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Yvon Baseborn

Conformity corrodes.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Tortured Soul
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Baseborn
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 33
Birthday: 2/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: average height
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: silvery-blue
Skintone: dingy copper

Description: Yvon is the tortured ruin of a once-handsome man. Scar tissue creeps from behind the patch over his left eye, while his right eye, though a beautiful clear silvery-blue, is surrounded by dozens of lumps, scars that remain from tiny puncture wounds. Parallel scars rise on his nose from where his nostrils were slit, and if he's bareheaded--which he rarely is--his snow-white hair only grows from a few non-scarred patches of scalp. The right side of his face is branded with the design of a stag's horns, but after the first burn the brand was messily reapplied five or six more times causing overlapping marks. From his left cheek to his forehead, a blade hacked a crude depiction of a flame-wreathed fortress beneath a crown.

Although he's fairly tall, he hunches when he stands, unable to straighten completely. He's missing his left thumb and all the fingers of that hand save the smallest two. He's missing the final knuckles of all the fingers on his right hand.

Personality: Yvon is broken and ugly and outcast, and mistrusts anything that seems too intact or righteous or agreeable. Or strong or victorious. He believes that unchallenged goodness always hides flaws commensurate with--reflective of--its apparent flawlessness. He believes that unchallenged goodness -is- a flaw. Which makes it dangerous. And which reminds Yvon of the man he used to be.

Background: Handsome, courageous, honorable, polite, righteous; as a young (obscure, provincial) Valardin prince, Yvon learned his lessons well. And when he swore his Knighthood Oaths, he felt them as a calling: defend the gods; act with courtesy and honor, fairness and kindness; keep your word sacred, show valor in combat. For years, as a knight, he fought the Abandoned fiercely, and he fought them well. Then he fell.

He was taken hostage, beaten savagely. After the first agonized, feverish months, he thinks he was moved to another camp, or sold to another group ... he doesn't know who spent years torturing him. He escaped, he was recaptured, and his toes slowly removed. He doesn't know if he was tormented for fun, for revenge, or in terrible abyssal rites, but he knows this: they broke him, until almost no trace of the previous Yvon remained. And finally--for no reason that he knows--he was freed. He spent years recovering, as much as possible. Reading, arguing, and hewing to a worship of the Thirteenth that alienated his family, whose pity curdled to disgust. He refused to stop; he was denobled. No longer Valardin, no longer prince. So he came to Arx, a new man. Reborn as 'Baseborn,' broken by the knowledge of his weakness. Maybe he'll learn a few things.

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