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Duke Cristoph Laurent

The formula for good luck is preparation plus opportunity. In other words, a good quartermaster.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Vibrant Leader
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 38
Birthday: 12/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: bronze-flecked black
Eye Color: brilliant blue
Skintone: tan

Titles: Duke of Artshall, Vanguard of the West, Honey Duke, Legendary Leader

Description: Tailoring -- or armoring -- mostly obscures the most dramatic feature of Cristoph's looks, the latticework of arrow scars that write pale white lines over the broad bulk of his chest and shoulders. One of those fine lines surges past his collarbone to a visible mark left on the skin of his neck. His next most distinguishing feature is the brilliant clarity of his blue eyes, their summery hue as arresting as the intensity behind them. His features are mostly even and pleasant without being drop dead gorgeous, but the expressiveness of his eyes and the dynamic mobility of his mouth lend more charm to his face in motion than it might be entitled in stillness. Tall and sturdy, his stocky frame is lent grace by the length of his limbs, and there is an energy to his carriage that suggests his dynamism.

Personality: Vibrant and dynamic, Cristoph is a doer: one of those men who thrives on action, and whose energy seems to flow from some innate wellspring that simply does not fail. In short: the man is nonstop. Pragmatic and intelligent, his chiefest struggle in life is probably how much of himself he can find fault with. It's difficult to tell where exactly Cristoph's need to prove himself comes from, nor to what inner ghost he seeks to prove, but it drives him. Organized as well as active, he yearns to take the field and lead, only to sometimes be held back by practical necessity. He is also the man to whom the Valardins can go to make sure that something gets done. Unburdened by high idealism, it is not that Cristoph lacks the fortitude of a personal code as that he simply finds honor to be a practical construct of integrity and effectiveness rather than an unblemished philosophy. His sense of humor is dry, but warm; his core attitude is realistic, but positive; his basic nature is grounded.

Background: Because he was the second child of Duke Edmund Laurent by a number of years, Cristoph was educated as the 'spare' to his sister's heir. He showed considerable aptitude for the soldier's trade, and generally expected that it would be the knightly service of the ducal seat that would be his life's work. Yet his path was not so set when she struck herself from the rolls of House Laurent. His sister was in her early twenties when she left the laity sisterhood of Gloria to be truly godsworn and throw herself into the Faith. That left Cristoph a boy coming to his adulthood in a changing universe. (It also killed a potential marriage alliance with another ducal house, but never mind. There will always be more potential brides, right?)

Yet the mantle of heirdom did not sit easily on Cristoph's shoulders. He was accustomed to a soldier's trade, a soldier's goals, and he hungered for the glory of the battlefield. He risked himself early and often, leading from the front and leading the charge ahorse against the Shavs even as a young man. Badly injured to within a few inches of his life in a skirmish a few years ago, his men prevailed upon him to control his more glory-hound impulses; his father had lost one heir to a different kind of duty, and it would be terrible to lose another, particularly with his younger sister so very much younger. In order to accustom Cristoph to responsibility and grow him into his role as the future duke, he was made Voice of Laurent, and threw himself into the work with a will to prove himself, first while he lay recovering in an infirmary bed, and then afterwards when he was wholly recovered. He proved a pragmatic thinker and a capable organizer.

So it was that when the duke fell ill and died in the spring of 1005 and he took the reins of the duchy, it was with several years solid experience under his belt, as a leader of men whose vibrancy was newly tempered by patience.

Name Summary
Adalyn It's easy to see why my father thinks so highly of Duke Cristoph. Intelligent and capable, he's the sort of leader who inspires confidence in those around him. And was that a hint of amusement I detected in the Duke's smile when he saw Papa looking disturbed by the subject matter? If so, it's a sense of humor I can understand.
Aeryn It's been great to get to know my brother better these last few weeks in Arx. My heart swells with pride when I look at him. He's really doing this family proudly and I think it couldn't be in better hands. Thank you for being my big brother!
Agatha It's not every day you meet a man that thinks he can bore the room to death. Impressive! But his friends and loved ones seem to know his worth.
Agostino Friendly, and connects well with the people for such an important noble.
Aiden While I don't know this man well, I know after the unveiling of the masks that he isn't afraid to step out into a social setting and challenge his dancing abilities! I also admire the plans that he has sent for the water fountain. I suspect he likes bees... and wolves. That he is at the menagerie is enough for me to one day get to know him better!
