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Falling Trees

Story Emits

On the lands of House Stonewood, near their holding of Stonehearth, is their namesake: a petrified wood that some of the locals call Fen De Lay. Locals talked about how the Master of Questions, Prince Laric Grayson, led a small group on behalf of the Inquisition to visit the petrified wood, a place most locals have long avoided- it's an uncomfortable place, a lonely place of dead trees of stone, bleak and desolate. Laric asked questions to the villagers, along with his companions Princess Tikva, Inquisitor Alistair, Confessor Faye, and a painter named Fortunato, and then visited Fen De Lay. Villagers aren't certain what happened next, but a bright light was seen coming from the direction of the petrified wood, and every single petrified tree has been shattered. Most assume that the Master of Questions decided to bring scores of the inquisition out there with hammers, and they don't mind exactly- it was a creepy place, after all, but they would have helped if asked, and just assume this was all cleared with their lord, Marquis Malesh Stonewood.