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Sir Merek Black

... Was I supposed to be full of wit and charm here?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Knight Explorer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Black
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 12/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Metalsmith
Height: average height
Hair Color: sable black
Eye Color: golden amber
Skintone: tanned dusky

Titles: Student of Vellichor, A Knight of the Lyceum

Description: This man stands at around five foot ten, while he has a lissome and a somewhat muscular build to his form, and also skin which is dusky in tone. The male has smooth hair which comes towards his chin, the color which is like midnight and sable, although metallic-like tones, have been fashioned within that roguishly unkempt mane. He has eyes much like a golden amber, which shine with emotions.

Personality: He is quite a kind man, and will often assist people that need it. While he can be aloof when in his thoughts, he tends to be idealistic, and experiments often with different things. He tends to have a positive view of the world, even when it can be quite dark. For where he is from, some might think he is too optimistic when it comes to most things.

Background: Merek Black is a simple man, who was born to a quite simple family. Both his parents, Tanto Black and Teena Black had two twin children, Merek and Malena. Both parents were farmers, for the Great House Velenosa. Also the family has owed their allegiance to them, as far back as can be remembered. The children would be no different in allegiance.

Merek was the more curious of the two, who were born as twins. He would be the one to get into all the troublemaking, and he was also the one who was often idealistic about the world, as well as all the knowledge it had to offer. He made friends easy, and was a little bit more educated than most, but at times he could be aloof.

He became interested in metalwork, and working with various chemicals as well, which saw him becoming apprenticed to a smith as he became older. The interest he had, would see him become a metalsmith, working with all manner of metal and chemicals, to try and make the best weapon and armor he could, as well as making basic medicines. though often he would find that will more than one practice, he was often a master at none, but passable. Now in adulthood, he travels around with his surname, attempting to bring home wealth for all his family, and for his own to make a life.

