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Feline Fortunes

Story Emits

There's a story going around these days, a story about cats. Perhaps, in the wake of people remembering information that has been remembered but dimly in the past, this is a sort of folklore that was too dangerous to know before - because it might be true. It sounds like a children's tale, folklore and superstition mixed together, about how cats are benefactors and benevolent entities. How cats, especially black ones, could be lodestones of luck.

They say that during the day if you come across a black cat and you treat it kindly your fortunes will be good. You'll find an extra bit of coin stashed in your clothing, catch some extra game, sell just a little extra at the market. Just enough... Enough to make the difference in getting by for one more day. So be kind to the cats, especially the black ones, that you see. But on the flip side they say that at night if you keep your windows up and leaved your door unlocked a white cat may wander in, and it's a sign of ill omens-- but DO NOT treat this cat unkindly. For if you do any ill fortune will be multiplied by thirteen. Treat it as kindly as you can, allow it to sleep by the hearth, give it fresh milk and a bit of cheese. Treat it well and it will leave you be. Mistreat or show it neutrality and it will cause your misfortune.

And well. Maybe it's true and maybe it's not. But given the trying times people have been through lately? There seem to be cats everywhere in the Lowers these days, and little bowls of cream left on a locked doorstep at night are becoming more and more common.