Ainsley The Duke of Artshall is a very kind man. He seems like he'd be a great leader. All the same I wish he wouldn't praise me quote so.
Ajax A good seeming man, I almost feel inclined to offer him an apology for Kaya. Though, part of me still suspects his house may be part of the reason she's gone underground. I really should send them a gift basket. Now what in the Abyss is popular for the Laurents? Tea leaves? We'll go with tea.
Alaric The ruling Duke of Mother's family, Cristoph is a pleasant and engaging sort who seems to be carrying on the Laurent tradition of industriousness in fine fashion.
Alarissa None throws a game of cornhol quite like him.
Alecstazi Duke Laurent of Artshall. Seems a pleasant enough sort. Seems to enjoy the company of women of varying personalities. From the kind and cheerful to those with nettles for tongues. Polite. Has a hint of something dark in his laughter. Curious.
Alessandro The Duke Laurent's reputation precedes him -- all good, and, as it turns out, all true.
Alexis Duke Cristoph Laurent, the Duke of Bees. A charming man with a very loud voice who knows how to inspire a poor athlete running herself ragged.
Alis Wittier then I remember, and also willing to take on some refugees in Artshall. I can work with this. I will refrain from hitting him with rocks!
Allegra We've familial ties through my sister's marriage to you and though she passed you'll still be family to me. I hope that despite both our busy schedules we can catch up more over a great glass of wine.
Amari The Duke always seems very congenial and approachable, with a good sense humor and an easy way about him. It's wonderful to see him up and about again. I can't wait for him and Sir Norwood's demonstration with the bees, and their fancy bee hats.
Amund Dutiful. Generous. A true Oathlands leader. Steadfast Duke.
Andry It's hard to not respect someone who puts in so much effort to try to figure out a way to make a better world for everyone even while I remain blissfully unaware of how to even plant corn.
Apollo Duke Cristoph has an incredibly casual, warm sort of feel. I bet his people are /really/ happy - you can tell he cares, and he's really approachable.
Arcadia Duke Cristoph is the type of leader I hope to one day be. Quiet, kind, humble and a brilliant mind. I only can hope he keeps giving me glimpses into how to be better.
Arcelia I met Cristoph briefly at my bonfire party but he was polite and seemed to enjoy himself. I'm glad he came.
Arik I know of the Duke from afar but the company he keeps his esteemed. It is difficult to do better than Mirk and Carita for association.
Arn Not much there. Likes bees? I can't keep up with this damn kids.
Arn Duke of Artshall. Likes bees a little too much, but I guess everyone's got their quirks. Otherwise, competent enough for a Laurent.
Asriel House Laurent's reputation precedes them and Duke Cristoph is no small part of that. He is as gracious in business as he is in conversation, with invaluable insights into the care and keeping of the honeybee. Here's to good relations between House Laurent and House Darkwater!
Athaur I have only met the Duke a few times. But he is a wise and capable leader of his people. He seeks out the best for the Oathlands as a whole.
Audgrim Duke Cristoph is both an impressive warrior and a wise man.
Austen His grace seems to have a most interesting family. We had an interesting conversation about siblings and bears.
Azova He has a swear jar, and I suspect given at least the one topic of conversation we touched on, it sees a lot of use. I am sorry we find ourselves in this unenviable situation, but grateful to be working with someone so capable.
Beatrice He is calm in a storm, a perfect model of balancing oversight and delegation, a cordial and warm host, and possessing something of a sweet tooth.
Berenice What an obliging sort! He didn't even try to murder me when I pulled out a mirror.
Bhandn I wonder what he would say if he actually did send his son to spend time with me? That I should continue that harsh tutelage in martial discipline, or to write to the Champions Guild with some haste?
Bianca Even minded, honorable and quite good company. The Duke is well deserving of his title and it is clear in how he carries himself that he holds a deep love of his people and the safety of all beneath his care.
Bianca It feels good to know that Duke Cristoph is still a stalwart leader of the Oathlands among the Compact. His long history of service and dedication proves how valuable he is.
Bliss A determined man. An idealistic man. He can keep even boring things light-hearted and fun, but he definitely seems to always be doing boring things when I find him. A pity, that, really. I like him, though.
Braden Our Duke! My Cousin. Hopefully I do not age him too much.. he has Mabelle to do that enough already...
Brady The Duke seems appropriately duke-ish. Takes his job seriously. A workhorse of the family.
