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A Stitch In Time

Story Emits

At Heroes Home, construction has finished on a large, looming clock tower. A clock is a wonder in and of itself, a luxury owned personally by only the richest of people in the world. This one is a marvel even by those standards. The tower itself stretches several stories into the sky, filled with the workings necessary to make the clock function. The face of the clock is slightly iridescent when the light glances off of it, as if the entire thing is made of mother of pearl. The numbers on the face are each made of a different metal, from iron and copper and brass and bronze to more expensive ones - gold, and silver, and the unmistakable gleam of platinum at the high midnight/noon position. Helpfully, the clock chimes the hours, a soft and sonorous reminder for those in the vicinity of the Hall of Heroes.

The clock tower seems to have appeared overnight. But no, of course it didn't, and plenty of people remember the construction of it, crews of people in red working to haul in materials and fit the structure together. Just..not everyone remembers it.