Relationship Summary

  • Tyrval - The Nox'alfar Diplomat
  • Venteri - An Elven Ambassador

  • Patron:
  • Calista - The Fidante Duchess

  • Family:
  • Jayeth - The Merchant Cousin
  • Renato - A Champions Cousin

  • Sibling:
  • Malena - The Sister Alchemist

  • Deceased:
  • Estaban - The Guard's Officer
  • Serafine - The Guard Princess

  • Friend:
  • Bianca - Archscholar of Vellichor
  • Maeve - The Shaman Alchemist
  • Kenna - The Whitehawk Guard
  • Cybele - Shaman Scholar Mercy
  • Reese - The Grayson's Princess
  • Aiden - Kind Prince Commander
  • Sparte - Smart Iron Guardsman
  • Valenica - Kind Golden Princess
  • Denica - Nice Thraxian Princess
  • Name Summary
    Aiden Merek has always been heroic in Aiden's mind. When he first came to Arx he read a record accounting of Merek Black's deeds. He may have put the man on a pedestal, though for good cause. Merek has since proven to live up to many of Aiden's impressions and Aiden has a firm respect for Master Black, considering him a friend if not a brotherly figure for his acts upon the ramparts.
    Alarissa A scholar, a questioner, a man of metals.
    Alessandro Learning cooking -- very wise for a newly minted knight.
    Appolonia Bold of him to bring out the cigarillos in our parlor. Memo to self, I now have precedent.
    Arianna A brave man who fought for the city and shielded his brethren from harms.
    Astraea The kindest type of gentleman there is, an Iron Guardsmen. Everytime I've encountered one of these fine folk they've been nothing but nice and very polite. I like the way he carries himself, with an air of respectability about him. It makes me immediately feel comfortable in his presence, and I do so love /his/ love for the Gods. Jayus works miracles through him, that much is clear. Even if I don't quite understand how things are in the city I can tell he doesn't judge me too harshly. Good man.
    Bianca To describe Merek Black the first word that comes to mind is "passionate." He has a deep love of the people of the Compact so much so that I believe without a doubt he would stand unflinching in the face of imminent death to save a single life as quickly as he would stand for a thousand.
    Bianca My dear friend. I have known Merek a long, long time and his unending dedication to his beliefs and the well being of humanity never ceases to astound me. I admire that in him.
    Brady He's an officer of the Fleet! As well as diplomatic, polite, and a good dancer.
    Brigida Iron Guardsman who seems to be quite capable at all the many tasks on which we call the guard.
    Calaudrin Merek Black is an industrious young man that always seems to be up to something. I wish I was that busy when I was his age. Instead I was standing on lower boroughs corners, ah well. I caught a lot of muggers.
    Carmen Quiet, unassuming pretty boy with a mouthful of titles and carting around an armorment large enough to conquer a small village. Surprise!
    Caspian You don't often see merchants who are also warriors, but in Merek is one of those people who are jack of all trades like that. I can respect a man who tries to be multi-skilled.
    Caspian What's with the tattered cloak? A merchant knight like hime should be able to afford a better one. Also, being a merchant and a knight sounds like a lot of jobs.
    Cerdensulathara VERY fashionable. Meek? Polite and nice.
    Christine Generous kid. First person Christine crossed words with at the city.
    Clara Friendly man, I enjoyed speakin' with him. He was kind enough to offer me some pointers on how ta go about gettin' involved in the city.
    Cybele Scholar-Guard Merek is a man who thinks many things and wants to do many things also. That is good, I think.
    Cyril A man quick on his toes and fearless at the charge of a carriage. Good to know.
    Delia What a powerhouse! I could hardly believe my eyes. But he knows his craft and he is a good sport even when he wins.
    Delilah He's a hard book to read. Seems quick-witted and quite friendly, I feel like I could actually learn a lot under his wing.
    Delilah I have the utmost respect for Merek for throwing himself directly into the line of battle when civilians in the marketplace, myself included, were at risk. He never hesitated to protect them. A good soul, and one I'd like to get to know better.
    Dion Quite a scarf. It must be lucky, or summon fish somehow.
    Domonico Heavily armed. Ridiculously so. That being said, he stepped up to help protect the innocent when needed and kept his head.
    Eilonwy Charming and an amazing fighter. I hope we get to work together again sometime.
    Eirlys He fought well in the the battles the city has faced. He helps where he can and is kind.
    Eithne This guy's got a lot of titles I couldn't really keep up with, but he's doing something as a Minister of Economics and that means he deals with Merchants which means one day he'll have to deal with me. Seems like a good egg.
    Esme I keep attending events where he's at, but he's always so quiet. I am going to have to seek him out and see if it's me that keeps him silent or something else
    Esoka A man of many skills, it seems. I'm not sure what to make of him much of the time, but he seems to have good intentions.
    Evaristo Knows a lot about things, it seems. I am not envious about his rough work at the moment - that is a rough situation!
    Evelynn Clearly a clever man with many skills. A lot to offer the world.
    Fairen A man of many professions. Guardsmen, Minister of Economics, Scholar... Very interesting and from my observations, skilled in all of his trades.