Braelynn A very kind Duke, a friend of the family.
Brigida A plain spoken duke. Much like his grandfather.
Brigida He understands. Good. I didn't want to have to take this any further. He's a plain spoken, strong man and I truly do like him. As Duke's go, and I've met a lot of them, he's a good man.
Cahal He's a helpful, intelligent and friendly man. I rather liked him.
Cambria Duke Laurent is, actually, the first Oathlands Duke I have had the pleasure to meet. Though we spoke largely of matters of trade, I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening in his presence. I look forward to the day I can meet more of his family.
Caprice Personable and cheerfully self-deprecating. I'm -certain- he's a better dancer than he threatens.
Carmen Capable, strong knight with an extra dose of friendly and fun.
Carmen A duke of good humor. Seems knowledgeable too and approachable.
Caspian Strong, skilled, and easy tempered. All combinations I feel a good warrior needs. House Laurent is lucky to have him.
Cassima A charming and funny Oathlands Duke. He seems to have a sincere desire to help Lord Kastelon achieve his dream of being a 'pirate'. I wish him luck in the endeavor.
Celeste Meetings at shrines are all well and good, but I look forward to sitting down with Cristoph over drinks. Or when he has me visit my nieces and nephews.
Celine Is it entirely crass to say something as horribly simple as 'I like this man'? Well I do. He's an excellent ruler of Artshall and /completely/ indispensible to Valardin. I hope we can have a good working relationship because I feel I can learn much from him.
Charlotte The famed honey duke. I must make sure not to cause a duel over something as frivolous as wearing yellow socks and green shoes though.
Cirroch The Duke may have had a couple of devasting blows from how to drink ones tea, though it should be known that he fought bravely at the third battle of cakes. Even saved his wine from having cake bits added to it.
Claude A imposing man but with kindness and patience to him.
Courage Surely a kind Duke who does not, unfortunately, bleed money like most dukes. The orphans will lament his lack of coin. But I'm sure some other orphans will get it eventually. He's surely kind, after all, surely kind.
Cybele Duke Cristoph of Artshall is a duke of bees and honey and had a splinter in his finger, but I got it out. He forgot to say he was a duke first. He is also a Knight of Solace. I hope the splinter is the worst wound of his I will have to treat, for he is nice.
Daemon He invited me into his home and gave me a sugar rush. That is a fine host and a fine man.
Dante What's not to like about someone who laughs to centipede and shapeshifter jokes?
Darren The Duke of Artshall is a man after my own heart. Not above the entertainment of watching lesser men crash and burn, nor gossiping about it immediately after. I'll be sure to look out for him at future events we may frequent together if I'm cursed to attend without my wife.
Delfina The good-humored "honey" Duke. He is excellent company and an even better ally. I appreciate his advice and his expertise, and I look forward to our future projects.
Delilah A light-hearted and surprisingly refreshing nobleman, though to be fair, he was welcoming a new baron into the fold. But between his charm and the capacity to entertain me greatly from the sidelines, the Duke of Artshall seems like a grand man.
Demura Duke Cristoph Laurent is a man with a keen mind, and a wise head. He is not one simply run into a situation half cocked, instead he takes time to study all the angles and get a clear picture of what is going on.
Derovai Intelligent, if in a rather different way than I am. I /think/ he's a kind man, although he seems appropriately circumspect considering our conversation. As I told him, I'll have to see him with others to make a fairer judgment. Still, he clearly values intelligence more than strict propriety.
Domonico A smart man yet one wise enough to not assume he knows everything. He's that thinks of the bigger picture as well. I approve.
Drake A level-headed leader who gives good advice. He is a man with a strong sense of duty, and of hospitality.
Dycard The Duke, despite our rocky start, seems pleasant enough and certainly a dutiful man and absolutely not one to cross. Perhaps much like my brother.
Echo Sometimes the best way to meet someone is in a sparring ring. And when you meet someone in a free-for-all, it can be pretty hectic but he is a really tough warrior. I'll have to keep an eye out for him.
Ectorion Devoted to Gloria and well skilled at organization. I'd imagine he's a good commander as well.
Edain The Duke of Laurent is a good man. Good fighter, good night, incredible mind for tactics. His efforts bringing down the supply lines during the Seige of Arx was an amazing feat. I am glad to know he's on our side.
Edain Duke Laurent remains indispensable, my staunch ally and confidante. May our partnership enjoy many more years and successes.
