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Fish in a Barrel

Story Emits

Rumors trickle back to Arx about a village in southwestern Oakhaven that was suffering from a pest-driven blight. The isolated village of Everglen was on the edge of rebellion when a group arrived to investigate the situation. Lady Veronica Keaton led a group of scouts, fighters, and diplomats, consisting of Lord Jaerith Keaton, Lady Emily Deepwood, Lady Tessa Moore, Lady Margerie Keaton, Sir Norwood Clement, and Goodwoman Genevieve Waldenwyn. They met Princess Alis Valardin along the road, headed for the same village and bearing a wagon of food and supplies. While attempting to defuse the volatile situation, they encountered the Ilarin Tribe of Abandoned who were suffering under the same blight. With some smooth diplomacy and the removal of some shady agents threatening the village, the leader of the Ilarin tribe is said to be heading to Arx to talk bending the knee to Keaton.