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Maiden Voyage of The Carlotta

Story Emits

The Carlotta, the giant caravel, first of its kind, the source of much work and cost and innovation and pride, that joint venture between the Faith and the Velenosan family, has spent the last day and a half preparing to leave Arx. It's a production, getting a ship this big ready to sail - and it does not go unremarked upon. And one by one its passengers board - some in quiet, others with fanfare indeed. But eventually they make ready, and they sail on the outgoing tide this day, to parts unknown. Rumors of their manifest, their passenger list, and their mission abound, but it's hard to separate truth from fiction. But unless the rumors are largely incorrect, both the Master of Questions and the High Inquisitor, as well as the Legate of Concepts and the Archduchess of the Lyceum and her Consort are aboard, and their friends and loved ones in Arx gather at the docks to see them off and wish them safe travels.