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Elmhurst Saved

Story Emits

Word comes forth that from the sleepy farming community of Elmhurst in the Keaton lands that trouble has been brewing. Everything from superstitious locals attributing to the supernatural what was easily proven to be normal, to numerous hazings from a group of Shav'avari. A group of House Keaton and their allies set forth to investigate and remedy these issues, including Duke Cristoph Laurent, Lord Rohran Keaton, Lady Veronica Keaton, Lady Amari Keaton, Sir Norwood Clement, Natalia Whisper, Venturo Thayne, Paige Fieldstone, and Genevieve Fieldstone. The group was joined by Lord Jaerith Keaton, who had been down south working on a city port, only to suffer one of his men being murdered from the shav'avari. He, as well as several of the others, came across a small army of shav'avari looking to take down Elmhurst, as well as the blossoming brewery that had been constructed by Master Thayne. Through the immense teamwork of the group, rallying cries to motivate the downtrodden locals, and keen leadership a militia was formed. This as well as swift thinking and exceptional military tactics allowed the group to defend the whole town from what would have been a devastating attack. Not only this, but they carried on, defending an attack to the local brewery only to travel wounded and tired, to intercept another band that was on the way to level Westwillow. Long will the names present be sung as heroes in this area of Keaton lands.