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Prince Sirius Valardin

Inquisitiveness, willfulness, and fixation -- mile markers on my path I hope leads only forward.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Fledgling Tactician
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Male
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray Haze
Skintone: Caucasian

Description: Sirius' height is decent to say the least, with a slightly avianesque bone structure that seems to build up to a hawkishly long physique, more slender than wide, stealing some of his perceived size, it playing trade-off with an air of bookishness. He's threatening emancipation, but not quite; he's skinny, but of sturdy constitution, his genetical structure being at constant odds with his perchance for unintentional starvation that make the Sirius of today.

His eyes appear small and narrow beneath the ridge of his brow, gray and hazy to view that pair with a thick swatch of dark, bushy lashes. His jaw's line is sturdy and long- his nose's bridge long and high, defined sweepingly as if sculpted. His lips are thin, faded in pinkish color, and prone to raggedness product of both the heat and cold.

His hair's black and soft, often kept short in a naturally sweeped combover that leans to the left, but can too be found to the right. It's messy and often scarcely groomed, just like his facial hair. If it's grown at all at the time.

Personality: Honest, open, transparent - adjectives one could use to describe the Sirius of today, but that's all duress and education; that's what maturation and years of disciplined living instills in one, but isn't all that which Sirius represents.

Sirius, too, is bold. Ethically speaking--accountable to the boldness, decisive and communicative to his wants, he is. There's a drive to his person, a desire to reach out and grasp the intangible to make it tangible. It's reflected in his method of leadership--he understands the Compact is fair and beautiful because everyone finds their place. His is to lead.

Deeply principled in Oathlander ways: honor, chivalry, and loyalty are core tenets on which he acts in his still growing and fleshing set of morals. It's difficult for him to find humor in things, and the analytic method he chooses to tackle most of life's hardships oft makes him seem cold, stuffy. Detached.

In spite of this, he's rarely unempathetic to the plight of others and isn't shy of activism to see shared goals through to the end. Still, his soft-spoken ways belie a nostalgic, thinking boy with airs of melancholy just trying to find his way in a constantly shifting world he feels is leaving Oathlanders behind.

Background: Young Sirius came to the world a whining, petulant child since the moment his head peaked out of his mother's hindquarters, eyes as open as babes could have them. Born into a familial circle of economical means and connections, his begetter arranged for him ostentatious tutors in all sciences of man found worthy of the Oathlands; martial, physics, mathematics, theology, languages, geometry. History. Despite the wide selection, Sirius found himself the most attracted to the sword.

As he grew into early youth, issues became more apparent in his physique. His feet looked clubbed inwards, and he lacked the physical capacity to match the speed and dexterity of contemporaries, bringing out an ire and impatience in his father fattened only by the shame in the possibility of his boy being a cripple. And he was, in fact, crippled. It's what a particularly crude Sister of Lagoma informed him after witnessing him pushing the child too hard.

Sadly for her, Lord Alberich Valardin was a stubborn man. As singular, unsettling tales were suggested amongst his keep that his son wouldn't amount to knighthood, Alberich exhausted his resources in finding experts in matters of healing to exhume the vile crippledness from his boy. He soon had him wear all sorts of absurd apparatuses, from harnesses to wooden chassis around the ankles, ropes that'd pull away at every particularly bent toe to force his feet in place. It was a painful existence, but some of that stubbornness had been inherited by Sirius, who bent all efforts in pleasing his father.

Marked with the stigmata of disability, it was only reasonable that Sirius became retiring to the public eye. Sequestered to the dusty, and worn existence of his father's decaying library, he took it upon himself to be the bailiff that cared for every book, and while children played with swords and horses he, too, played with swords and horses. Only that his were whittled from wood, and placed on boards knapped from slate, where he borrowed scenarios of war and conflicts of the past to re-envision and reenact them within his capabilities once he derived them from books. Every soldier, every horse; every general, every officer, given a face and purpose. He was particular towards cavalry.

Eventually, time gave way to a young man healed of his physical impediments. As fate would have it, those ropes and pulleys that had kept his feet drastically in place had, in fact, healed his club-footed appendages, just not as quick as his father would've wanted. He had forgotten that knights wield swords and not pens; that they couch lances, and not books. So inadvertently, Alberich had let his son become a scholar of war, not a soldier that fights in one.

All his life, Sirius could feel an insistent gnawing in the back of his mind. A strange yearning, a thirst for more he could neither numb, nor sate, and it culminated with a self-effacing exodus to Arx. To visit the fabled Academy of War, and further his desire to understand conflict beyond the station of a soldier, or knight.

Relationship Summary

  • Rinel - A woman whose voice brings Spring early after a cold Winter.
  • Iseulet - A grimalkin at the ripe age of twenty-one, and the sweetest woman I know.
  • Revell - On second thought, perhaps some mysteries are best left untampered.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Elisha - Gone, lost and wandering under far-off leaves.
  • Juniper - I wish I had a better chance to come to know you in life, Sister Juniper. You'll always be a regret.
  • Brigida - A woman as severe as the Oak, and just as nurturing. Her voice could make the stillest of lakes quaver for generations.
  • Dycard - A driven man of earnest ethical and moral fiber, an admirable goal and a regretfully lackluster boat he owns. We still haven't tried that promised rum together.

