. Thankfully for Bianca, her father was able to deliver his daughter to the Oathlands and from there left specific instructions for her education and general future prior to the end of his life soon after.

Upon reaching the age of twelve, Bianca would be sent to study with the Mercies of Lagoma and choose her own path of study be it as a priestess or following in the footsteps of her deceased father. After a few years, the blossoming beauty made her decision and proceeded to depart from the priesthood and instead follow the pursuit of knowledge. While she adored her theological and medicinal studies, there was just so much more to the world. So much more that she couldn't wait to see and experience. And so at the age of eighteen, Bianca was granted a single guard/escort by House Wyrmguard to begin her travels outside of the safety of Blancbier and extend her knowledge and understanding of the greater world. Intermittently Bianca would return home to Blancbier to visit throughout her youth.

It was at the behest of her cousin, Lord Damon Wyrmguard, that she come to join some of the family centralized in Arx and no great secret that her desire to explore the Great Archive was her primary reason for her arrival in the city. Within a matter of weeks Bianca had gained the permission of Dominus Fawkhul to pursue further investigation into the lost art of Exorcism and from there she joined the discipleship of Vellichor in a more official capacity, first as a simple Scholar and following a Prelate. It was with Fawkhul's great betrayal and the elevation of Dominus Aldwin that her career within the Faith continued forward. After much internal searching and seeking the guidance of many of the Godsworn, Bianca stepped down from her role as Voice of House Wyrmguard and took her oaths to join the priesthood. Within her annointing ceremony and to the surprise of many, Bianca was named Aldwin's successor as Arschscholar of the Scholars of Vellichor.

Since then, Bianca continues her work as an icon of the Faith and representative of the discipleship she leads.

Relationship Summary

  • Aldwin - A man I aspire to emulate in wisdom and faith.
  • Khanne - Our mutual similarities of opinion could morph to friendship with ease. Someday we will find the time.
  • Belladonna - Cunning intelligence wrapped in a package of poise and beauty.
  • Rowan - Intelligent and sincere. I hope to meet his children.
  • Merek - Ambitious, but sometimes too familiar.
  • Annabelle - There is a fire in the Lady Lyonesse. I hope to help stoke it.
  • Jasher - Succinct and appreciated.
  • Orazio - Loss I can not fathom rests behind his eyes.
  • Ford - We walk the border of friendship, yet I am not quite ready to fully open that door.
  • Branan - We share similar sentiments on many things.
  • Costas - Cast to the winds of personal duty. I understand.
  • Lailah - Refreshingly fierce.
  • Alis - Kindness wrapped in plate.
  • Benjamin - Diligent and professional.
  • Ira - I doubt I will ever understand why he masks his intelligence beneath such whimsy.
  • Aislin - She has faced an insurmountable amount of loss in the brief time I've known her.
  • Felix - He has a hero's heart.
  • Bethany - The world lays at your feet, you need only to take hold of it.
  • Silas - A respectable and altruistic man.
  • Calliope - I am not often impressed to such an extent during a first meeting.
  • Duarte - Puzzle box.
  • Larissa - So much could be said of her. Her presence is a light in all of our lives.
  • Lianne - Another I wish to spend more time in the company of, if only life would permit.
  • Eirene - I have the utmost respect for the woman.
  • Aureth - Dour Legate
  • Preston - Keenly Tactical Grandmaster

  • Friend:
  • Max - A friendship risen from the ashes of loss. I trust you.
  • Ferrando - A guardian as much as he is a friend.
  • Denica - Have courage. You shall do great things.
  • Valencia - Our time is always brief, but your warmth never wavers.
  • Khanne - Wise Warm Friend

