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Lady Lenne Crovane

What? Of course it's real! What fool would bother worshipping a metaphor?

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Inquisitive Noble Scholar
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Crovane
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 9/23
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: copper blonde
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: pale

Description: Lenne might seem, on the surface, like a soft, effete young noblewoman. Her skin is porcelin, unblemished by sun. Her long, red-blonde hair is in perfect plait and brushed to a gleam. She's too slender and delicate in build to have seen much rough treatment. Her lips are prone to a lilting smiling. Yet there as signs of the opposite, too. The subtle white tracery of scars on her hands and forearms speak of years of spilled blood. The shadow of ink often darkens her fingertips. Her eyes are bright, curious and always attentive. Most tellingly, she carries herself as every bit the Northlander. Confident, purposeful and at ease with herself.

Personality: Duty has never been a heavy burden for Lenne, so the independence common to Northlanders found full flower in her. Curiosity is her watchword. She has, since she was a child, sought out every secret she could ferret out, learned every story she could badger an adult to tell her, and voraciously consumed every book she could get her fingers on. And she has been all too willing to bull her way through resistence to get what she desires. Though hardly a stereotypical model of Northern (or really, any) nobility, Lenne at least has a reputation at home of being pious (if perhaps over-broadly), gentle (save in pursuit of her latest interest) and thoughtful.

Background: Being the youngest of many siblings meant that there would be no great inheritence or weighty duty for Lenne. At best she would see a political marriage or minor office to oversee. Some would find that a bitter fate, but for Lenne it meant freedom her elder siblings couldn't have. She used it to its fullest.

As a child, she was a parent's nightmare, vanishing for days into the forest, to return filthy and babbling excitedly about what she saw. She was delighted to be scolded with being homebound, pestering others for stories, or sneaking into the libraries.

It never got better. She was equally infuriating as a youth, and worse as a teenager. Anatomy, history, theology, naturalism, spirit lore. No subject was safe from her scrutiny. No question was too obscure to escape examination. In desperation, her parents directed her to hobbies, and to their credit, it was somewhat successful. Some of her hours were spend safely working as a Mercy's Aid. Others with the Scholars, where her curiosity could be, at least, tolerated.

Of late, her passion has been the unacceptably fractured history of the world. So when her parents announced she was to be sent to Arx, to gain proper 'seasoning' befitting her standing, she was overjoyed. What better place to figure out the truth of things than at the seat of so much of history?

Relationship Summary

  • Locke - My eldest brother, long departed, hopefully reunited.
  • Rysen - My brother. A hero, and inspiration. One day I hope to earn his esteem.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Ras - He's a tough nut to crack, this one. I hope we can be friends, since I see a good heart in him. It just has a bit of a thorny exterior around it.
  • Mirk - He's as much a mentor shaman as I've ever had. He's a bit grumpy, but he's also helpful, benevolent, and very, very wise.
  • Alexis - I think I have been in awe, since the first moment I met Dame Alexis. A tiny girl who is a heroic leader of knights. She makes for an excellent role model.
  • Rukhnis - If ever there was a one-sided relationship, it is this. I find her utterly fascinating, but I fear she barely tolerates me.
  • Qadira - A loyal and fiery barmaid-turned-warrior from the Lowers. What madness will be in my life with two people like Sydney?

  • Friend:
  • Sydney - Beautiful, fierce and clever. A chance pen-pal turned dear friend and confidante, and proof positive that great people can come from humble beginnings.
  • Anisha - Every girl needs her own guide to life, mirrormask and Whisper. And the gods have blessed me with all that in one awe-inspiring person.
  • Sylvi - She's like me, but moreso. More shy. More pious. More brave. Maybe even more curious. Like does call to like, though, and so she's easy to be around.
  • Reese - I find something very serene about being around the Pink Knight of Ribbons. You need to treasure those that bring you peace.
  • Jules - I still don't understand Jules. He's nothing like me. But he cares. And I care. So that's enough.

