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Nina Autumndale

Let's fill our hearts with wine and song, and merry make, merry make, all day long!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Spoony Bard
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Autumndale
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Amber Red
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: A young woman possessed of a fae-like beauty. She has a diamond-shaped face, with a narrow nose and full lips over a sharp chin. Her sky-blue eyes are open and round, taking in the world around her with flickers of light. Her hair is the color of a sunset in summer, warm and red with highlights of spun gold, and rolls to her waist when it is not pinned out of her way. She is possessed of an hourglass figure, with a flare of hips and bust around a thin waist. However, her limbs are thin, long for her height, without much tone of muscle. She has nimble, clever fingers. Though she is striking visually, she is perhaps even moreso for her voice, which tends soprano when she speaks, clear as a bell, and has a high range and emotional resonance when she is singing.

Personality: Always curious and inquisitive, eager to meet new people. Nina is a woman of seemingly effortless charm and grace despite her common birth. She puts out an effervescent energy and has no problem taking center stage, not being one to hide her light. She has a way with both words and song, and can quickly turn a phrase into a rhyme or joke. If she dislikes you, her tongue may be sharper, but she usually hides this in a turn of phrase clever enough for it not to be outright noticed. However, she is not terribly quick to judge and can always find something interesting about another person.

Background: A common-born woman, Nina was nonetheless possessed of a remarkable voice and gift for song. Discovered in her talents as she was singing for her supper on a warm summer night, she was brought into the fold of House Pravus and trained as a Courtier. Hobnobbing with nobility is still fresh and new to her, and she has much to sample of the delights of this world.

