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Best Laid Plans

Story Emits

There was a commotion over in the Valardin Ward, a pack of Keaton Bloodhounds were set loose on the trail of something or other and a group headed by Duke Cristoph Laurent, Lady Jael Laurent, Sir Norwood Clement, Goodwoman Adalyn Clement, Lady Veronica Keaton, Lord Jaerith Keaton, Lady Tessa Moore and Lady Margerie Keaton followed the trail taking two different routes. While Lady Margerie, Lady Tessa and Sir Clement went the long way round, the others located a camp just past the walls of the city. Signs of demonic worship were found, or at least the rumors speak of, with Lady Veronica confiscating much of the evidence. No word on whether it wound up in the Inquisition's hands, or if it was kept in House. Darker rumors say that they found the Shav responsible for the assassination attempt not so long ago. What's been done with the man is unclear and the guards around certain members of House Keaton remain in place.