  • Family:
  • Sophie - Adored Cousin
  • Damon - I could really use your levity. I miss you.
  • Desiree - Your abilities in the social sphere continue to astound me.
  • Dominique - It will be alright. I believe in you.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I met Legate Bianca in her home, when she graciously helped me with research into Dame Sugan Valardin. She has a dancer's poise, a diplomat's elegance, and a scholar's sharp and incisive, if somewhat scattered, mind. I would not describe her as warm; I would, however, name her as kind.
    Alessia It's good to see the Legate again. Hopefully we can find the time converse on matters that interest us both.
    Alexis When I left she was settling in as the Arcscholar of Vellichor. Now I come back and she's the Blessed Mother. Will she be Dominus if I blink?
    Anisha Serenity, grace and an aura of wisdom. You can't really expect much more from a Legate who oversees Creation, now can you. Great sense of style, too.
    Apollo Quiet, but serious when she does speak.
    Appolonia Oh no, did the Ward of the Faith hear me thinking thoughts of knives and flesh? I mean I assume probably not.
    Brigida She's improving in her role as Legate. There have been worse in my time but she is slowly proving herself quite apt at it, despite being an Oathlander.
    Briseis One look on the Legate of the Creation, and any darkness that would dare weigh my heart is dispelled. She must be protected and cherished at all costs. Oh, but I will indulge flights of fancy where she teaches me invaluable lessons, and confides unprecedented wisdom. And she bakes, just for me, my own maple log...!
    Cadenza The legate is a charming creature. Well-read, perceptive, patient even to my teasing -- though I attest, at first meeting, I may have found her weakness. She cannot resist herself but to put her hands on your sleeve snake.
    Delilah I should surely say she is a steady whitefire beacon of hope in a dark world, a mysterious and exotic woman, an embodiment of virtues and principles held dear. But everyone says that. Ask about what I haven't said and yet esteem her so highly. What wonders could be contained behind that beaming smile?
    Dianna I like her mind already. And, of course, she is lovely.
    Domonico She believes I have a noble heart. I do not know if that is true.
    Drake Serious, thoughtful, perhaps a bit too kind. It's admirable that she is seriously focused on her duties though I would love to see her laugh more.
    Evaristo Legate Bianca has always impressed me, since first we met. Calm, wise, and something divine about her.
    Hamish A fine Oathlander legate. Young for the position, but most of them seem to be.
    Ignacio The Legate of Creation is grace embodied, a generous-souled woman with a wisdom beyond her young years. And a surprising interest in my wife's snake.
    Jourdain My cousin has come a long way, but many things about her remain unchanged from the little girl reading under the apple trees. Perhaps that is the true reason I have sworn myself to her protection. In her, I see so many could-have-beens.
    Katryn The wise Legate seems to be much more guarded than I, but... She's very genuine as well. Is there something special going on, Legate? Do you see something special... in me?
    Kritr This is a legate? She has closer ties to her family than I expected, but still manages to set herself apart. It is heartening to think that Legates are just people too.
    Leola The Legate of Creation, currently. Formerly of Vellichor. She has thrown herself into her role, and seems interested in what those who serve Creation have to say
    Lucien She adapted to the life of Legate staggeringly well. It is really something to admire, and always fun to expose.
    Mabelle The sweet Legate. Maybe I can coax her for chocolate now.
    Martino The Legate is a curious member of the faith, a hushed voice but one that feels like it owns such wisdom. Not the finest archer I've seen. Well, not an archer really. But still tried.
    Mirk One of the four Legates of the Faith, and so likely nearly as influential as a High Lord, but she knows how to listen and consider, rather than merely dominating a discussion. You can see her roots as a Scholar in that.
    Niklas The Archscholar has gone on to become a legate. Not surprising at all. Though I would have pegged her more a Concepts than a Creation legate.
    Reese A thoughtful and intelligent scholar who answers questions even put to her at a tea shop. She carries herself well and her answers are worthy of being published in books.
    Richard Dear family. It is good to know there is someone I could go to when things are weighing on my mind who will hear me out even at my weakest. I suppose, in a way, her being a step removed from the house may bring us paradoxically closer together.
    Roran The Ward of Creation, Legate Bianca, she of finest snowiest hair.
    Rosalie She has always been so kind and welcoming to me, so willing to listen and let me ramble on with ath patient little smile of hers. I both envy her and do not, she has accomplished so much, I can only hope that some day I can do the same. Had we been born of the same family I would have called her sister, to be sure, we are so alike at times.
    Scarlett She's like a seraph from heaven. But what is it she wants? Why ME? Should I not question my good fortune? Is it a joke?? If it is a joke, can I make it pay????
    Sebastian An excellent hostess, an excellent judge of fine wines. The Faith is exceptionally blessed to have her as a Legate.
    Sophie We are both so busy - her with matters of the Faith - and me with Mercy matters. We seem to have lost each other in the shuffle, but I do hope we can find the time to grow close again.
    Sunaia A Legate, and she knows Avery, says we're similar - though I don't know how she could possibly mistake that.
    Sydney A warm, refreshing balm to my frazzled nerves at the First Feast of Spring, Mother Bianca was most kind and gave to me her full attention - something I'm unused to from those so above me in station.
    Tatienne The legate seems like a wise woman. I guess that's why they made her legate.
    Thea A Legate I'm sure I can go to for most anything.
    Verity Mother Bianca is an inspiration: insightful, dedicated, and compassionate. I'm grateful that she thinks me worthy of her patronage. Or maybe she wants to ensure that I don't release her most terrible secret -- she's wonderfully easy to tease.
    Volcica The Legate is a much-needed font of calm, amidst a whole lot of chaos.
    Zoey Definitely the type to look for solutions and silver linings, rather than dwelling in problems and self-pity.