  • Family:
  • Zara - She who showed me the ropes and arranged all my necessities after my arrival to Arx. I must do right by her; I mustn't disappoint her.
  • Katarina - Long lost cousin I didn't know to have from another land. She's family now. It is horrifying.
  • Adrienne - An earnest and loving scion whose love for all things living cannot be contained inside a single room, but she somehow manages. I love my family.
  • Name Summary
    Alessia Inquisitive and well spoken. I do like to encounter one so willing to listen to the ideas of others.
    Amund An admirer of good sword work. I think we will see his true mettle soon, as we need every Dragon we can get, in dark times such as these. Moreover, pleasant and sociable. None of these traits are ones that I have.
    Apollo I think if someone stared on through me like that, I'd be crawling out my skin all over again.
    Asher Stubborn, but uncompromising in his ideals and his honor. I admire him; reminds me of the stories of Steel.
    Brigida Definitely needs a little more spine. I didn't even give him my best stare I reserve for those who deserve it. Could also probably do with being a little more careful with his drinks and needs to learn when someone is jesting with him. Of course I wasn't going to take his foot!
    Catalana A reluctant and jittery prince. Interesting perhaps, if only he would share his name.
    Charis There's a tiny armored bug found in the woods around Oakhaven, a peaceful and rambling sort of insect prone to exploration. When you startle them, they curl into an impenetrable ball.'s probably rude, comparing a gentleman to an insect, however much he minds me of them. My apologies.
    Delilah I'm not sure what to make of him: a man covered in soot asking scholarly questions, dodging his title and addressing some of the fundamental questions of our history. I suspect we may have a brilliant acquaintance ahead.
    Domonico A curious Valardin Prince, excitable and seeming to be educated reasonably well. He doesn't seem to be in the best health though.
    Dycard Stiff and restrained, at least at a glance. Still, the courtesy he showed to the common folk shows a desire to be liked, if a lack of knowledge as to how to achieve it.
    Evaristo Here's one with his own style, tall and gangly - a Valardin prince like one I've never met before, not that I've met a lot of Valardin princes, but STILL. Curious about spiders.
    Iseulet This Prince is a real treasure. Young, but my favorite thing about him is his mouth. He's so well spoken.
    Josephine Another Valardin Prince, but this one not quite what you expect. I can see why he's been getting into trouble. But he's a good lad.
    Juniper Usually when a bolt strikes its target, it's the arrow left quivering from the impact. I hope he finds his stance.
    Mabelle Galant, benevolent Prince. Apparently overwhelmed by colors.
    Monique He's... enigmatic. And odd. Interesting. I'd like to peel back those stone layers.
    Neviah Strange Prince. I wonder about him. His condition, his... strange sense of humor that I don't quite grasp. I wonder what the slate is for. I wonder if he'd allow me to experiment on him...
    Petal Humble, thoughtful, likes herbal flower teas and has very good manners. He seems intelligent and deeply thinking and alert.
    Poppy A serious and interesting prince who makes me so absolutely uncertain of everything it's unnerving. I do like his company though.
    Ras Weird how a Valardin prince can remind me a little of someone who's a true and special friend. Gotta be careful. Some seem soft but ain't, specially silks.
    Reese An Oathlands Prince who is newly arrived, intelligent, deeply thinking and likely will be very useful to Compact and his family. Sometimes what we need are good ideas and he has them. I think he is someone I would consult with again. I don't regret opening up to him tonight.
    Revell I am still baffled that he would come to /me/ for advice, but I hope I was able to help - even if it was just a little. Despite being as young as he is, he's clearly got a good head on his shoulders and I have no doubt that he will do great things one day. A ripple of change, maybe? I hope I'll be around to see it. My new friend-of-a-friend has still got a lot of growing to do first, though, but then again - who doesn't?
    Rinel A Valardin prince with an interest in books and history. I have heard much of Oathlands warfare, but I know little of Valardin tactics. I think this may soon change.
    River He seems to not really seem confident at first but he seems intelligent and that makes up for anything else.
    Sabella While it's true that I adore anyone that indulges my husband and lets him talk about his many amazing works, I found Prince Sirius to be quite the picture perfect Valardin Prince and ever so engaging! I can't wait to see him at more outing such as this! Although maybe there could be less boats next time.
    Samira An insightful prince of House Valardin. Different than most, willing to take a deeper look at the complexities of the world around us. It seems like a rare trait these days and one that I can appreciate.
    Shard A Valardin. Definitely didn't look as though he belonged in the lowers. And apparently I came in on the tail end of some sort of ominous conversation with one of the Cardian representatives. Still, he seems observant.
    Sorrel He may not be the specimen of physical perfection by his own account, but he is a clever young man with a good and noble heart. I have great hope for him as a knight. He embodies the Valardin ideal.
    Stygia Has a great ass. Didn't say nothin' to or about Tuna.
    Tanith Silk, obviously. Smart, that's also obvious, but innocent. He doesn't know but he seems to try. Better than most, right?
    Verity The prince is a dutiful son of the Oathlands and I know he'll become a stalwart commander once he reaches his stride! I hope he also gets over his anxiety, because all the shrieking and sweating may not inspire the most confidence on the battlefield.
    Wash A well-spoken man, with a penchant for asking questions. He seems to have put some thought into the worth of doing nothing well. I could stand to hear more about that philosophy.
    Zoey He has a strong sense of what is right and fair.