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Serve and Protect

Story Emits

One bright spring morning a carriage and wagon departed from the city of Arx, a party comprising of Inquisitor Faye Ruger, Inquisitor Mercedes Valardin, Inquisitor Neb Stepwright, and an unknown individual who was shrouded with a travel cloak. Leaving the Fortress City behind they ventured north into the Crownlands to a small farming village known as Inslmith. Only a few hundred citizens of the Compact called this village home, but in the last few months a rash of disappearances had plagued the small village. Villagers disappeared. Live stock disappeared. Local bandits. Work hounds and family pets. Soon the village was reduced to a fraction of its original population and the party of mainly Inquisitors set out to find out what had happened.

They returned several days later, rain trailing them from the village that had been reduced to a near ghost town. Behind them a wagon train of refugees. The mystery was uncovered; a dark cultist working dark tidings was responsible for the disappearances. Many of the survivors were in a state of shock, some horror having been worked on them that will take years to recover from. Many speak of wicked intentions of some blood crazed cultists, raving about his silent master and demanding answers to questions he wrote in blood and sacrifice. But, they also speak to how the Inquisitors launched into action, scouring the town for clues and information before finding the lair of the cultist and confronting him to a bloody end.