Relationship Summary

  • Gabriella - How lucky am I to work for such an amazing warrior as the Princess Gabriella! I hope to do her justice in song and story.
  • Name Summary
    Alessia Wonderfully talented. She certainly livens the room with her music.
    Amari A very fine lute player with a quick tongue and sharp mind. She very nearly trounced Prince Edain in a contest. Most impressive.
    Anisha I briefly met the lovely bard Nina in the Training Center in possibly the worst of circumstances - I'm pleased to have amended that by getting to witness her immense talent for storytelling. She weaves tales and brings them to life like an artist uses canvas. Truly remarkable.
    Apollo Her enthusiasm for story and wordcraft is remarkable. I wish she didn't diminish her own talents - she's as fine a poet as any I've read.
    Appolonia A courtier who knows what she's talking about. And she knows this... "beat."
    Beatrice A Pravosi /bard/. Just what the House was lacking. Belladonna's taste remains exceptional.
    Belladonna Oh, she is Setarcan all right. Although she does not need me to make waves, lets see if I can't enhance her and tip a few ships in the process.
    Bellamy A talented actress I meet and had the pleasure of running some lines with-- I do hope the production goes all as planned!
    Catalana Bright. Perhaps a touch naive however.
    Celeste What a lovely singer. She came up with a few verses on the spot and regaled us with her lute work. Where did Gabriella find this one?
    Cerys Mistress Nina Autumndale: A woman of great sense and sensibilities, her voice renowned. I shall have to ensure that we run into one another again, if there is one thing life in the Lyceum has taught me.. always always ALWAYS have a bard at your parties. Or in your party.
    Corrigan Amusing to watch try to to flirt in the social game at the Murder. Good voice though, and quite some stamina, to keep the music going all night.
    Dianna Bawdy poetess with an excellent sense of rhythm and a perfect sense of timing. Simply splendid and quite delightful. I shall have to send Lord Martino to her... but then, he doesn't require that anymore, now does he?
    Dimitri The Mistress Autumndale has a truly stunning voice and I imagine there is much that I could learn from her as a result.
    Dio A fantastic musician with mastery of a variety of styles. Well worth whatever coin she commands.
    Domonico Pleasant and apparently a skilled performer. Perhaps soon I will witness it and form my own opinion.
    Esme She seems like fun and she's from Pravus lands, so that guarantees fun. It was a stoic party, but I'm sure we shall become friends and have less stoic ones.
    Evaristo She's an amazing bard and will no doubt bring even more fame to the Bard's College. Cheerful and nice too!
    Evonleigh A charming bard who seems quite curious and intent on learning to better her craft and enhancing her other performance skills. I cannot wait to see her talent on display soon!
    Gabriella Mesmerizing. Her voice is as remarkable as the creativity she couples it with to create true brilliance. But there is an edge there, too, that elevates her to another level entirely. How could I not have sought her as a protege?
    Graziella A lovely bard who is my beloved sister's protege! Her voice and lute are absolutely beautiful! I should like to get to know her better.
    Hamish A sweet natured bard with skill to match her kindness.
    Helena A very talented bard whose lovely work graced my poetry reading. I so look forward to hearing more of her work.
    Jourdain A very helpful young bard, with a lovely voice. She is not so silly as she fears.
    Kaia My she plays quite splendidly! That music at the Keaton-Moore wedding was fantastic! I should have Martino seek her out for our next grand social event. All great social events must have music and dancing! How delightful! How skilled!
    Katherine She is an exceptional fiddler, very professional, and so kind to perform privately for me. I cannot praise her enough. If ever I or anyone else I know is in need of musical entertainment, she will be the first person I contact.
    Korka A good singer. I think. She was in the crowd when Legate Aureth was nearly assassinated. I'm pretty sure she wasn't the assassin though. Almost positive.
    Kritr Anxious singer trying to get recognized. Also... very short.
    Lisebet Was I ever that young and innocent?
    Lucita Bright, alert, amicable member of Bard's College. Thirsty for knowledge but accepting of limitations.
    Mabelle A brave bard of House Pravus, sweet girl. Talented.
    Martino Her hauntingly beautiful music captured and utterly swept across the dance floor. Truly we were well and truly blessed with her art
    Matteo Eager to serve but quick-witted and with goals of her own, I am quite certain even after one meeting that she's an excellent addition to Pravus.
    Mikani At first she was reserved, yet she seemed to open up and looks like she could be in for hijinx. That's when life gets fun!
    Monique The first and only one to win at Swift's challenge for the Tournament of Thorns thus far! An impressive feat that I mean to grill her about later.
    Niklas There is no denying that Nina Autumndale is the most singularly talented bard I've seen since Gianna Whisper first came to the city.
    Norwood She is a farm brat too! I feel instant kinship.
    Oddmun A sweet voice, a welcome respite after weeks without human company. Animals have their virtues, but there's something to be said for the beauty of a song.
    Olivian A lovely messere that has an eye for fashion and an ear for music -- I think. We'll talk more!
    Orelia Singing such a filthy song in front of mixed company! I approve. Carry on.
    Philippe A delightful young lady. She is very down-to-earth and accessible for such a Arvum-renowned artist. I think I will attempt to hire her for a function one of these days.
    Porter How lovely to make the acquaintance of such a fine performer. I'd seen her from afar one night and the next much more close up, I look forward to seeing what else she does in the future. And perhaps we'll meet again, seeing as how we're members of the same college!
    Rane A talent in so many forms. She knew how to provide myself and a companion a delightful night's worth of entertainment. It wouldn't have been the same without her. A true credit to the Bard's College.
    Ras Made me feel like a creep to watch her dancin at the Ravashari fires. I like her singing better. Don't usually get such nice-sounding bards at the Murder.
    Revell She puns! Good puns at that, but puns nonetheless. Perhaps I am humorless, but I don't find them funny. I can appreciate the wordplay, but that's about it. Still, she has an excellent voice and I hope I get to hear her in the Murder again sometime. Maybe when I have silver to toss her way.
    Rosalind She makes nice clothes it seems. Maybe she works with leathers too? But I liked talking to her, so that counts too!
    Rowenova Lovely company and an impressive bard during Bardic Fire and noble weddings!
    Rysen A singer, musician and courtier who seems to favor the lute. Someone with her charisma will likely climb high.
    Sabella A delightful young woman who is a talented member of the Bard's College and no doubt has a bright future walking--or dancing as it were--across the boards ahead of her!
    Sanya Though the meeting was brief, her wit was on display for the gathered to see. I imagine conversations with her would be interesting indeed.
    Sebastian The courtier has a smooth tongue, as expected of one taught in Setarco. Her manner intrigues me, and I feel there is much more underneath her genteel manner I wish to learn about.
    Skaldia A wonderful parade marshal of the smallest parade. I've never met anyone quite like her.
    Sorrel A capable woman, Nina has a fantastic voice and excellent sense as a performer. Charming and friendly, with a certain appreciation for good music.
    Svana Someone to keep an eye on in the crafting community; she and a few other up and comers will surely take me out of business! More than that, she seems to always be working for charity and has a generous heart.
    Sydney Proved to be a master of overwhelming the Shrine of Endings with puns. Seemingly boundless energy, and it comes through in the way she speaks. Interesting!
    Teagan As always, Belladonna selects brilliant people and Nina is no different. I look forward to seeing what else this woman pulls off in the future.
    Thea A talented tailor. She's not only talented, she's thoughtful and charming. I see the allure.
    Vanora She's another with a gift for fashion, and apparently one for songs as well? I hope that she and I can spend more time together in the future, bard to bard.
    Verity Such beautiful music! I admire her willingness to play to a rough crowd. Not everyone in the Bard's College has that kind of moxie.
    Veronica Seen from afar, you still can't miss the woman's talent, or the enjoyment she gets out of her work. That's not something all folks get, and it's a pleasure to watch her work.
    Zoey She will be a credit to the Bard's College one day. She has such fantastic songs and stories to share!