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Something Wicked

Story Emits

During the evening, Duke Cassius Pravus leads a contingent of House Pravus guardsmen and a few of his fellow Knights of Solace into the Lower Boroughs. Lower Borough denizens tend to stay clear of a group of armed men led by a duke with a look of grim determination, and ask few questions of the high born, though more than a few ruffians were relieved that the well armed group was not looking for them and were quite happy to stay out of their way. No one as of yet is claiming to be an eye witness to what happened shortly thereafter, but more than a few claim they heard it- screams and shouts coming from one of the alleyways off of the Beach Walk in the Lower Boroughs. A sound of a terrible battle, intense and ferocious with death cries and what sounded like an inhuman roar of fury and pain. By the time the Iron Guard arrived, brought by the screams, the alleyway was an abattoir. It was difficult to tell how many guardsmen were even with Cassius, as all had been torn apart, and most of their weapons broken.

The Duke himself had been eviscerated and slammed into one of the walls of the alleyway with such force that the stone behind him was shattered, and his diamondblade longsword was broken in two, the end missing, as if it was broken off in something. Rumors about that around the duke's body was a pool of black ichor, and a monstrous paw far bigger than any bear's lay severed on the ground.

Word spreads among the Boroughs that whatever killed Duke Cassius is still at large. During the night, something must have entered the Grayhope Mansion. Moira Grayhope's room was found covered in gore, with a body torn to pieces beyond all recognition inside. The presumption is that the head of the Grayhope family was brutally killed.