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A Gathering of Banners

As the armies of the Compact gather, House Darkwater evacuates Darkwater Watch in the face of one of the massive incoming fleets of the Gyre

Crisis Updates

The good news is, the Banners have been called, and more showed up to muster ready to fight for liege, Faith, King, and Compact than ever expected. The people are ready - this is our land, they say. These are our homes. No pirate is going to take them from us. Every day more and more people report, and now the work begins in earnest: With hard numbers, solid strategy can be crafted.

In the middle of this, Darkwater Watch and Redoubt have been evacuated. But rumors spread of a fishing vessel that sailed that way after the evacuation, only to find something horrifying: the Darkwater Deeps have seemingly expanded beyond their old confines, and the Watch is now hidden somewhere behind the fogs that cling to the dark, slick waters. With no one able to lay eyes on the Watch, there's no way to know the state of things -- whether it remains a safe harbor, or not.

And that's the bad news.