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The Spirit of Giving

Story Emits

A large delivery meant for the needy families of Arx was ambushed by a group of bandits. Thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of Alarie Harall, Lord Ian Kennex, Seraph Ailith, and Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, not only were the bandits caught red-handed, but the goods were retrieved, and a small hide-out on the coast that was being used for illegal smuggling was discovered. The citizens of Arx can surely breathe a sigh of relief, and those recipients of a mysterious benefactor's good will can look forward to a more comfortable winter.
Under the leadership of Lord Ian Kennex, a salvage operation is underway for a longship with gray sails, anchored and listing slightly to port. Lord Wash Kennex, Lady Dianna Mazetti, Duke Harald Grimhall, and Mae Grayhope go with him to assist. When they sail back, Lord Wash's Cirella's Bounty is followed in by that ship with gray sails, and a stir can be heard at the docks. This is a Grayson merchant ship, its arrival expected a week ago, presumed missing. But where are its colors? And where are its crew? The tale is told swiftly, as the bodies of the murdered crew are slowly unloaded from the ship and taken to the Shrine of the Queen of Endings.