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Primum non nocere

Story Emits

Brawls in the Lowers are hardly noteworthy occurrences and yet, in the wake of an altercation that took place last evening in Commons Square, people are abuzz with gossip about who was involved and why it happened. The only thing that most can agree on was that the attackers seemed out of their minds, wild, savage even. The attack caused no small amount of panic with the sudden burst of violence, but there were several people on hand to take control. Princess Coraline and Guardswoman Amantha did their best to take down the largest of the attackers, aided by Asher Grayhope and Derovai Voss who lured out a secondary, hidden attacker. Baroness Skye Blackshore aided with some well placed arrows to pin the smaller of the attackers, and assisted Physician Meriah Gascoigne in sedating her. Others on the scene included Lady Azova Darkwater, Baroness Elloise Stormbreak, and Scholar Oswyn Spencer who all helped tend to those wounded in the flight away from the altercation and those injured after. Jacali the apothecary was responsible for brewing an incredibly potent and fast-working sedative to keep the attackers pliable as they were taken off to cells for observation.
Once more the Commons Square Market saw a flurry of panic and disorder as rumor spreads through the city that a literal rain of vermin fell into a crowd and the animals started clawing and biting at people. Thankfully there were medical personnel on hand, including Physician Meriah, the Princess Knight and Medic Coraline Thrax, Lord Ian Kennex (Less a medical assistant and more defender and rat-stabber), Grandmaster Caspian Wild, Sir Merek Black, Goodman Asher Grayhope out defending the people and putting down the aggressive beasts. The Commons Clinic had a crew of defenders as well, with Guardswoman Amantha Harrow seen covering the door, while Baroness Skye Blackshore found a cache of renovation materials and applied some quick thinking to shore up the potential areas of entry from the animals. Ladies Lethe Tyde and Isabetta Gilden were safe within the walls of the clinic. Afterward, rumor speaks that a number of the defenders found themselves bitten as well. And those leaving the clinic speak of a rare and mysterious disease the animals are said to carry that there is no known cure for. Quarantine protocols have been put in place and all injured people are being closely monitored. But what does this mean for the people of the Lowers? Where are these creatures coming from? Rumors swirls and people talk, but no one has any real answers.