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Ill Fortune

Story Emits

Word spread quickly that there was a travelling Fortune Teller setting up in the Valardin Ward and folks were claiming her prophecies were shockingly accurate! A group consisting of Duke Cristoph Laurent, Countess Reigna Keaton, former Countess Margerie Keaton, Lady Tessa Moore and swords of both Laurent and Keaton, Sir Norwood Clement and Lady Veronica Keaton went to investigate. The Fortune Teller sold them lines and apparently had some sticky fingers, fleecing the silk contingent for some pricey baubles before being caught. A chase on two fronts ensued, with the thief tackled by the Sword of Oakhaven, while an assassin fired from a nearby rooftop and was interrupted by a tackle by Lady Moore and a thrown muffin basket by Sir Norwood. In the end the Fortune Teller was killed by a poison arrow and the assassin escaped justice. For now.