    Faruq A strong fighter and has his eye on the future. All his accolades seem well earned. Most importantly he hasn't ever asked me to spar. Which is a relief as I dislike sparring on general principle.
    Ferrando Solid guardsman with a lot of various interests from what I hear. Ended up on a Bringer hunt with him in the Lowers during the siege. We got split up so I don't entirely know what he was up to, but he's definitely got bravery enough to spare.
    Gianna Quite good at playing the lute. Also, apparently he always carries a lute with him.
    Gretchen He's quiet but he seems to be everywhere these days. Has yet to display a skill that would let him win anything though. Well, more for me.
    Hadrian A jack of all trades, by his own word. He's impressive to say the least. It's always very interesting to find someone who may not necessarily specialize in some role or task in life, but instead chooses to grant themselves the greatest advantage of all: versatility. Master Merek was the first to deliver a gift to the recently married Marquis and Marquessa of Ostria, which earned him high praise for his thoughtfulness. The Duchess of Tor made a very wise move in gathering this one up as one of her proteges!
    Ida Merek Black is certainly an interesting and talented man who seems to have an interest in a large variety of areas. Not overly talkative, I enjoyed speaking with him in the shop.
    Iseulet He didn't join me on the strangely /divine/ couch at the Nox'alfar Embassy opening, but provided pleasant conversation. I hear he has a shop - I should drop by soon. He seems easy to speak to as well as knowledgable.
    Isolde A kind man looking for guidance. I only hope I can give him what he seeks.
    Jaenelle Merek has upheld his position as Knight of the Lyceum with distinction and honor.
    Jeffeth Sir Merek Something! I've seen him many places, the training grounds, the Embassy, he seems to be a popular fellow. I'm sure we'll be fast friends one day!
    John Master Merek, that's the kind of man that inspires others to be brave like him.
    Jordan A nice Knight, recently sworn as one by House Velenosa. He's confident and seems to know how to keep a business, so that's good to see, in general.
    Joscelin Strange and kind, unusually earnest, Merek isn't someone Joscelin would consider as soldier material. However, he's loyal and devoted and you can't ask much more from a Guildmember.
    Josephine A man of few words, succinct action, and always around the city.
    Jyri Immediately takes action. I like that in an officer.
    Katarina Katarina's encounters with the Iron Guardsman has been relatively sparse, but he seems well enough of a gentleman. She's not heard much hearsay that would cast him in a negative light; quite the contrary, actuall, and she's interested in their paths crossing soon.
    Kenna He seemed so reserved at first, but I had a HUNCH there was more there lingering under the surface. I'm sure there is still more to be found.
    Killian I remember the first time I ever met Merek, at least I think it was the first, he was attempting to assist in breaking up a fight in the Lowers..without a weapon. And unwilling to risk harming the fellow who was attacking him. It was inspiringly naive. I wonder how the world and events have changed his outlook upon things, I hope that he has not been darkened too much by the realities we face.
    Kutazer Being in the Gold Order already makes me like him, the courage to do the Reflection Trials increases that feeling. I do hope to get to know him better.
    Leola A disciple of Vellichor who wants to know all about all, it seems. Still, he's quick to ask questions about the other gods, and show them respect when due. I can respect that.
    Lilia An interesting man, articulate and educated and, evidently, very well connected to things I'd never even considered.
    Lorenzo Nice enough guy. I enjoyed talking whiskey with him, and I'd enjoy sharing a drink with him again.
    Lou A would be explorer that came to the gauntlet and gave it his best. He did fairly well, even pitted against explorers. Can't wait to see what he does once he becomes a full explorer.
    Lucita A dark haired man with eyes almost the color of my own. We met when attending a meeting of ARRG focused on placing refugees. He seemed focused on writing something during the meeting, and showed interest. From the timing of his writing, it was probably meeting notes rather than a letter or poem or aimless doodling.
    Luis Knighted as well and I have not had quite a lengthy conversation with the man, but he does seem rather steadfast. As such, I believe that I shall see more of him in the coming days with the additional changes that have come our way.
    Mabelle A fellow cookie lover. What's not to like!?
    Mailys He's a wonderful smith, doing good work for the Crafters' Guild. I don't see him often, but it's always nice when I do.
    Martino The good Knight, while not quite getting the idea of a spa, was on hand to ensure protection when a brute came in offering to fight us
    Mikani First time diving but he is a great treasure hunting companion.
    Mira Super sweet, he's one of my first and favorite clients. Even if it was his last will and testament.
    Mirari He always seems to be trying something. Mirari only ever hears about him working on this project or that project. He's pleasant enough in company, though.
    Mydas A scholar and one linked to the Fidante. I do not know much more about the man, though we may do business again together.
    Niklas Scholar and explorer and iron guardsman. Sir Merek seems quite the doughty jack of all trades.
    Niklas I have always thought of Sir Merek as a dougthy knight and guardsman, but I never thought him capable of such feats!