Eddard The Duke. The Man. The Myth. The person Norwood won't stop talking about.
Eirlys Seems like a good man, caring of our people and wanting to help. Could we ask for better?
Eleanor Really likes bees. I respect that.
Emilia An amazingly vigorous warrior, who is extremely skilled with sword in hand. We crossed blades in the training center, and I haven't had so much fun in a long time.
Emily The Duke is a man of action and recently a man of great losses. I am glad to have made his acquaintance during the Keaton dinner. I pray to the Pantheon that Laurent and the Valadrin will find steady reprieve from their dead. May it be.
Emma I don't think it's possible to discredit Duke Laurent. There's surely a steely determination beneath his easy-going affability, and it can't be denied that he's an exceptional leader. A decidedly competent man, all in all.
Erik A modest man, deferring praise to those that did the work. Sociable and a good piece of dry, warm humor.
Estil Amiable and seemingly gregarious, a man who knows what he wants but is content to utilize the pleasantest means to achieve his goals. I feel like he might harbor an exceptionally kind heart. Makes doing business much more of a pleasure.
Evaristo Duke Cristoph Laurent's name is one I have heard on many occasions - and never a bad thing. I'm glad to say that his reputation does not exaggerate nor deceive.
Evelynn The duke sees potential in his kinsmen and gives them opportunities to thrive.
Faye A friendly and cheerful man, very pleasant to talk to. I'm certain there is more to him than the surface pleasantries, though.
Fiora A good ruler, of good humor and good temperament. Respects how various people operate and seems to have a level hand and bright mind. I don't think I've ever complimented someone all at once this much before.
Gaston After the arranged meeting with the Duke of Artshall, Gaston had a very good impression of the other man. Willing to cooperate with House Blackram, being direct and to the point without the extra frills, showing equal respect, he is a strong leader that many would follow.
Gehenna Duke Cristoph was watching the spars near me, I wonder if he wanted to spar too before duty intervened.
Georgine Poor man. I think he just wants to read in peace.
Gerald An interesting fellow. I wonder if he might be interested in a branch office.
Gerrick The duke appears to have a sense of humor even when all around him are silent
Giada A nobleman in his entirety.
Gianna The Duke has the same troubles I do with coffee, and is good company.
Gisele Literally the first person to let Gisele show her history geek side and rattle off obscure points of the long long ago without interruption or complaint, which means the Duke of Bees ranks high in her esteem. Though she is still a little nervous as to what "that Gisele?!" might mean.
Grady We agree on laughter as a means of banishing tears. I look forward, in time, to finding out on which other subjects we are of the same mind.
Gwenna It has been some years since seeing this Laurent cousin, though word of his doings always managed to reach us in Farhaven. The responsibilities he's taken on since we were young have not seemed to change his warm and friendly nature. It will be nice to be close to so many more members of this side of my family.
Haakon The Laurent. Less.. stupid than most Mainlanders, in manner. Good sport about duels and dumb japes.
Hamish I'm not certain there are any princes of princesses of Valardin that embody Oathlander virtue quite like Duke Cristoph.
Harlex 'The Honey Duke.' Good-natured fella with a sharp sting.
Ian Huh. Another one.
Ida Tales so often mention a knight in shining armor who swoops in to save the day. I think, truly, I have met one genuinely in Duke Cristoph Laurent truly arrived when he was needed most, saved my fellow knight, and still had the presence of mind to make sure someone looked out for me.
Ilira At first, I couldn't tell where our evening would lead us. I worried for a while our chemistry wasn't aligned like it was at the feast. But then we talked. He's kind, forthright, and just a little bit sweet with that laugh. There's this dry humor about him too, in spite of the very real pain he still bears. I like him. I am going to make the effort to keep him around. I am entirely curious to know where this goes, particularly since I sense he and I could help each other out to yet unknown ends.
Isabeau It's been too long since I've seen Duke Laurent, I hope that we will be able to catch up soon.
Jacque Duke Laurent is an amazing warrior and he's an unfailingly polite and courteous Oathlander. I am very pleased with making his acquaintance and hope we get to spar sometime. I see that Artshall is in great hands with this lord, and this pleases me.
Jael We had a nasty case of sibling rivalry growing least I did...but I feel like we've come a long way, especially during the Siege. I am proud of him, even if he's my brother and deserves a glass of mead on his head every once and awhile.
