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Shenanigans at the Malvici Estate

Story Emits

A quiet dinner at the Malvici estate was disrupted with a failed coup as two men in black leathers tried to kill the Duchess Calypso Malvici in light of the crisis in her capitol of Southport. As treacherous guards and the leader of the would-be coup were detained, Lady Fiora Malvici and Baron Estaban Saik shot one of the assassins with the second detained by the Sword of Southport, Costas Voducci. Harmon saved the Lady Fiora's life by spotting the assassin before it could strike at her, and Lord Marcos Saik saved the life of a maidservant who was shot by a crossbow in the chaos. Also said to have been present at the scene was Lord Karadoc Saik, Duke Anze Malvici, Prince Edain Valardin, Princess-Consort Caelis Valardin, Waldemai, and Lady Eirene Malvici.