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Heist of the Century

Nearly the entire treasury of Southport has been robbed! The daring crime has been blamed on an unfortunate lack of key personnel who should have prevented it. Southport has been thrown into turmoil - a lack of officers in the army has caused a breakdown in discipline, and armed mutiny is a real possibility.

Story Emits

Although in the coming days, many fingers will be pointed and the value of hindsight will cause many to proclaim the crisis as having been inevitable, the sudden turmoil in Southport catches nearly everyone completely by surprise. The vault of Southport is discovered to be nearly empty. Who stole it and why is a mystery, but it's notable that no one can recall any guards having been assigned to guard it, nor even officials assigned to administrate over bookkeeping, making embezzlement a possibility. When soldiers in the city find that they won't be paid, armed insurrection suddenly appears likely, as there are shockingly few officers in the ranks of Southport's army to keep them in line, and the few there are appear to be largely composed of malcontents unhappy with the rule of Duchess Calypso.

The vault isn't left completely empty, according to rumor. It seems particularly odd that 13 silver coins would be left behind, though.