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Stories and Happenings Around Arx

Story Emits

There's a new story circulating the Lowers, and no one seems to know where it's from. But it's the tale of Gaston Valmont, which is almost assuredly a fake name. But when the story is good, who cares? Gaston the dashing, Gaston the bold! He lives for adventure, he roams where he pleases.

In these troubled times, the story of this feckless man who wanders from trouble to incident and manages to extricate himself in the most charming ways starts to circulate. Gaston, who stole an egg pie but when the baker caught him, he offered such a tale about the travails and trials he went through to get it, the baker felt sorry for him - and when Gaston ended up offering to share his ill-gotten gains, the baker was so charmed by then that they had a wonderful breakfast shared together as friends.

It's ridiculous, but it's lighthearted fun. And right now that seems to be a soothing balm in the wake of more ridiculous, far-fetched, and deadlier stories going around in any case.