Jaenelle Duke Cristoph Laurent seems a gentle sort, which speaks well of his Valardin fealty roots as a defender of women in Inns. His ability to unarm awkward situations subtly and without much effort will be a good quality to possess as business ventures are explored between our two houses.
Jayanthi A duke. He's a nice duke. Totally someone that would be an awesome patron if he decided to take her on.
Jeffeth A Duke. A very nice Duke. He is a fierce fighter and I'm surprised I managed to survive a bout with him. He seems a very good sort.
Jyri Friendly and gives good tips on what to eat - and interested in art. A warrior too. A duke of my own heart, if I can claim such a thing. Hope I get a chance to talk with him again.
Kaldur Entirely too calm about a baby-talking-dragon-salamander.
Katarina Honeyduke, and one Katarina has limited interactions with ober the years. He has always been pleasant to her, and welcoming, despite her foreign origins. That in itself, that he welcomed her into his fealty, regardless, leaves little to be said on how she feels; eternally grateful and pleased to have.
Katarina Duke Cristoph gives his all to the Oathlands. There is saying this, and then there is actually doing it, and the difference may not be properly understood until one has felt the awe that comes from being in the presence of the Duke's sharp mind and sharper focus.
Kedehern When I was a child, I used to be envious, that my brother sent me away to Telmar, but let Cristoph stay at Artshall. Now that I'm older, I'm sure Edmund had his reasons, and I'm just happy to be with family again.
Keely His warmth and humor are a beacon in the darkness that looms. That he is generous with his smiles and laughter and energy even with a broken bone in his leg speaks volumes of his character, and I am so very glad we have had this second chance at a first meeting. Here is to much more secret whiskey to come!
Korka An interesting man with a seemingly interesting focus to help commoners. Doesn't he know he's a Duke?
Laric 'To bee a man, you must be as swift as a coursing courser'. Quote by an amateur Artshall bard. I do not envy the man. The puns are far too easy and abundant. I do admire his tact and dedication. A fine example of what the peerage should be.
Lark It is difficult to parse whether the Duke is truly a gentle and philosophical thinker, or if I'm just blinded by pretty Oathlands accents.
Lenard Her grace's right hand man, clearly he has the intelligence and strength of character to merit that position; but he retains a sense of humour that makes him more approachable than one might otherwise think.
Lianne Possessed of a capacity to listen which allows one to feel heard, aided by his willingness to ask relevant questions. To walk away from difficult discussions with hope for the next is a magnificent feeling. A fine beginning. I look forward to more.
Lorenzo An interesting man with an excellent sense of humor, even though his habit of doing paperwork in bars is a little strange. If he chooses to defend the Oathlands' reputation from being called "stuffy," he will be very busy indeed.
Lorenzo Cousin to my wife. A fine man with a good family. Claims to get queasy on boats, so avoid inviting him for a sail.
Lorien Lighthearted and of good humor, a gracious host and a pleasure to finally make the acquaintance of when not attempting to dunk him into a tank of water.
Lou Cristoph is an affable fellow, and brother to Jael - or so I think she mentioned. He has lungs of steel, able to over-shout anyone in a crowded field. He invited myself and Mason to dinner, and I hope to take him up on that offer at some point.
Lustry A brilliant duke who appreciates good fashion and has assistances with a keen eye for scents.
Mabelle There is a kindness in him, a gentle strength which has been a balm to me, these last few months. That he was willing to trust me, and to believe when no one else around me would is not something I will soon forget. And now he has welcomed me into his home, and has offered only kindness and compassion, bow could I do aught but be grateful for that? He is not only a man I have grown to admire, but a Duke that I am proud to follow. I am very much looking forward to being of service to his house.
Mabelle My dear Cousin, he's ever preoccupied. I hope I wont cause him too much trouble, or at least that he wont found out about it.
Macario The duke is, very clearly, much more clever than I am! Also smart, I'll be sure to ask him more questions about my family.
Magpie Some people are fast, but Magpie has never seen someone run so fast with a woman on his back and wearing a bear costume. Truly impressive.
Margerie He doesn't quite get my sense of humor, though it can be a bit of a highwire act. But he's always been a good lad.
Margerie We met a lifetime ago, but finally I think we may see one another in the best light. Family, regardless of blood. And oh so useful when you need to be fished out of a lake or boosted up to a ledge.
Marian His Grace is a fine example of House Valardin's penchment to duty. When questioned on the best ramparts, he gave a proper response and called out House Valardin. I wish more people had his brand of loyalty.
