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A Failure to Communicate

Story Emits

Word spreads quickly in the city that there was some sort of attack in the Ward of House Valardin. Starting near the gate to the ward, a patrol of Iron Guardsmen was brutally cut to pieces by some group of armed attackers who then left a trail of death into the ward, with slain guardsmen littering a path to the Lyonesse Chateau. Inside the Chateau, several guardsmen and two servants were killed in a direct path to one of the bedrooms, where it seems the Marquis Consort Jacque Lyonesse was residing. There is some evidence of a brutal swordfight that left Marquis Jacque Lyonesse dead, and his head was left impaled on his own sword. On the wall written in his blood are the words, "I'll come for your master."
From Sanctum, the Seraph of Sanctum issues a proclamation.

Children of the Oathlands, I come to you today with glad tidings. Following my charge to High Lord Edain and his Voices they have taken action. No doubt you are aware of the tour Princess Isabeau, Voice of Valardin, has made through the lands. With a heart filled with love for the Pantheon and the demands to live up to the ideals of the Gods, she has undergone a journey of charity and unity with strong roots in the Faith.

Additionally she, High Lord Edain, and Father Orazio have traveled to Sanctum to speak on matters of Faith and communication, and I am pleased to say that the exigencies of faith have been upheld. While doubtless we will not always see eye to eye as we of the Oathlands continue to uphold the traditions of generations rather than join progressives in corrupting the Faith, the rift and breach that caused such confusion has started to heal.

Thus with one heart do we move forward in service to the Faith.