    Norwood He seems like he is not one to speak much, but knows his shop well enough.
    Orazio An eager young guardsman. And disciple. And possibly a great many other things - one often hears his name in widely disparate circumstances. Orazio is glad to see someone as invested in the Faith and in doing the right thing as Merek seems to be.
    Oriana The first Inquisitor I've had contact with, thank all the gods. Though he seemed competent enough. And happy to spread coin in his wake. I find THAT trait particularly appealing.
    Orrin Clever and sneaky. It isn't always what's called for but all the same, when it is, I'm glad to know he's one my side.
    Petal he seems nice and I hope to visit his shop and know him better later.
    Pharamond The man is a fun competitor in all ways - I enjoy his efforts and his respect.
    Quenia Another member of the Refugee group. I went to him once with questions, and hope to speak to him again.
    Reese Reese really likes Merek. She remembers when they were both new Iron Guards together and it feels like so long ago now! While she has got busy, she sees Merek as a friend and an ally and hopes for that to continue.
    Renato I told you Cousin, she is tiny, but fierce! It is good to see Merek doing so well for himself though, and even knighted! Silly man getting himself knighted like that. I don't think I will ever give up my freedom like that but if it is what he wanted then I am glad for him. Clearly Arx has affected his idea of what is a lot of money though, I only hope to be so affected some day!
    Rook A hooded scholar with a beard. Senior scholar, that is. Also a man who often pays tribute to the Crown and makes sale of his writs.
    Rose A voice I met in the Shrine of Limerance. I could tell he was a nice man.
    Ryhalt Odd sort of fellow who seems like he has a lot of jobs, but I'm not entirely clear what he's selling.
    Rymarr He wants to flirt with an elf. Odd, to say the least. To each their own though. I just hope it doesn't get him killed in the process.
    Sabella Quick with a sword and a laugh, Sir Merek is always a good person to have around be it at a sociable party, a duel, or out fighting for us!
    Sabella A very he a painter or a tailor? Maybe both? I do remember a lovely fire weave scarf that I think he made!
    Saedrus A inquisitive and studious young man, that I am sure of. I have not had a great deal to do with young Merek, this evening at the Rectory was the most I had ever heard him talk. He seems a very keen disciple.
    Samael A smith and Field Scholar. Generously offered up books for my friend Monique. I'll have to read some of his books.
    Sasha He seems quite helpful. I do hope to stay in touch with him. He seems like a useful ally.
    Selene One of the House's long term patrons. At first glance, he's a bit of a rough sort in the way that might seem out of place in the house, but first glances are what they are. But he's obviously a very good supporter of the house, and potentially a valuable friend, so I'm sure there will be plenty of reason for us to explore his relation with Selene and the House more in the future.
    Selene A good sport about being unhorsed, and certainly always ready with a greeting and a smile.
    Silas Merek Black is a scrupulous young Officer who can be counted to do the non-stabbing related things that Silas has trouble with.
    Simone He gave Ansel a decent fight. He seems very nice and I look forward to future conversations.
    Sparte %R%TWhen Sparte met Merek, he was struck by how serious and down to business the man was. Sparte tries to believe all guards are free of corruption - hope is maybe a better word - but with Merek he felt a certainty that this was a man with higher ideals. Since then, he has not been disappointed.
    Sydney Let it never be said that this man does not know his way around an axe.
    Talia An impressive figure who is well-versed in many things. He was also kind enough to help me when I was in need.
    Tallius Quiet fellow, but seems okay to have around in a fight. Hard to get a read on just what sort of person he is though, wonder if he tries to stay distant from people on purpose or is just not particularly outgoing.
    Thena I guess when you have a diamondplate sword, everything in the world looks like something to slice.
    Thomas I cannot help but respect a man who will not stand for injustice, even if it risks his life. Sir Merek is a valarous knight, and I am proud to be his brother in the Order.
    Tyrval It really was an impressive over-dramatic wave of his cloak.
    Valdemar He seems a sensible sort. It was difficult to tell more about him than that, given the circumstances under which we met, but it does speak well of him.
    Valery He's one of the guards and has a shop. He seems a bit serious.
    Vanora This man attended a small ritual I conducted for the Thirteenth. He was not one to sit in the Shrine and gossip with friends or politely wait for the conclusion, rather he appeared deeply thoughtful regarding my words during the Rite, and in general. He intrigues me.
    Verity A dutiful knight of the Gold Order to be sure! It was very brave of him to take up hosting such a large event when Dame Alexis was indisposed. Though, I have noticed that he frequently seems distracted. Perhaps he thinks too much.
    Violet A man with a good heart. Just like me trying to stop a nasty situation with whatever means they can think of.
    Willow Have seen him about a fair bit but he doesn't make any notable impression.
    Ysabel A man of few words. Very few.
    Zoey You don't need to be showy to be intelligent, as he proves.