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A Few Brawls

Story Emits

Some days it's hard to be an Iron Guard. Many of the guardsmen throughout the city are exasperated at the sudden spike in bar brawls that certainly don't make their lives easier, but fortunately no one has been killed yet. Near every single tavern in the city had at least SOME form of altercation, whether it was a few nobles having a snippy argument in the Ambassador that turned into a shoving match and at least four different challenges being issued, to a violent fight in the Murder of Crows that left six different people unconscious, most of the guard are flummoxed as to what's going on, with some claiming there must be some new strain of dust or more powerful alcohol or similar explanation. There's a near riot at the Lower Boroughs docks from denizens protesting the amount of prodigals that have been let into the city recently, with some trash thrown at boats owned by the new prodigal houses before the dock guards chase them off. All at once, it's quite perplexing.