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Primum non nocere pt II

Story Emits

Word trickles out that while Princess Jaenelle Velenosa closed down the dockyard in the Lowers for a day, a group of brave souls hunted down the source of the animal attacks. Lead by Princess Coraline Thrax, the group consisted of Princess Denica Thrax, Lord Ian Kennex, Harlequin Mae Culler, Guardsman and Admiral Merek Black, Grandmaster Caspian Wild, his sister Goodwoman Bashira Ru-Tal, Guardswomen Harper Ashdown and Amantha Harrow, Asher Grayhope and Raymesin. Lord Richard Wyrmguard joined the fight after a diseased bear made an appearance, knocking out a wall of the warehouse which housed the diseased animals and fourteen captives, all suffering from the same disease. The culprit was revealed to be a woman identifying herself only as 'Meg' who had been fostering and breeding disease in this warehouse, mingling different strains for whatever nefarious purpose. Injured in the fight, Meg has since been taken to the Commons Clinic with the rest of her victims, and is currently under treatment. All of the diseased animals (Including the bear) have been put down.

Meanwhile a cadre of physicians have been working day and night to come up with a cure for this disease. After a trio of remarkable breakthroughs discovered by Goodman Soren Temple, Master Physician and Coroner Godric Stewart and Princess Isidora Valardin, it was now Master Physician Meriah Gascoigne who unlocked the formula for the cure before collapsing into her sickbed. They did not do it all alone, and were aided by Princess Coraline Thrax, Ladies Lethe Tyde, Azova Darkwater, and Rey Laveer, Marquessa Reigna Keaton, Lords Richard and Alexandre Wyrmguard and Assistant Guildmaster Cybele. Confirmation comes that this cure is, in fact working and within twenty-four hours those infected recently, are showing signs of full recovery. Those living with the disease longer-term require multiple treatments, but are non-aggressive and on the mend. All in all, a fantastic victory for the Physicians of Arx.