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Every Dog Has Its Day

Story Emits

The Lower Boroughs is astir as a batallion of five hundred Iron Guardsmen descend on the docks. Lord Commander Silas Whitehawk, Prince Ainsley Grayson, and guardsman Calaudrin Estardes were seen among the guardsmen, escorting seventy five House Thrax men-at-arms with Lord Edward Stormbreak in command. Several score mercenaries surrendered peacefully to the guardsmen, with rumors abounding of some kind of dispute over the ownership of ships in the harbor, including a monstrously large dromond that once belonged to Prince Dominic Thrax before his untimely demise at the hands (snout, whatever) of his hogs. Many of the mercenaries were taken in for questioning by Prince Laric Grayson, on suspicion of treason due to trading with Abandoned. Iron Guardsmen are heard talking after the fact about the encouragement of King Alaric IV, suggesting the operation was ordered by the Crown itself.