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Prince Aindre Grayson

Duty doesn't need to call; it only needs to whisper. And if you heed the call, no matter what happens, you have no need for regret.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Princely Paragon
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 29
Birthday: 5/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'0
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Silver-Blue
Skintone: Light Brown

Description: Height is the least measure of a man but Aindre Grayson rises high regardless, rounding out at six feet tall. There is a broadness of shoulders and thickness of arms that implies strength over quickness but despite that he moves with a surprising ease of grace. The stormy blue-silver of his eyes creates a striking contrast against the smooth light brown of his skintone, making them one of the man's more notable features. They're surrounded by thick brows and prominent cheekbones that both help to lend a noble bearing to his face. A strong jawline which rarely is allowed to forego a clean shave cradles generous lips well-suited to the large and earnest smiles he's capable of whenever they're not pursed in serious thought or dedicated to looking disappointed in someone. If let go, his thick black hair would be capable of riots and for that reason he keeps it cut close and respectably shaped to match the rest of his meticulous grooming.

(As of early 1015 AR, Prince Aindre wears a griffin-emblazoned eyepatch over his right eye.)

Personality: Aindre was raised to measure the success of his life in the strength of his accomplishments and so he shows no small amount of pride in that which he achieves, while admittedly shouldering heavily the disappointment of his failures. Those who know him well understand a fire burns in him not simply to meet the expectations of his family name but to exceed them in much the same way as his forebears exceeded all expectation placed upon them. He can wax fierce in competitions of both politics and swordplay, but carries a reputation for being as graceful in defeat as he is in victory. While capable of deeply serious expressions in his duties toward his family and the honor of their name, his experiences off the battlefield have also taught him when to relax his guard and celebrate.

Background: Aindre Grayson was a bold and capable soul from his youngest years, always a strong-willed handful and into everything. His parents and teachers realized early on that his liveliness of spirit would need to be channeled into something productive. The sword was a natural fit and he was allowed to pursue it so long as he gave an equal amount of dedication to his lessons in strong leadership, sound diplomacy and whatever else his parents thought to be the hallmarks of a great political figure. This left him with the well-rounded education a prince should have, but anyone could see that while it was duty which drove him to learn the importance of maneuvering through the political machinations of the realm, his training in arms was where his passion was allowed to blossom.

Between the excessive number of exceptionally talented members belonging to both halves of his Grayson and Bisland lineage, Aindre was never at a loss for older role models nor was he ever lacking in extraordinary cousins to test himself against in matters of the sword or the silver tongue. A veteran of two wars - the Silence and the Gyre - it was only a matter of time before his duties carried him to Arx on a more long-term basis in the Spring of 1012 AR at a point when tensions were high, the last of his siblings to do so. How his story unfolds from there is anyone's guess, but Aindre Grayson cut his teeth on tales of his family's storied history and the words of his House might as well be etched into his soul, so many in Bastion expect even greater things from him. No pressure, right?

Name Summary
Alessia Charming soon-to-be drinking companion. I look forward to learning about these legends his cousin hinted at.
Elgana Ah, one of the newest Grayson princes to arrive in Arx. He's rather diplomatic, but his family has long prided themselves on being able to conquer any obstacle in their path by any means necessary. I do look forward to seeing what this prince conquers now that he's in Arx.
Korka Polite Prince. He probably thinks he's droll.
Macda If the Gods made a balance to me, it would be Aindre. He is quick of wit, strong of blade, and blessed with honor; in short, he'll be in the Hall of Heroes some day, I can guarantee it. I do hope someone with a sense of humor places him next to Caithness...
Niklas Prince Aindre seems a good all-around fellow. Perhaps a touch serious, but that's nothing we can't fix.
Reese Warrior Prince of Grayson. Good timing we need another warrior in the family. I look forward to learning more about him. He seems social and charming too, which well it takes more than one kind of battling to survive so that is good.
Rysen A prince of courtesy and eloquence, who seems to be both industrious and of a marital inclination. I suspect he will thrive in Arx, much to the benefit of his House.
Zoey One of my dear Grayson cousins. He gives me a hard time because he loves me, I'm sure of it.