  • Family:
  • Mikani - My sister-in-law. In many ways, she's exactly the sort of woman I aspire to be.
  • Geralt - My giant and joyful warrior of an uncle. I'm glad to find him in the city.
  • Name Summary
    Alexis Lady Leanne Crovane, younger sibling to Sir Lord Rysen. Bright-eyed and with a keen sense of humour. My kind of woman.
    Anisha Lady Lenne Crovane is a pleasant woman with a penchant for wild places. As a creature of comforts myself, I am keen to discover our differencees - and our similarities.
    Apollo Gracious and kind, which I've come to expect from House Crovane. More fashionable than she sees herself, as well.
    Appolonia Well she's not afraid to express herself, that's for sure.
    Arcadia Rysen told me to not corrupt her but I think she doesn't need my help. She is delightful and I look forward to causing mischief with her.
    Arianna Lady Anisha introduced me and she exceeded expectation. I thought she'd be more like most Northerners but her sense of humor and her wit could rival some of the girls in the South. They could all take a lesson from her book though, on the subject of modesty. I liked that about her too. Mostly though she looks delicious.
    Aslaug There is a flower in the north that seems to have no purpose but to grow and look pretty. And yet, each winter it is the only thing that grows when the rest of the plants have fallen to a deep slumber. And then, there is a special creature that eats this flower, and only this flower, every winter. This flower that seems so useless serves a purpose known only to those who need to know. I suspect this Lady of Crovane is similar.
    Delilah Smart as a rubicund blade is sharp, and drawn to the unusual. I can hardly claim not to be a kindred spirit. Those interests seem to draw us in a similar direction, and I delight in knowing how it might turn out.
    Dianna There lurks a curious and quiet red-haired lady among the party-goers - so quiet and with such blazing hair that one wonders if she intends to be left alone to observe, or if she truly believes herself to be obscured by all others here. I must say, though, that, with such vibrant hair, my eyes could not help but take note of her. I wonder who she may be.
    Domonico She takes additional knowledge about the vibrant nature of Arx well in her stride.
    Gabriella Dedication. That seems a fine word to describe the sense I get of Lady Lenne. Her battlefield may be one where books and medicines are wielded in place of swords and shields, but it is no less true of one for it, and her commitment no less real.
    Gaston Not the first time I've encountered a Spirit Walker in the woods by far, but...certainly the first who assumed /I/ was a spirit. Sweetly embarrassed about it, and at least we could share a much-needed laugh. Those are rare enough, in these times.
    Gawain Young, pure, in love. That's the kind of passion I admire!
    Ian Lord Rysen's sister. Likes books.
    Joslyn As someone that Anisha seems quite fond of, she already pique's my interest. She seems to have an understated thirst for knowledge, and perhaps something else hidden beneath the surface. I'm willing to bet she's not nearly as straight-laced as she likes to seem.
    Korka A noble healer that feeds bad habits in the hopes she can hug them away. I guess I could've stopped at 'noble' and you would've gotten the point.
    Leola A young woman with a quick and clever tongue, startling red hair, and, I suspect, a lot of brains below that. I think she'll be fine.
    Mabelle A fellow physician that is also a Shaman. I should tap her for studying more spiritual things should she wish to impart them. Make her feel important.
    Mikani My first sister. A lot like me. Into what is on the other side of shadows and an interest in other cultures. Feels like I'm fitting in more.
    Mirari Oh but she's pretty. All that rose-gold hair and sweetness. But don't let it fool you, I saw the way she stood up to the Bull of Solace when she thought he wasn't being compassionate enough. I'd think twice before underestimating this one.
    Mirk A Mercy and Crovane. Composed under pressure, and able to sense where her help will be most effective: You can see the warrior's blood in her House, even in those that don't fight.
    Monique A beautiful woman, to be sure. But more than that, a unique woman. I would follow her into the woods in hopes of seeing Wolf Spirits, that's for damned sure.
    Niklas Lady Lenne comes across as bookish and just a bit prim, but in her journals she seems to be quite the romantic.
    Qadira I know what my mouth is like; I'm not shy with a challenge. This one was equal to it, and then some. I've nothing against anyone who helps those that need it, and she's trying to improve herself the same way I am. No doubt I'll be seeing her around in the Lowers. She'll have my help if she needs it.
    Ras Not a normal silk at all, not even a normal person. Talks to spirits but she's more magical than that. Hard to believe she's real. Unreal, that's what she is.
    Reese Charming with diverse interests. She is sure to be a great blessing to her family and her brother. There is something very likable about her and there is power in being so appealing.
    Reigna It is like seeing myself from five years ago. She is smart, sweet and capable. I see the drive within her. I think I recall the shape of her face from that dark time during the Gyre. It makes sense to see her here. Such a thing must have impacted her strongly. I wish the best for her, and look forward to working with her.
    Rukhnis An unexpected arrival with an eager roving mind and a tongue full of questions, but her friendly demeanour and the fact that she is interested in helping others speaks well for her.
    Rysen My wildly curious, brilliant little sister. She's great at keeping her less intelligent brothers alive too.
    Sabella Lady Lenne Crovane seems to be a woman after my own heart when it comes to talk about romance and true love! I am absolutely thrilled that she seems to have found someone that makes her happy! That sort of inspiration does not often strike and I wish her all the luck in the world with it!
    Scipio Lady Lenne seems to be a kind woman. Not above tending the plant life at the Stone Grove. Intent on taking Arx by storm, if I am to understand her right. I believe she may be one to watch in the coming months. Perhaps I will be able to get to know her better in that time.
    Sydney Wide-eyed and innocent to the ways of Arx, at present. She seems half a child, hanging close to her handlers, but the other half seems rooted in clever wit, and talk of spirits. I do wonder where the truth of her lies, when she's settled in.
    Sylvi An absolutely incredible woman, she can do something with the spirits that I don't quite understand but I wish I did! I didn't spend nearly as much time with her on our trip as I should, but I will amend this posthaste! She seems to hunger for knowledge as much as I do, and I bet there is so much we can teach each other.
    Tarik I met her at the Golden Hart where she was playing a game of strategy with several other women. She is very smart, and she told me about the Golden Order, and GoldenPyre. She mention that she was going on a mission. I hope she returns back safe, so we can play again.
    Teagan I do worry that she's lost touch with this side of the world and how that might bode for her future in Arx.
    Volcica A dreamy shaman. I wonder what she'll find, up there in the clouds?
    Zoey Sister of a friend=future study buddy?