Marisol The Voice of Valardin and the Duke of Laurent. I see that he has a measure of humor in him that makes me smile. Rather impressive if you ask me for one with so much responsibility to be adept at such a thing.
Marius The Duke Laurent seems like a fine fellow. He was willing to send bees to the Grove whenever we get it built. I wonder how often he's been stung...
Martino A good Duke for the Laurent family, his calm manner while dealing with so many challenges looks good on him
Mason Mason met Duke Cristoph at a dinner party he and his sister Jael invited the prince to. Overall the evening was highly enjoyable, but Mason did misstep when asking Cristoph about Thrax thralldom. There was palpable tension in the air and Mason is terribly curious as to why an Oathlander would react so sharply to the inquiry, but he dropped the topic and things seemed to ease up again. Overall, he liked Cristoph and wants to get to know him better, hopefully without further discomfort.
Mattheu quieter than I was led to believe he would be
Medeia Don't let the Duke fool you, there's humor beneath the gentlemanly surface. He has many bees.
Merek %bHe is pretty fast. Merek wishes he could be that fast.
Mia The first time we met, the man was unconscious. And bleeding rather profusely, come to think of it. However, I'm quite pleased to report that he makes much more pleasant company over a dinner table than over a stretcher.
Miranda Clearly has a great sense of humor and could tell I needed 'rescuing' from Eddard. Love a sense of humor in a man!
Mirari Cristoph is the type of guy that you kind of forget is there until he starts to speak, and then all your attention snaps right to him, and you wonder how you ever missed him-- what I'm saying is I understand why Nicia married him, is all.
Mirella That was certainly an attempt at poetry.
Mirk An affable man, but dedicated to his duty. It's a good combination, one that has allowed him to develop an important skill that many friendly people never do: Sharing and relating to others without giving away any of the most important secrets unless he sees a purpose in it.
Monique Cheerful. Very cheerful. Smart, too. A man who knows not to argue with a woman is a man who will live a longer, happier life. No wonder he's so cheerful.
Naka My cousin the Duke is a good man. Met up again recently in the gardens. He's got a lot of responsibilities but we all trust that he can handle them. As a bonus, he's a pleasant man who genuinely cares for his family and everyone under his care.
Niklas The Honey Duke is quite a wit!
Norwood Cristoph has a solid head on his shoulders and cares about those who are in his leadership. The muzzle for the dragon was a bit of a long shot, but he makes up for it by helping those in need.
Nuala The Honey Duke does have a bit of the golden to him, doesn't he? Sweet tempered and friendly man, eager to converse with others. He seems to favor studious affairs more than riding much. I appreciate someone who speaks so well of their family.
Olivia A duke she hadn't met! Not the sort of thing that happens every day, even if Olivia is far from the greatest social animal in Arx. Though they did not speak much, he seemed a polite and pleasant enough man. No doubt, she'd want to introduce him to her brother, so they could discuss... whatever important Dukely things such people do!
Petal I finally get to meet the Duke he shops so often in my store. He seems like a nice man.
Philippe Good to see the Duke enjoying a traditional race. These sort of events do not happen as much as I like and seeing him supporting Venturo and this race is a good thing.
Philippe I remember the young man I saw shadowing his father all those years ago at Sanctum. I remembered him as an apt pupil, determined to follow in his father's excellent example. Now he is a man, and I am in the autumn of my years, and it is like looking at his father once again. It is a comfort to know that the rising generation will be good stewards of the Oathlands. It allows me a sense of peace I would otherwise be denied.
Piccola The Duke of House Laurent is a man passionate about the bees for which his family is best known, enough to answer questions about this most fascinating of subjects of husbandry.
Preston The Duke Laurent. A faithful Oathlander. We could do with more of his ilk, who combine the zeal of the Orthodoxy, who understand the power he wields and of the Faith, but who has the wisdom to know when not to use it as much as when to do so.
Quenia I have helped this lord with an investigation once or twice, and it's good to put a face to a name from messengers. He definitely knows how to take a beating, having seen him fall from a horse during one of the jousts the city has, without taking nary a scratch!
Raimon Organized. Disciplined. Energetic. Polite. Courteous, not over-familiar. All excellent leadership qualities. Met in the Queensrest, chatting over breakfast.
Raja Before today, I had only seen this Duke from afar. When having a conversation with him, he seemed more down to earth than I had thought. Besides, I like a person who spends time in Skald's shrine.
