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No Masks

Story Emits

Though the Blood Moon has come and gone, the rumors of a particular Mirrormask have been circulating throughout Arx. Not simply knowledgeable in the religious doctrine, both past and present, this Mirrormask gained the accolade of being Chosen by the Thirteenth. Many flocked to his sermons, those in the shrine as well as impromptu affairs held on street corners or in taverns. This might be strange enough for some (or uncomfortable, ahem, Oathlanders), but to make matters all the more peculiar, this Mirrormask took a decided interest in a few individuals. They covered the social spectrum: Calaudrin the Iron Guardsman, Saedrus Whisper, Driskell a fellow Mirrormask, Marquis Hadrian as a Lycene noble.

Indeed, as rumor has it, they were seen running hither and thither across the capital, in search of random bits of junk. They haggled, borrowed, and connived, never really explaining why it was they needed a particularly ugly leather cloak or a broken wine bottle. Stranger still, they were seen to be hiding the clutter within a chest inside the Shrine of the Thirteenth. If that wasn't enough, then came the private vigils held from midnight to dawn - the last saw the quartet stumbling blearily from the shrine. Yet of the so-called 'Chosen of the Thirteenth'...There is naught to be found.