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Ill Winds and Bad Tides

Story Emits

As the sun rises over Arx, sailors heading to their boats are the first to notice that the statue of Mangata on the beach doesn't look quite so impressive as it usually does; there's a tarnished patch down at the base of the statue. When a few curious souls go to take a look, they find a sort of black algae-like slime on the surface of the statue. Disciples are quickly sent out to clean the muck away, some of them grumbling irritably at the prospect of the day's hard labor.

Several hours later, the Disciples have been called back, and rumors begin to spread. Some claim the stain refused to scrub away; brushes and rags could make no dent in it, with even the most diligent unable to clean a single spot of the statue. And some say that when one frustrated Disciple finally gave up and tried to scrape it away with his fingernails, his fellows had to haul him away, screaming. Some of the Disciples say his hand was raw and blistered.

Whatever the case, those who go to investigate find that the statue has been cordoned off by Templars. But even at a distance, the greenish-black stain is visible, and some claim it glimmers in an almost ominous manner in certain light.