Ras Think he's the Laurent duke, but introduced himself without a title. Not bad. Guess that's why his squire loves him so much. Gross.
Razija He's not the rotund jolly black and yellow striped Duke I was expecting. Also firmer and more rigid than I was expecting. That's not how I meant it.
Reese The Duke seems to be a good man and seems to be a fan of Prince Aiden's work.
Revell I'm sorry, but I've been told off enough times for /not/ curtsying that I'd rather be safe than sorry. He seems like a nice sort, though. Fought Ras, lost, and took it in his stride. That's admirable.
Ripley Bee's. So many bee's. He's a man with a love of bee's and gold and I finally got to see him at least, and not just letters and then ripping apart his clothes and pieces of jewelry and taking a sharp blade to his seams. Handsome sort. Can see why he's fond of what he wears. I like his nose and his eyebrows. Mostly his eyebrows.
Rosalind He was drinking TEA! Someone needs to teach him to drink. AND-he's super quiet! WHY?!
Rowenova He is the bees knees. Favorite duke from the Oathlands. He barely knew me but still helped hook me up with the right people, so I could pursue goals that I needed see get done, so I could keep an old promise, and I will never forget his help in that regard.
Roxana Charming Oathlander Duke, we met just after I watched him sparring. He's almost handsome enough to be distracting, but I focus very intently when I watch sparring.
Rymarr Duke Laurent. We knew one another growing up and he seems so very cheerful, upbeat, and altogether happy. I'm happy for him. My family has been the vassal of his for longer than I can readily recall. Centuries, perhaps? Either way, they continue serve his House, while I went off to join the King's Own and..eventually..marry into a new House. I hope to close that divide sooner than later. Samantha keeps saying I need friends. Why not just reaffirm old friendships, instead of worrying about NEW friends? New friends are often terrible.
Rysen Fast, and a good swimmer. He's probably very, very tired of bee jokes, but they're just so honey.
Sabella The bee whisperer! I don't know him very well, but his honey demonstration was extremely informative and delicious! Well, the honey was! I should like to get to know him better for I think we could be good friends!
Sabella Duke Cristoph is what I think of when I think of an Oathlander--so refined and reserved yet overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming! Also, he provides the best honey in all of Arvum!
Sabella Duke Laurent is good-natured and good-humored, excellent traits for a leader. And clearly he is good at leading if one is to judge by the success of Artshall.
Saedrus Duke Cristoph Laurent is exactly what one thinks of when pondering Oathland nobility, in personality. You can tell he is absolutely a man of action -- it is rather charming, really. I am also always partial to a man with a taste for fine foods. I do hope I see more of him.
Samael I see the Laurents as family and the young Duke is no exception. Sabitha speaks highly of Cristoph and I can see why. I look forward to getting to know him better.
Sanya It takes a lot of resolve to keep a region stable with all this strife. That is to be admired.
Sasha A very polite and generous Duke. I look forward to getting to know him.
Selene The Honey Duke is aptly named, sweet as the wealth of his lands. A consummate host and generous in spirit, I find him very easy to warm to.
Shae Duke Cristoph, has always been kind and supportive to me, even before I ever joined his family, and became his... Aunt. Yeah, that's super awkward...
Shard Fought in the training center. Hits hard and fast. Good armor, even if I question the wisdom of such obvious colors.
Sira Did you know there are dimples under that facial hair? That was nice to see. He's got a surprisingly easy-going nature for a duke, and I appreciate his penchant for efficiency.
Sophie Duke Christoph, as always, is a charm to talk to. I really should make it a point to be more social. I could use friends like him.
Sorrel The Duke seems very nice if a bit formal. Friendly, though. Not a bad fellow to spend time with, really.
Stefano A seemingly cheerful man, Duke of Artshall. I think they have something to do with bees? If I ever want to win Conquer, I should steer clear of him!
Sunaia Very helpful. I'm glad to have met him and will look to return the favour at some point.
Sunniva He's taken on the role of Duke in stride and it suits him. He has changed but not truly at the heart of him. I am only glad that Arx can house us all so near. It shortens what otherwise would be miles.
Sunniva As considerate and charming as I remember, I am lucky to call this man my brother.
