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A New Hope for Darkwater

Story Emits

Scouts sent to Darkwater Watch after the recent events speak thoroughly on the destruction. Thousands upon thousands of dead. The last stand of Darrow Darkwater. The brave few who held the Redoubt as long as they could. But so much is documented in death and carnage and destruction that the one ray of light they can bring back is this:

There is a shrine, carefully built from the weapons of the fallen, near the funeral pyre that once burned for Lord Darrow and Koraj Marin. Though initially it seemed to be put together hastily, it has somehow fused into a single altar where people can leave offerings. And around the altar are the symbols of each of the Thirteen. And at the base of the altar are symbols - The symbol of the Faith. The symbol of the Inquisition. The symbol of the Sentinel, of a ship. Of a trident, of a hand, a pair of crossed lightning bolts beneath a single flame, and in the center a teardrop.

Next to the altar, a small cairn sits to one side, a stone cairn with a medallion bearing the image of Sentinel, a faceless helm, atop. And in front of the altar, where careful hands dug a small pool, it has widened now and turned into a reflecting pond. Already there are rumors about it - it seems particularly refreshing, that water. One scout has a story already of a wound that closed when he dipped it in the water. And around the pond are flowers the likes of which no one has ever seen - long and slender the buds wind their way up in a spiral and bloom into a varigated red and orange and yellow flower, as though they are made of living fire. And the scent from the flowers fades immediately when picked, but to inhale it is to know peace.

In the wake of so much death and destruction, this one ray seems a new hope for Darkwater Watch.