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Darkwater Revealed

Story Emits

The Inquisition, with the help of the Iron Guard and the Crimson Blades are conducting a thorough, brutal search of the city looking for anyone who was Abandoned. They are specifically requiring proof that any and all Abandoned in the city are not from the Mourning Isles, and the ones who cannot produce such proof are summarily hauled in to the House of Questions for "tea." Archlector Aureth counsels caution and patience, reminding the commoners of Dame Zhayla and how she was one of their own and encouraging them to cooperate in the hopes that the Inquisition those who ordered her murders.

This convinces the commoners not to revolt, but there is definitely some rabbling, which is swiftly silenced as an entire cult following of the pirate king in the Mourning Sea are exposed and executed for crimes against the Compact. The searches stop, and the commoners feel a little bit safer at night - though nobody's even trying to pretend any more that "tea and cakes with the Inquisition" is anything less than a grueling, potentially deadly afternoon.