Tanith It's hard to be a leader, harder still to be a leader and a good man when you mess up and the one clashes with the other; does the good man resign thinking there's a better leader for his people, or does he see their faith in him for what it is to make better strides for the future? Duke Laurent has the makings of a fantastic leader: he cares a whole fucking lot about his people and takes their pain personally. It's a heavy burden, to be sure, but with time and experience he'll carry it with ease. I look forward to what the world makes of him; I expect him to be brilliant.
Tarik I am amazed this is the first time I have run into the Duke of Artshell. I have met so many of his noble vassals. He seems to have the same good spirit the others have.
Teagan He has a very impressive blackboard.
Tescelina He is very good at parties and sociable. Its a confidence he carries into the field. Though he is not -- well, he is very brave in the face of personal injury, I shall leave it at that.
Tesha There are many things you'll find in the families of the Oathlands. A young heir that came to his title, expectant and pleased with his position? Scarce as anything. Maybe he has the appearance of a young man yet sitting on his father's throne but these things yet take time.
Tessa My first Duke. So tall. So taken. A pity.
Thea A very helpful Duke. He may useful...
Thena Duke Laurent is too busy with other responsibilities to devote a large quantity of time to the Order, but when he is able to he's all-in. A staunch ally of the Solace.
Thesarin I've heard tell of the Duke's powers in battle, but I ain't fought beside him. Can say he's a fine host.
Tomwell Duke Laurent. It was good to finally meet him, given the... complex relationship between our families. I hope we can draw closer connections, perhaps through the next generation. Diplomacy via playdate.
Tyren Duke Cristoph Laurent is a man deserving of respect. I am honored that he asked me to join his family and I can only hope to do right by him and his.
Valdemar An excellent host, especially for one surprised by the duties. Also an insightful leader, a credit to his house.
Vanora I have always known the Duke to be an honorable and worthy man else my cousin Belladonna would never have agreed to him marrying her sister. As it is he is my...cousin-in-law? I'm not sure. But we are kin of a sorts, even if very removed.
Vega Perhaps one of the more enterprising lords I've ever met. Not content to run a duchy, he's started a College of Agriculture to help improve the lives of his people and his lands. I shall have to see what teachings I might be able to apply from Laurent to Thrax.
Venturo A Duke of honey and horse riding. An attentive listener, and well connected within the city of Arx. I look forward to his future visits to the brewery.
Verity A fine example of Oathlands chivalry, without being the example of knights too stuffy for their own britches.
Victus He's got the name and look of a tolerable noble and by that I mean he looks like a strong pretty-boy. Polite though and he'd probably hold his own in conversation.
Vitalis Spent quite a bit of time whispering to Baron Clement. They seem to know each other very well.
Vittorio The Duke knows how to put together a masquerade. What a wonderful party, and the gardens of House Laurent are truly a wonder to behold.
Vittorio The fashionable Honey Duke. I hear so much of honey and cider, they must be doing great up there.
Willow I have seen him so many times at various events, but am always a touch intimidated about approaching to get to know him better.
Wren The 'Honey Duke' is an intriguing man who truly knows his way around a hive. I never entertained the idea that I would ever be present in the same room as him, let alone engage in a conversation about bees and business, but here we are. I find him to be quite bright and an engaging conversationalist, and I look forward to working with him on this and hopefully future endeavors.
Yasmine Admittedly, I am much better acquainted with his wife, yet the Laurent Duke is the very image of an Oathlander knight. Not the one in sparkling armor from the fairy tales that we tell to small children, but the one in the tales that I performed when I grew older. Knights that have seen darkness and held it back with nothing but iron will and a sliver of steel. I can understand why Duchess Nicia married him.
Yuri Duke Laurent spoke with such a fondness for his son; it was a touching thing. I am glad to see he was on the mend from his unfortunate accident. But at least we have something in common in our riding! Perhaps we both will find our bearing in the saddle sooner than later.
Zakhar A fine lad with a proper sense of humor, adventure and admiration for large fluffy things.
Zalika A Duke who is a wonderful conversationalist while having drinks. And his cloak is quite stylish.
Zara Clever, courteous, and charitable with his time, but not perhaps always very careful of where he is walking. Still. He stands well for House Laurent, and it's easy to see why they prosper under his leadership.
Zara Diligent in his service to Valardin. His fashion sense has certainly improved. Now if only he were more appreciative of my wit.
Zoey My cousin always keeps so busy! He is a good sort though, so I hope to see more of him.
Zyxthylum I guess my Shamanism medicine isn't tolerated in the Uppers. Not in the Queensrest anyway, I'll make a note..