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Fables of Writers

Story Emits

The name Nierzen Grayhope doesn't ring a bell to many people, and no one seems to remember the man. A few distantly, when they think hard on caustic wits and sharp quilled writers recall there must have been someone like that, but it just doesn't come to mind. A handful of individuals might fleetingly remember the name Nierzen Grayhope, but despite how much they search, there's no evidence the man ever existed, and it must have just been a dream, or confusion with someone else. But every once in a while, someone will dream of a Nierzen and his wife Tasha Grayhope, and see them finally reunited in the Shining Lands. They don't remember it, of course. But there's a flicker of a memory of a smart, sharp tongued writer. Who was very, very brave.